Miracles Galore :: By Jim Towers

In my acting class, we were made to sign songs from Broadway musicals, and I learned them all.

Today, I couldn’t help but sing one of them out loud today – again… “What a day this has been; what a great mood I’m in – why, it’s almost like being in love.”

I’ve been waking up at three o’clock in the morning for the past few days, and since I can’t sleep, I get up and have a bowl of honey nut cheerios and write. And no, I don’t have sugar plumbs dancing in my head just because Christmas is upon us.

I’ve been inspired and provoked by God to “get ‘er done” – in other words, wrap things up; the rapture could occur tomorrow.

At about seven A.M., I was tired of writing – (I just finished the final draft of my bio, and since I’m an artist, I’ve already designed my dust cover for the book as well).

So, at eight, I headed out to the Waffle House for a breakfast of gravy and biscuits. I took a seat at the counter, two chairs away from an older man named Richard. Looking at my cap with the word “Writer” emblazoned on the front, he asked, are you really a writer?

I replied, “Well, I am today.” (I have another one with another title on the front.)

“What kind of stuff do you write?”

“I write about Christian and political things.”

“Have you written a book?” he asked as he picked up the book he was reading and showed me the title. It was something about people that had gone to hell and lived to tell about it.

I told him I had just written a 250-page Bio about my career in the movie industry as an actor.

At that, he began to chuckle and said, “You Hollywood types aren’t very Christian.”

Noticing a pendant of the cross around his neck, I asked. “Are you a Christian?”

“I’m a Catholic.”

“Well, what do you think about Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi, or the lawyers and even some of today’s corrupt doctors?”

He blanched and immediately got the point, “They’re plain evil – those two… and some of the lawyers and doctors as well.”

Changing the subject, he began to school me on the Bible, saying, “Most Christians don’t know anything about the Bible.” Then he proceeded to quote scripture, which he was really unfamiliar with, saying things like, “You gotta be good to go to heaven.” “We are gonna give an account for every sin we commit.” “People don’t understand the Bible – the old Hebrew manuscripts and such.”

I told him I had been reading the Bible for over forty years. “I’ve read and owned many versions over that time.” As he preached on and on about living in the end times and such, I had to correct him over and over whenever he tried to quote it. But in doing so, I was able to share the gospel with Richard, with quotes like, “We are saved by faith through grace, and that not of yourselves; it is a gift lest any man should boast.”

Although he would lower his voice and roll his eyes to indicate we should whisper while talking about these matters, I was undeterred. By now, you could hear a pin drop; everyone within hearing distance was listening intently. (I make no bones about my faith and will tell anyone of my convictions.)

During our give-and-take conversation, I shared my testimony with Richard, and I gave him my card – the one with Rapture Ready and dropzonedelta and my website on it – written in red. Then I told him to write me if he had any questions. And defeated, he humbly said he would.

How many other Christians do you know who do such a thing in public? With people cowering in fear of what’s going to happen next in our country, the time is right to do what has been commanded to do.

As if that weren’t enough to make my day, I headed to the Hobby Lobby store about five miles away. After traveling a couple of miles, I spied a young black woman pushing a car down the four-lane highway with her flashers on. I couldn’t believe it!

As I passed her, I could see she was dog-tired and sweating, so I made a U-turn as soon as I was able to see if I could help. Many people today are fearful of strangers and often heartless in pursuit of life.

I pulled up behind her, but she just kept pushing the stalled car. Finally, she was exhausted and stopped. That gave me a chance to put the hazard lights on my Chevy S10 (my great little red pickup that I replaced my brand-new car with).

I got out of my vehicle and went to her passenger side since the cars were whizzing by at 70 miles an hour.

She leaned over and opened the window out of breath, and I asked if I could help. She said she had run out of gas. (With gas prices being what they are, I wasn’t surprised.) I asked where the nearest gas station was, and she replied, “At the next light.”

Looking up the highway, I could barely make out a traffic light in the distance about three miles ahead. She had a long, long way to go. So, I asked if she had a gas can. No. And neither did I.

“Do you want me to push you?” I asked after checking if the bumpers matched (which they did).

“Oh, please do.”

I told her to put it in neutral – and off we went. Making sure she was going fast enough to coast in to a pump stall, I slowed down and followed her to the pump in my truck. The young lady got out of her car with a smile on her face and began to thank me profusely.

Then I asked, “Have you got enough for gas?” She answered, “Yes.”

“I’ve got a question to ask you?”

“What is it” she replied?”

“When I stopped, were you praying for God to send someone to help you?”

“Yes, oh yes.”

“Well, I’m the guy he sent.”

The Lord had blessed me yet again – all in a matter of a few hours.

“What a day this has been; what a rare mood I’m in; why, it’s almost like being in love….dum de dum de da!


Jim Towers

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