22 May 2023



In Europe:

Northern Italy: Death and devastation as six months of rain falls in one day, causing severe flooding, landslides, overflowing rivers, and destroyed roads and farms. At least 13 people are known dead, with rescue operations continuing. Over 10,000 people were evacuated. Those who stayed behind were left with no gas, electricity, or food. The floods are the latest in a series of extreme weather events that have slammed Italy over the past year. “Italy is increasingly experiencing Africa-style tropical weather, with long periods of drought punctuated by intense rainfall that can’t be absorbed by the soil.”

Croatia: Over a month’s worth of rain in 5 days in parts of Croatia caused widespread flooding.

In Southeast Asia:

Myanmar: Cyclone Mocha’s official death toll is currently at least 145, including 117 members of the Muslim Rohingya minority. Most of the known deaths in the state of Rakhine, where most of the damage occurred, are said to be from those who refused to evacuate ahead of the storm despite warnings. It’s not known how many deaths are in other parts of the country due to communication difficulties and the military government’s tight control over information. According to the UN, 16 million people were affected by the storm, of which 5.1 million of them live in Rakhine.

In Africa:

Somalia: Since onset of the rainy season (April-June), flash floods have devastated central Somalia, resulting in 22 fatalities and leading to evacuation of tens of thousands.

In the US and Canada:

US, Texas: Destructive tornado hit Laguna Heights, causing widespread damage, killing one person, and injuring at least ten others on May 13.

US, Nebraska: Tornadoes wreaked havoc across parts of Nebraska , causing considerable damage, including destroying farm buildings.

Canada: Nearly two weeks under fire: Wave of wildfires continues to ravage western Canada. Strong winds are making it difficult for firefighters to control the blazes.


Following a major victory in the free speech department, after-school Satan Clubs are picking up steam.

Pope calls pedophile priests’ children of God.’ Francis pondered offering ‘Christian love’ to priests who’ve destroyed children’s lives.

Blasphemous transgender paintings entitled ‘God is Trans’ remain in New York Catholic church under ‘updated’ name and description.

Atheists Demand Police Dept. Fire Chaplains.

Biden admin’s war on people of faith evident with new attacks on religious health care groups.

America’s New Godless “Woke” Religion. “Woke” ideology – our politicians are defined by their adherence to it, virtually all of our corporations are very careful to show public submission to it, many of our entertainers have become rabid proponents for it, and our public schools are being transformed into indoctrination centers for the cause.

‘Thou Shalt Not Lie’: Are Christians Contributing to The Deception by Using Transgender Pronouns? As Christians, we cannot in good conscience use transgendered pronouns. When we use she/her (or Miss or Mrs.) for a man or he/him (or Mr.) for a female, we’re participating in the lie that sex/gender is on a spectrum or that a man can be a woman and a woman a man. Our job is to speak truth into a culture of lies and point people toward Christ. We can’t do that if we aren’t willing to take a stand on biblical truth.

England and Wales have become minority Christian countries. In Europe, Islam is the fastest-growing major religion, advancing at a relentless pace, heralding an unstoppable tide that engulfs the very fabric of the nation. As mosques replace churches, it is imperative to understand that these mosques aren’t mere places of worship. They’re akin to an indomitable fortress penetrating enemy territory that acts as an influential catalyst for gradual domination.

Turkey’s President Erdoğan’s Daughter Says, The [Muslim] Crescent Will Win over [Christian] Cross of the West.

Godless Global Warming Ruse: New York to Track Residents’ Food Purchases and Place’ Caps on Meat’ Served by Public Institutions.

Bizarrely, Bloomberg News Celebrated Deadly South Africa Blackouts Because They [Unintentionally] Slashed Carbon Emissions. Nothing was mentioned about the heavy toll it’s taking. Due to power supply problems caused by corruption and mismanagement, the blackouts have caused car crashes, opportunistic criminals, rotting food, decomposing bodies, tens of millions of dead farm animals, bankrupt businesses, and water shortages. Welcome to life under South Africa’s power blackouts, and soon for everyone under the globalist goblins’ plans worldwide. Climate change zealots are willing to plunge civilization into the Dark Ages to reduce carbon emissions even slightly – with the added bonus of depopulating the world of humans in order to better worship nature. Bloomberg’s celebration of reduced carbon emissions in the face of devastation in South Africa should be a warning to us all.

