18 Apr 2023

7 fatalities, 6 missing after widespread floods hit Tanzania
Heavy rainfall has been affecting western Tanzania, particularly the Rukwa Region, since April 12, 2023, causing river overflows and floods that have resulted in casualties and damage.

Bright daylight fireball explodes over Israel, sonic boom reported 
A bright daylight fireball was seen flashing across the sky over Israel around 14:16 UTC on April 16, 2023.

Mouse Trap: Disney Reportedly Lost Over a Quarter of a Billion Dollars on Two Woke Movies 
We have been discussing the right of shareholders to push back on the social and political campaigns of corporations that reduce share value or damage brands. The concern over the “Go Woke, Go Broke” trend is greatest with companies like Disney, which has been particularly open about its corporate advocacy. That has proven most controversial not just in its announced opposition to the Florida education bill but also children’s movies that contained controversial sexual elements. Now, Deadline has released an analysis showing that Disney lost a staggering quarter of a billion dollars on two of these woke movies: Lightyear and Strange World.

Deagel’s 2025 population forecast in images
In 2020, one of our readers captured screenshots of Deagel.com’s Forecast 2025 which has since been removed from their website. For public interest’s sake we have reproduced the images below as well as the disclaimer Deagel wrote in 2020 that accompanied these images.

IPCC adjusts temperature data to create the impression of catastrophic global warming
One of the claims the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (“IPCC”) makes in their August 2021 report is that “urbanisation bias” is very small, less than 10%.  Dr. Willie Soon says this is nonsense. It’s at least 40% and it’s easy to prove.

Shocking New UN-Backed Document ‘The 8 March Principles’ Pushes To Normalize Pedophilic Sexual Relations Between Adults And Children
On our Podcast today, we revealed the shocking news that the United Nations is backing a document written with the sole intent of promoting transgenderism and, yes, sex between and adult and a child. You just need to settle it in your mind that, just as they forced us to accept gays and lesbians, then queers, then non-binary and, happening right now, transgender, that they will also force this world to accept normalized and open adult-child sexual relations. Never happen, you say? News flash, it is happening.

Canadian Teen Suspended From Catholic High School for Opposing Transgender Ideology Files Human Rights Complaint
A Canadian teenager suspended from his Catholic high school for opposing transgender ideology has filed a human rights complaint alleging that he was subject to religious discrimination.

Planned Parenthood communications director commits suicide – after ‘police launch child porn investigation into him’ and raid his apartment building
The former director of strategic communications at the Southern New England branch of Planned Parenthood took his own life amid a child porn investigation in Connecticut this week.