The God of This Age :: By Edwin Tan

All of us who are patiently waiting for our redemption cannot avoid this clear and present reality – godlessness has gone way over the roof! Multitudes simply brush aside any mention of the salvation that is in Jesus Christ. While some dismiss the truth as fairy tales, there are others that deem this as misinformation.

A significant number of this crowd are younger individuals, probably forty years of age and under. These folks belong to the social media generation; frequent users of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and perhaps TikTok – causing them to be glued to their mobile devices for a better part of their lives. They have little space for fine dining in a Michelin-starred eatery, probably munching junk food while glancing at the screen on their devices. Do not be surprised that many of them are obese, lacking quality time for the gym, if not a lengthy walk in the park. On a parallel note, they cannot see the relevance of the Bread of Life with regard to the times they are living in. This flawed reasoning draws them ever so far away from the Way, the Truth, and the Life!

There is that streak of arrogance in this bunch that governs their psyche. They assume they know it all and are wiser than many others. In the first place, where did their so-called knowledge and understanding come from? Simply from their Android devices and very little face-to-face human interaction. Opinions are formed based on narratives that pound their minds on a daily basis. Whether these are half-truths, there is restricted space for reflection. “Hook, line, and sinker” is indeed quite the norm!

But even if our gospel is veiled, it is veiled to those who are perishing, whose minds the god of this age has blinded, who do not believe, lest the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine on them” (2 Corinthians 4:3-4).

Big Tech has become the ‘god of this age’ – it is man-made and has hardly anything to do with the Spirit of the Living God. The awesome power it possesses is deceitfully mesmerizing. It has the capacity to make the counterfeit appear genuine. Many do fall head over heels for a myriad of phonies. It does not stop there. These untruths shape their worldviews, and the ingraining process cuts so deep – literally to a point of no return. They have little or no control over their destinies; a device calls the shots!

“The fear of man brings a snare, But whoever trusts in the Lord shall be safe” (Proverbs 29:25).

If these folks are denied access to their devices, no problem figuring out the look on their faces. Insecurity written all over it. They must have that thing, do or die! Deep down, they are running scared. The fear of losing out. Against what?

After spending a seemingly inexorable portion of their life on a device and having minimal face-to-face human interaction – the thing becomes a drug. It controls versus being under control. That losing out is a case of perceived rejection which can be translated into a form of alienation.

This is the calling card belonging to the father of lies. He is truly grooming this unwitting lot for eventual serfdom. Technology is devoid of any conscience and is as good as zero on morality. It is merely primed for brute-force domination which ultimately suppresses free will. So a man-made device will become nothing more than an electronic leash!

Only recent happenings in the realm of technology attest to such a heinous trend line. Make mention of Chat GPT and Bing – these are the harbingers of tyranny. They possess the capability to force-feed what is deemed as acceptable. The people that swim in the ocean of virtual though pseudo-reality become easy pickings. They have little or no recourse because the rewiring over time has done almost irreparable damage.

“Thus says the LORD; ‘Cursed is the man who trusts in man And makes flesh his strength, Whose heart departs from the LORD. For he shall be like a shrub in the desert, And shall not see when good comes, But shall inhabit the parched places in the wilderness, In a salt land which is not inhabited'” (Jeremiah 17:5-6).

There is undoubtedly a curse on those who put their faith in creation. All from the man-made realm is never free from error. Politicians have the propensity to break many hearts; the same can be said about earthly financial institutions. Big Tech will do the bidding for the evil one; the final stage setting is almost completed, and the full ugly head will be for all to see in the very near future.

People who put the creation before the Creator will miss out on a host of blessings. When they are so engrossed with the false narratives and fictional material which sound like facts – they have no time for the truth. There is an infinite flow of goodness and mercy that flows from the truth. Yet these individuals are sheepishly brushing it aside – much to their eternal detriment!

To make matters much worse, they have but a flimsy alternative with regard to coping with the ravages of the so-called new normal. They are sucked into a quagmire of torment that knows no respite. It enslaves their minds, which only can think in terms of doom and gloom. The Blessed Hope would definitely save them, but would they ever give this piece of Scriptural truth serious thought? Full-blown helplessness is learned!

So we have it; a generation that is petrified and confused. They are indeed walking around like zombies, in obvious form but some in a subtle manner. The secular line would call for a lengthy deprogramming phase to effect any shift in mindset. They would, in the meantime, resist anything and about everything that counters their set way of reasoning. These are tough nuts for those of us who are sharing the Good News for the saving knowledge that is in Jesus Christ. Don’t expect a truckload coming to Christ, but an odd one should bring cheer. Perhaps they would get it in their heads and hearts after we are gone!

“As for the Almighty, we cannot find Him; He is excellent in power, in judgment and abundant justice; He does not oppress” (Job 37:23).

They would call us names, mock us and be downright cynical. But they are indeed a pathetic lot, missing out on the infinite grace and mercy of the Heavenly Father – above all things, a loving Creator who is incapable of any form of oppression. While we are still here, there is need for us to unshackle them from this very sad situation.

“Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed” (John 8:36).

Yours in Christ


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