Man Playing gods: Goldman Sachs Equity Research Advisory Conclusion: AI will lead to one-third of a billion layoffs (at least) in the US and Europe, and There’s a Greater Than 50% Chance AI Wipes Out All of Humanity By 2050. Terry James commented in his latest Nearing Midnight Update titled “End of All Flesh”: “We wonder if those responsible for the future of AI are intent on making the global elite “become as gods”—as the serpent promised Eve in the Garden of Eden.” ButJesus will preempt Satan’s ability to devour the whole human race.”

PERVASIVE PERVERSION: And They’re Targeting Our Children

Nickelodeon’s Transformers Earthspark Cartoon Pushes Trans Agenda on Children.

Archie Comics Introduces Transgender Character.

World Health Organization’s guidance states children under four should be encouraged to “ask questions about sexuality” and “explore gender identities.” The report titled Standards for Sexuality Education in Europe also calls for supplying information to toddlers about “enjoyment and pleasure when touching one’s own body, early childhood masturbation.”

New York Times attacks’ detransitioners’ for using their stories to help stop mutilation of children.

London: Shock Ruling by Judge – Pride Parade for Students Can Be Mandatory. Parents will appeal a school’s decision to forcibly indoctrinate 4-year-old students into the LGBT ideology. A judge in the case ruled that the agenda for alternative sexual lifestyle choices essentially is “Christian.”

Gender Identity Ideology Taught in British Classrooms: 10% of 16–18-Year-Olds Want to Change Gender. A poll showed over half knew someone at school who wants to change gender or had already.

Adidas’ ‘Pride Month’ apparel offerings include a women’s swimsuit modeled by a hairy 6’2″ man.

Non-binary ex-Biden nuclear waste policy official Sam Brinton arrested for yet another baggage theft. He escaped jail time in two previous luggage thefts at airports. He targeted luggage that he knew would contain expensive designer women’s clothing.


Republican congressman confronts abortion activist who discussed crushing skulls of babies.

Extreme bill in Maine seeks to legalize abortion after fetal viability (which is around 24 weeks gestation).


Hmm… which category to put this one in? What a mess! Islamized Belgium: Muslim Students Shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ Attack School LGBTQIA+ Event.

60,000 Lbs. Ammonium Nitrate Missing from Train heading to California from Wyoming. It is used as a fertilizer but also in explosives. One theory is that it fell from the hopper car on the way to a rail siding. Say what? 60,000 pounds just happens to unknowingly fall from the car? Foul play is not suspected yet, but the loss of a hazardous chemical is just the latest rail problem in the past several months.

Los Angeles, California: Man’s hand chopped off by sword-wielding attacker.

Minnesota: Illegal alien found guilty of beheading girlfriend. Court documents from an arson case months prior show a judge released him on bail despite a mental health exam showing he was a danger to the community. A decade before, ICE was unsuccessful in deporting Saborit to Cuba because his home country wouldn’t approve the necessary travel documents.

Minnesota: Chaos at Democrat endorsement convention in Minneapolis Ward 10 district. The violence was instigated by Nasri Warsame’s Somalian supporters. Warsame is challenging Aisha Chughtai for a seat on City Council. Chughtai is the first Muslim woman to serve on the council. Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in America anymore.


Corruption in the White House, DOJ, FBI, CIA, etc. Trump has been completely exonerated in the Russiagate scandal. Daymond Duck pointed out in this week’s article posted on May 20, “The Durham report shows that Trump was not colluding with the Russians against Hillary, but Hillary and many powerful people in Washington were colluding with each other against Trump.”

Biden Corruption Informant Goes Missing While So-called Dept of Justice Turns a Blind Eye. Rep. Tim Burchett, R-Tenn., said federal agencies such as the FBI and DOJ have “turned a blind eye” to both the missing informant and the Biden family’s alleged corruption. “It’s not the rank-and-file FBI agents [behind this]… it’s this top level of arrogance that we’ve seen. It is the swamp. It does exist, and that’s what we’ll have to do. We’ll have to start cutting their checkbook a little bit just to get them to the table if that’s what it takes.”


Minnesota: Democrats push government’ bias registry’ to track conservative speech.

New Immigration Bill Is a Trojan Horse for E-Verify and a Threat to All Americans. The E-Verify provision would greatly increase federal government’s power over private businesses, workers, and US citizens.

