Artist Mina Sundberg: From Atheist to Serving God :: By Zachary Everett

The Lord nudged me a little in the heart to share this so that it could reach many. The short article I have attached contains two links to two illustrated stories (comics) titled “A Meandering Line” (Testimony comic) and “Lovely People” by the artist Mina Sundberg.

Link to her web page:

This artist, who became a new believer in Jesus Christ a couple of years back, used her talent to create a comic detailing her path to becoming a believer.

Her second comic focused on what would happen if a world social credit system was created and how it would be used to enslave the populace.

From Minna Sundberg:

Hi, I’m Minna Sundberg, an independent comic artist of about 10 years. In 2020, I gave my life to Christ, so now I want to use the skills that he’s given me to serve his kingdom. So, in the spirit of 1 Corinthians 10:31, “Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God,” I’ll be drawing comics for the glory of God.

“A Meandering Line” is my personal coming-to-faith story, told in comic form. Half of the story focuses on the years when I was an atheist and how I ended up with the conclusions I did. The other half goes through how God ended up leading me back the other way.

I made the short comic “Lovely People” during 2020-2021 when I felt an internal alarm about the societal creeping toward possible social credit systems in the future, and I felt like I needed to throw my skills into the mix to help people understand how such systems can function. (This was the comic I made right after my conversion.)

Journey Upstream | Ongoing, started January 2023

This is my current longer webcomic. The goal is to draw an average of 2 pages per week, and finished pages will be posted in batches every few weeks, as best fits the flow of the story. The story has Christian subject matters as its foundation, and you can read more info about the comic in the “about” section on its website. Suited for teens and up.

My old comics

I can’t wholeheartedly recommend the comics I finished during my pre-Christian era since even though I tried to make them as “just entertainment” and for mass appeal, our worldviews always color our creations. But the comics exist, and as long as they’re read through a lens of being aware that these were written by a 20-something woman with a somewhat progressivist worldview at the time, then they can be decent as entertainment.

You can also follow my work here:

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