Lines in the Sand :: By Rick Segoine

Satan has drawn a line in the sand as if to say, ‘I will fight against the integrity of God to the bitter end.’ God takes an equally firm stand as His word declares that Devil Satan and Hell itself will be tossed into the Lake of Fire along with the Beast and the False Prophet (Revelation 20:10).

If the Bible is truly God’s Word, which it is, and if God is incapable of lying, which He is, then there exists an inescapable conclusion. Heaven is real, and so is the Lake of Fire.

Jesus talks about and warns about Hell multiple times in scripture. Matthew 10:28, Luke 16: 19-31, and Matthew 25:46 are just a few of them.

Imagining that there is no heaven and no hell does not make it so, no matter how many dreamers join in imagining such a thing.

Better to be a believer than a dreamer.

The prospect of living forever in a lake of fire and being eternally separated from God is a scary one indeed. Apparently not scary enough, however, to stop most wicked people from continuing in their wickedness.

The Lake of Fire is simply about justice. It is the ultimate maximum-security prison where eternal life sentences will be served to the wicked and to the unrepentant without the possibility of parole.

One difference between God’s justice and that of earthly judges is this. No one that is innocent will be convicted, and no one that is guilty shall be released on a technicality to commit more evil acts.

Another difference between God and human judges is that God’s grace and mercy allow for repentance, thus an opportunity to avoid a date with fate in the Lake of Fire. Unfortunately, and of their own free will, according to scripture, many will insist on keeping that date (Matthew 7:13-14).

Wicked people love to prey on and do harm to godly people, but because there will be no godly people in the Lake of Fire, all of the fun will be taken out of wickedness.

With all of the fun having been taken out of wickedness, there will be nothing left for the wicked but hatred, fear, anger, cursing, screaming, wailing, moaning, gnashing of teeth, and a great deal of heat.

If every wicked human would just simply repent of their sins and blasphemies and accept Jesus’ free offer of amazing grace, the lake of fire could be completely avoided and left for Lucifer and all of the fallen angels/demons.

Sadly, if history is any indication, the odds of mass repentance by the truly wicked are about the same as that of a man one hundred years old running up to the top of Mt. Everest in record time, and in the middle of the worst blizzard ever.

Fill up the entire geographical area known as the Middle East with eggs piled two feet high. Paint one egg blue and hide it anywhere in the pile. Blindfold a monkey and have him pick up the blue egg on the first try. The odds of that happening are about the same as mass repentance by the wicked.

As ridiculous as those odds are, what could make God happier than mass repentance by the wicked?

With the possible exception of ancient Nineveh, upon the king of Nineveh’s command, making God happy is not and never has been a goal or a priority for the wicked.

There are far too many wicked people in the world today who would gleefully crucify Jesus again if they had the chance.

Is it not absolutely mind-blowing to know that there are human beings in the world today who would whip and beat you to a bloody pulp and then nail you to a cross to die of suffocation simply because you offered them mercy, forgiveness, healing, salvation, wisdom, and an eternal life of joy and happiness?

There are basically two kinds of people in the world: friends of Jesus and enemies of Jesus.

There are two destinations in the afterlife. One is designed for the enemies of Jesus, and the other one for his friends.

Once God’s plan is completed, many of the enemies of God will undoubtedly wish in hindsight that they had accepted the offer by Jesus of eternal friendship.

In these modern times, we have the benefit of all of history to base our free will choices and decisions upon in regard to our eternal relationship with our creator. Sadly, the wicked choose to ignore history, repeat it, or rewrite it.

If you do not know Jesus, may this day be the day. Stop listening to the many endless lies of Satan/Lucifer and believe instead in the Only Begotten Son of The Living God. Believe in Jesus Christ who said, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life; no one comes to the Father except through me” (John 14:6).

As a friend of Jesus, you are part of His Forever Family and an heir to this promise. “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love Him” (1 Corinthians 2:9).

Your friend and a friend of Jesus,

Rick Segoine

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