Proverbs for the Soul :: By Rick Segoine

I, like so many others, love the Book of Proverbs. A few years ago, I began to observe the world around me in terms of proverbs. It is the art of saying a lot with very few words. Proverbs are like word pictures or snapshots. Also, inspiration came by wondering what Solomon might say were he to be able to observe the world as it is today here in the 21st century. I began to write them down, and before too long, they filled a book entitled From God to Eternity. This article consists of 70 proverbs in honor of the 70 weeks of Daniel. I hope they are an inspiration to all who read them:

Hardness of heart perpetuates pain, but forgiveness is a salve to a wounded soul.

False religions are on the increase; the Word of God, however, remains unchanged.

A good pastor is worth his weight in gold, and a false shepherd is like a ton of bricks.

Gossip is a long sword that can wound from a distance, but a kind word can mend a broken heart.

The God of Israel is still the same, but the prophets of Baal wear new disguises.

He who says, “there is no god” may be wise in his own eyes, but whoever turns to Jesus finds salvation.

Proverbs are an inspiration to the wise, but to a fool, incomprehensible.

True justice is born of wisdom, but in the 21st century, wisdom is scarce, and so is justice.

The sea of life has many storms, and the presence of the Lord is a safe harbor.

The seeker of wisdom welcomes correction; however, the lover of sin is justified in his own eyes.

Immorality masquerades under the guise of modern thinking, but sin is still sin, and the wages thereof still death.

If homosexuality were natural, the family tree would be a single twig.

Blessed are the ones who believe in the promises of God, for there is no other hope at all.

Satan is the inventor of lies, and his children take after their father.

In the “last days,” many hearts will turn cold, but better times are just around the corner.

Jews are looking for the coming messiah while Christians await His return, and this debate will soon be put to rest.

A man in ministry that refuses to be held accountable acts as his own executioner.

False prophets claim to have new revelations, but the Holy Bible reveals that the last word belongs to Jesus.

For the honorable, respect is earned, but for the corrupt, it is bought or stolen.

Honor is a priceless treasure, and integrity is a rare gem.

Next to a dog, humor is man’s best friend.

War is always ugly, but freedom is better than slavery.

Millions might chant, “give peace a chance,” but the weapons of war were not built to collect dust.

Opinions are five for a nickel, but the truth is worth a fortune.

A root canal would be preferable to placing trust in a dishonest man.

If all people followed the “Golden Rule,” then gold would no longer rule.

Slavery comes in many forms, and freedom is preferable to every one of them.

Spiritual pride makes men wise in their own eyes while the truth is revealed to the humble of heart.

Presenting a pretty face, hypocrisy rears its ugly head.

Proverbs of the Holy Spirit are as useless to a wicked man as a bar of soap is to a pig.

Many spirits are available to non-believers; the Holy Spirit, however, is available only to the truly repentant.

Jesus prophesied that many false prophets would come along to deceive, and Satan has provided no small shortage of them.

False prophets tell people what their itching ears want to hear, but true prophets speak only the words God gives to them.

Eternal separation from God is a grim prospect, and yet, the prince of darkness has many followers.

Kingdoms rise, and kingdoms fall, and there is never a shortage of would-be kings.

In a topsy-turvy upside-down world where evil is seen as good and sometimes even as holy, nothing should be surprising.

The treasures of heaven cannot be purchased by the wealthy or stolen by the wicked, yet to the humble of heart, those treasures are given freely.

There is no wisdom apart from God, and a man who is wise in his own eyes imparts false knowledge.

Salvation by grace comes through the door of forgiveness, and the door is unlocked by the key marked repentance.

Wisdom sees through foolishness as easily as an owl sees through the darkness.

All of the gold, silver, and diamonds on the entire planet are, by comparison to the value of wisdom, as worthless as dirt.

Better to live alone on an island than to be popular among fools in the city.

Greed knows no bounds; and one greedy, money-loving, power-hungry person can cause many to suffer.

Compassion also knows no bounds, and one Billy Graham can lead many to salvation.

Like a surgeon’s scalpel, proverbs are short, sharp, and to the point.

If not for God’s amazing grace, the lake of fire would have to be a bigger place.

Like the bleating of a sick goat is the preaching of a false prophet.

Except for God’s only begotten Son, all who ever claimed to be the Messiah were lying.

One good proverb inspired by the Holy Spirit is of far more value than all of the books ever written by false prophets.

The truth remains the truth, and a lie remains a lie, no matter who believes what.

Heretical doctrines are inspired by the unholy spirit in the name of the Holy Spirit.

Many “forms” of godliness abound on the earth, but true godliness can only be found in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Any attempt to rewrite history will not in any way alter the future as God has revealed it.

Whether a person chooses salvation through Jesus or chooses to mock God, all Bible prophecy will be fulfilled.

Idealism divorced from the Word of God is a false comfort.

A road may be paved with gold and yet lead straight to the sewer.

Whoever is washed in the Blood of the Lamb is invited to a wedding.

He who is focused on carnality is merely an obituary waiting to happen.

Without God, everything Really is vanity, and life Truly is meaningless under the sun.

The real Jesus is perfect and never-changing, but the “another Jesus,” of which there are many, is always changing.

The godless and the wicked actually believe that they are smarter than He who created the universe, and if that is not strong delusion, what in the world is?

A man who speaks the truth has a clear conscience, whereas liars become all tangled up in webs of their own making.

The ball and chain called unforgiveness needs a key, and that key is called forgiveness.

The only escape from God’s perfect justice is through His bountiful grace and mercy.

There is a heaven, and there is a hell, and imagining that there is not a heaven or hell will not change anything at all.

The gates of salvation are open to all, but a haughty spirit will erect his or her own barriers.

A hateful heart is worse than a terminal disease, whereas a loving heart flies higher than an eagle.

The Holy Spirit is incomprehensible to unbelievers, but to believers, it is incomprehensible how we ever lived without the Holy Spirit.

The proverbs of Solomon still apply, but the deceived ignore them, and fools don’t care.

We live in a fallen world, so thank God we have a risen Savior.

Shalom, your friend in Jesus,

Rick Segoine

If you have read these proverbs and have not yet turned your life over to Jesus, please delay no longer and call on Him today. You will be so glad you did. He longs to give you the gift of eternal salvation and have you be a part of His forever family. Romans 10: 9-10 explains simply and beautifully how to pray for this.

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