Ireland’s controversial hate speech law paves way for an Orwellian future. If you refuse to play make-believe with a transgender and their delusions about being something other than their natural biological sex, you could be thrown in the slammer for up to five years.


Biden Says ‘White Supremacy’ Most Dangerous Threat to U.S. In Speech at Historically Black College. Biden concluded by telling the Howard grads they represent the best of America.


Immigration Crisis and Open Borders: One More Piece of Global Agenda Falling into Place. The expiration of Title 42 opens the floodgates of immigration on our southern border, where long lines of migrants are amassed. Many foreigners that come here these days defy assimilation into our country, and global elites are intentional about accelerating their one-world agenda. Prophetically, this is part of a sinister satanic strategy designed to take the world back to Babel under the rule of one man. It’s preparing the world for the Antichrist and his global governance.

American War Veterans Abandoned in New York: Homeless Veterans Displaced by Democrats to Make Way for Armies of Migrants That Are Mainly Military-Age Men (Video).

Six More New York City School Gyms Will House Migrants; Parents Furious. Parents are terrified for their children’s safety and worried about potential disruptions to their education. Some already threatened to temporarily or permanently remove their children from the school for safety reasons. Parents reported that two of the elementary schools were getting ready to take in busloads of migrants, many of which are single adult males, as early as May 16. Also see NYC Hypocrites: Open Border Leftist Brooklyn Now Protests Migrants in Their Children’s Schools, Exposing Their Double Standards (Video).

Experts are saying the dam’s about to break, and it’s been called the greatest border crisis in world history.


UK: In Britain, bird flu detected in two poultry workers. They tested positive but didn’t have symptoms.

Sad Day for Babies and Mums: FDA Panel Recommends Pfizer’s RSV Vaccine for Pregnant Women despite concerns about premature births identified during clinical trials.


Officials Neglect Covid Vaccines’ Side Effects. A glaring example is a woman describing herself as “pro-science and pro-vaccine” who spoke to The Wall Street Journal about severe conditions she developed after signing up to be a human guinea pig for AstraZeneca’s COVID injection trial. She was eventually diagnosed as having post-vaccine neuropathy and severe postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS). She was kicked off Facebook for speaking out. In the eyes of Facebook and the rest of Silicon Valley, not to mention National Institutes of Health (NIH) and other government agencies, there’s no such thing as health damage caused by COVID jabs.

Whistleblower Lawyer Exposes Big Pharma Employees Who Know ‘Covid Vaccines’ Are Killing People.

Retired American neurosurgeon gave presentation on adverse effects that spike proteins, induced by Covid vaccine, have on the body: neurological damage, cancer rates, cardiac arrest, and other exacerbating health issues, as well as their connection to mRNA technology.


Not If But When – Fed’s Recession Risk Indicator Highest In 40 Years. The probability that the US will enter a recession within the next year has risen to 68.2%, according to the New York Fed, the highest level since 1982.

Dutch MEP Slams Globalists’ Great Food Reset’ Policy: ‘No Farmers, No Food, No Future’ (Video).

Risks of eating bugs. The push to get us to eat bugs is marketed under false narratives of “anthropogenic climate change” and “saving the planet.” Most insect species are NOT edible, and there are food safety concerns for those considered edible. Some people will be allergic; insects can be a vector for microorganisms that may pose a risk to humans and animals, either directly or indirectly; and there’s the risk of biological and chemical contaminants carried within the GI tract of the bug.


70 PA Arabs attempt lynching of Israeli farmers in Samaria hills. They were thwarted by Israeli security forces.


“And they asked him, saying, Master, but when shall these things be? and what sign will there be when these things shall come to pass?”

In Jesus’ answer, He spoke of wars and rumors of wars; nation (ethnic) rising against nation (ethnic); kingdom against kingdom; famines; pestilences; great earthquakes in diverse places; false prophets; iniquity abounding, persecution, and betrayals, etc. We already see that these foretastes of the Tribulation have converged. Therefore, how much sooner must the rapture be?

“And he [Jesus] spake to them a parable; Behold the fig tree, and all the trees; When they now shoot forth, ye see and know of your own selves that summer is now nigh at hand. So likewise ye, when ye see these things come to pass, know ye that the kingdom of God is nigh at hand. Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass away, till all be fulfilled…. Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man” (Luke 21:29-32, 36).

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