As It Was in the Days of Noah :: By Jim Towers

Despite what’s going on around the world, people still go about their Godless, perverse and shallow lives, killing the unborn, lying, scheming, stealing, raping, envying, using and hating their fellow man – making God sorry that He had created man.

Maybe because of this continued evil, California is experiencing floods like never before in its history. Day after day, rains continue to pound California. In recent years, it was fire consuming the land, which has made things even more hazardous because of the mudslides capable of sweeping away homes while drug-addled derelicts are scrambling for a place to hide or seek shelter. Could this have happened because of the countless abortions in that abortion-loving state run by Godless Liberals?

In the meantime, storms continue to pound the Midwest with powerful tornadoes demolishing everything in its path as well for their complicit apathy – and still no repentance.

As tornados rip across middle America, destroying houses and killing people, trains continue to be derailed (by terrorists)? Last Sunday, 25 railcars (tankers) were derailed in Paradise, Montana, while crossing a bridge, dumping them into the river below. There are reports that chemicals spilled into the Clark Fork River.

Brazil, famous for its Mardi Gras festival, was inundated with rainstorms like never before on the day after the festivities in late February (in which images of Satan were displayed on massive floats and paraded for the crowd’s enjoyment. Women in colorful costumes exhibiting partial nudity were on display as usual. Other participants were dressed as ghouls, witches, and devils – a fun day for all.) The rains began, and dozens of people drowned in the extreme flooding that ensued; many are still missing. Still, most people won’t repent of their wickedness or their apathy.

Say what you will, but I believe that because of man’s wickedness, we are suffering God’s righteous wrath by rain and extreme weather to warn us that He is not pleased by our actions, much like He did in the time of Noah. And the worse is yet to come if we don’t repent. The writing is on the wall as in, “You have been weighed in the balance and have been found wanting.”

Across the Atlantic, Israel (which has a huge population of homosexuals and liberals) is on the cusp of civil war and may already be at war with one another as this report is disseminated. Liberals claim that Netanyahu is trying to do away with some of their rights. The real reason for this is hard to define since there are many agendas, and the civil unrest has many contributing factors. The main one, of course, is Satan, who is running rampant throughout that country, bringing in perilous times predicted in scripture.

We, being their supposed allies, are having our own similar issues thanks to people like Barack Obama, who sent pallets of cash in the middle of the night to Iran (without the consent of Congress) to continue their uranium enrichment capabilities for nuclear bombs. At this juncture, I would ask, why would anyone in their right mind do so for their supposed enemy?

Another thing to consider about this man and his ilk is that during Israel’s election for Prime Minister a few years ago, he tried to influence that election by sending infiltrators into Israel to disrupt the election. He failed. Nevertheless, he never once tried to help Israel and even stabbed them in the back, repeatedly siding with their enemies. And we all know what the Bible says about that: “I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you.”

Liberals (who think they know it all) are trying to impose their will on the general population of both nations. They demand the freedom to exploit children, and they do all their evil hearts desire. Many of these same people are on mind-altering drugs such as cocaine as well as fentanyl, a mind-altering drug that the Chinese Communists are providing to drug traffickers in our country. They bring it into our country to weaken and destroy us, to take over the country and make it their own. Houses already built, and the ground already plowed.

Whether this calamity is an act of God or man or a combination of both, we should all repent and get our houses in order. The tribulation lies ahead for those who reject Christ.

Book report:

American Injustice: My Battle to Expose the Truth by John Paul Mac Isaac is the personal story about acquiring Hunter Biden’s “Laptop from Hell.”

It seems that this author inherited an eye-opening truth that corruption exists in the highest levels of our government right up to former president Obama (who has always been an enemy of our Christian Country) as well as Joe Biden, his son Hunter, and factions of our own FBI, who are lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God. Patriotism, honesty, and Godliness be dammed – our leaders want money and all the pleasures it will buy. (Adulterers Peter Struck and Lisa Page were a perfect example of this mentality.)

In any case, Mac Isaac opens the laptop from hell for us to read for ourselves the illicit shenanigans that were committed during Joe Biden’s vice presidency and even after his stolen election.

After repeated attempts to get someone interested in the material he had found in Hunter Biden’s laptop, he found himself in a quandary; no one paid any attention to him. He finally realized that no one dared to expose the truth and that these culprits were getting away with sedition and theft from the American people, much like third-world leaders. This for fear of their very lives. He now had a hot potato in his hands and feared that he would end up with two bullets in the back of his head.

Finally, because this computer repairman couldn’t get any satisfaction from the FBI or anyone else, he eventually got over his crippling fear of man after months of paranoia and wrote his story.

This book is a most interesting read but makes for pessimism in trusting the federal government for anything. Right is wrong, wrong is right, and no one can be trusted. Lying has become so common that no one believes anything anymore. The Bible warned that all these things would happen in the Last Days, and indeed, we are experiencing each one of them – in spades.

This begs the question: Are Joe, his son Hunter, and his family being blackmailed to the tune of billions of American dollars by Zelensky’s government for their cover-up of the Burisma charade? Remember, too, that Ukraine also has many bio labs in operation throughout that corrupt country, and from what I’ve read, they also persecute the Christian church and promote the homosexual lifestyle, much like the USA does.


It’s been a dark week in our nation with the school shooting by a deranged liberal transgender woman. Not only did she not know that she wasn’t a man, but she took it out on others in her exasperation and confusion under Satanic control.

“As it was in the days of Noah, so shall the coming of the Son of Man be.”


Jim Towers

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