Christians Using Science Badly: Part 1 :: By Wilfred Hahn

In recent times, most everyone seems to agree that we are living in a distressing and worrisome era … not just in America but the entire world. The evidence is all around us, it is claimed. The same is perceived in religion.

Perhaps the reader will have had discussions recently with Christians about world geopolitical affairs and cataclysmic developments as of late. Very likely, the discussion will have ventured into the general topic of the “signs of the times.” Acquaintances of this writer ventured the conclusion that “end-time” phenomena are being witnessed today. (To be correct, according to our understanding, the end times started with the Church Age.) But yes, some end-time signs can be seen as unfolding in our day.

Most certainly, fearsome news is being hyped as rarely before. However, we note much confusion with respect to the “signs” that Christ said would occur.

As a brief foretaste, consider the increase in “rumors of wars” that was prophesied by Christ in the Olivet Discourse (Matthew 24). The trend may well be observed today (pre-Tribulation).

The reader should note that in this writer’s interpretation of this prophecy, it also refers to the increase in “rumors”—not specifically just the increase in “wars,” which is mentioned separately in Matthew 24.

The increase in “rumors of wars” speaks to the explosion of global media and its torrential manufacturing of hyped rumors in our day.

However, as far as this global media is concerned, the miscasting of their “rumors” is of no great concern. Why? Because the more fearmongering, the more alarmism and exaggeration of the news, the better for newspaper subscriptions and the profitability of the media industry in general. That is not to say that the dispersion of misinformation is driven purely by greed. As we will yet opine, there are other agendas as well … i.e., the histrionic global warming advocates.

We must ask this question: Seen overall, are the media’s “rumors” and the end-time speculations of Christians today valid? Just what does science say? What does the Bible say?

Finding Truthful Facts

The reader will be surprised to learn that we are first addressing Christian commentators who are spreading falsehoods about the end times. Indeed, some of them may be doing so innocently. But nonetheless, if we demand that scientists such as “climate change experts” and others rely on valid proofs and facts before publishing their hyped-up reports, then we must demand the same from fearmongering Christians. (Actually, this fear should not be happening at all because Christ expressly exhorted his followers “[…] see to it that you are not alarmed” (Matthew 24:6).

Incorrect interpretations of Biblical prophecy and the gross exaggeration of the “global warming scares” go together in a sense. If literal Bible interpretation and proper hermeneutics are of no value, then it is likely that these teachers will be deceived about global climate agendas and more easily will buy into the perspective that “global warming” is validated as a prophetic “sign of the times.”

Consider this question: In the case of global warming, if something globally destructive and cataclysmic is to occur, as believed by the global warming alarmists, then why would this not be mentioned in Bible prophecy? Listening to the alarmists, we are asked to believe that the entire planet is headed for destruction … that the eradication of mankind is nigh. Again, we ask: Given the purported earth-wide impact of global warming, why would Christ not have mentioned this development in the Olivet Discourse?

We conclude that the Bible does not make any statements about a global climate warming crisis. Therefore, obviously, the Bible does not prophesy global warming. Also, as we will show, the scientific facts are not conclusive for global warming.

We don’t wish to be cantankerous sticklers for no apparent reason. Nevertheless, Scripture is the Word of God, and we should therefore strive to divide it correctly. Anything less, and we are likely to be misled.

And misreporting is unfolding today: We discover that many prophecy commentators make speculative statements about “global warming” … contriving a prophetic connection into certain Bible verses—reading into the Bible what is not there.

For example, a recent article in Christianity Today agrees that there is no specific mention in the Bible about global warming. But then it states that the world will be burned up, citing 2 Peter 3:10: “But the day of the Lord will come like a thief. The heavens will disappear with a roar; the elements will be destroyed by fire, and the earth and everything done in it will be laid bare.”1

However, careful readers will note that this verse would be taken far out of context if it were used to support the global warming crisis today. The verse refers to the time post-Millennium when all is renewed and the New Jerusalem descends from on high. There is no overheating of crisis proportions revealed in the pre-Tribulational period (the time in which we live today) other than bad science and theology.

Not only do some Christians hype erroneous last-day “signs of the times,” but also, they then swallow the global warming hype as authentic … and not only that, even see it as a specific end-time sign. (Note: While the Roman Catholic Church does not recognize literal pre-millennial eschatology, it is a major supporter of global responses to counteract climate change.)

Bad Trends Everywhere

Just what other purported crisis events and trends are identified, giving rise to fearsome end-time scares? Apparently, it is a long list. Consider the following six:

1.Wildfire outbreaks around the world. Notable ones in 2021 that have been widely reported were in Siberia and California (not to mention many other smaller ones).

  1. Increasing incidence of droughts.
  2. Rising sea levels and forecasts of further rapid increase … some predicting a rise of 60 feet by the year 2100.
  3. Increasing hurricanes (including tornados, typhoons, & cyclones).
  4. Rising flood activity.
  5. Extreme precipitation perils (rain, snow).

Readers no doubt will have heard reports of these feared developments in the general media.

But consider this: Not one of the six perils listed above is explicitly recorded in Bible prophecy, though it may today be hyped by the media.

On the other hand, as mentioned in the Olivet Discourse, end-time developments are indeed prophesied—i.e., pestilence, famine, earthquakes, wars, and others.

But what does science say about some of these trends that the media wishes to broadcast? Surely, the general media will have quoted the views of science accurately.

Let’s check the facts. Doing so, we draw much info from an important book authored recently by Dr. