Wildfires, Trains, and UFOs:: By Jim Towers

We recently had a wildfire nearby that consumed many acres of woodland and two houses, plus we lost the internet for three days running, and even as I write this observation (3/1/2023), it is still not up.

Although I’ve learned to take most inconveniences in stride, this happening couldn’t have come at a more inconvenient time since my book is in the final stages of completion. And being a news hound, I miss it greatly. I imagine a lot of other people feel the same way.

Now imagine what an EMP attack would do to society if the internet went down throughout the country for any length of time. Utter chaos. One of our enemies could just wait a few months until our food supply dried up and we were dying off in great numbers. Then they could overtake the land – live in our houses, regrow crops, and finally, use our streets for transportation.

Every evening after supper, I go into my man cave and begin to scour the internet. First is local news, then the Drudge Report for world news. Next is Rapture Ready for news around the world that affects us Christians in various ways. I thank God for Todd S. and Martin R. of Drop Zone Delta, the originators of these two God-inspired services, and for Todd’s insight concerning the state of Christianity in his daily news reports.

The above-stated is one of many ways our obese, complacent, and dumbed-down country could be taken over by any one of our many enemies. We, being consumed by sports, car races, and such, will be too preoccupied with carnal pleasure to notice or even care. Yes, I know God is in control, but should we just sit back and overindulge in things that don’t matter? We have let our enemies into the country and even let subversives and sexual deviants in government run it into the ground.

Last week we had a train derailment just north of Sarasota. This was the third one in less than a month here in the United States. Luckily there wasn’t a chemical spill that had to be burned off, causing poisonous gases to permeate the immediate landscape. A rational person would have to think, “Hey, there’s something funny going on here… duh.” (Maybe it’s just a diversionary tactic to take our minds off more important things, like the Biden Laptop from Hell.)

But then there are other possibilities, like actual terrorists trying to burn California to the ground with its frequent wildfires. Funny how these fires happen one after another in the Golden state that isn’t so golden after all. If fires don’t destroy it, maybe Governor Gavin Newsome will. That good-looking man is as smooth as… you fill it in.

Then, on top of all this, we are having to chase around Chinese Communist spy balloons and UFOs – real ones. Every day now, the Air Force is chasing these anomalies through the skies, and they just zoom off – full throttle. What are they? Could they actually be “angels” sent from God to spy on us? They obviously mean us no harm since they could have already consumed us. But why bother when they have luxurious homes to go back to.

In my soon-to-be-released book, I write about a sighting that occurred in Davie, Florida, in broad daylight in which a group of about six UFOs appeared in the sky about seventy feet in the air, flying in a wide arch and passing a certain point one by one as if in formation from East to West at about two miles per hour. The shape of each one was like a chariot wheel and appeared to be grey in color. They were about six to eight feet in circumference, and when they turned slowly, they twisted into a boomerang and flew out of sight. I think I still have the video somewhere among my possessions.

I say all this to ask, is time running out for America? Has God seen enough to turn His love to hate? Abortion is the lowest form of evil that man can commit, and the numbers are staggering. Childbirth is God’s greatest gift to mankind, a way of letting man participate in the creation of mankind, and this by making love! What a wonderful God we serve.

Today, 3/10/2023

Another train crash happened today, and now heavy rain in California is causing flooding and severe power outages affecting thousands of people there. If I were a superstitious sort of person, I would attribute it to God’s fury. A righteous fury to that Godless abortion-loving state and its many sodomites and pedophiles, something they fully deserve.

This comes at a time when the liberal government and its ruthless criminals are found to be against the rest of the American people in trying to suppress free speech. Congressman Jim Jordan is going after these lying criminals in government every day now. And even award-winning Democrat journalists are admitting it to Congress. (They had better watch their backs now since Democrats are seething, and they could be “Hillaried” any day now.)

Not only that, but now that the videos of the J6ers are coming out, we are finding that the narrative doesn’t fit the factual videos! The poor, mentally challenged guy wearing the strange getup and sporting the horns on his head was found to be a peace-loving conservative who even prayed for the White House cops who led the way for him to enter Nancy Pelosi’s office and plop his feet on her desk. Obama did this all the time while in the oval office, smoking a cigar even. (Man, how liberals love power over others!) And in the last reported video, the poor veteran with PTSD was calling for calm in front of the masses, saying, “We are Maga, a peace-loving people. We are not Antifa! NO VIOLENCE, PLEASE! on his megaphone. Three years in jail is a long time.

Things are heating up now, and the Democrats are quitting their posts and remaining silent. I suspect some will even be leaving the country to go live with their Communist friends in Communist countries, taking their ill-gotten gain with them.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There is much more deception to be revealed in the days ahead. In the meantime, keep looking up “for your redemption draweth nigh.”


Jim Towers

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