Rapture Resource from Lion of Judah Ministry :: By Gary Fisher

It is important to share with others that there is going to be an any Moment Call from Christ to believers. This resource can be used as a simple yet resounding wake-up alert so that no believer is caught by surprise. It is also an easy-to-understand explanation resource to share with non-believers about that great Event so that they will be informed about how to not be left behind.

There are many today who have heard about the Rapture but have mostly questions about it instead of answers. What exactly is it? Where can it be found in the Bible? Will it occur before, during, or after the great Tribulation? Did Jesus ever teach about the Rapture? How soon is it likely to take place?

These questions and more are answered in this 41-page booklet. “The Promise of the Rapture” booklet is to provide hope that we can believe that at any moment, the Lord will sound the Trumpet, and we will see Him face to face.

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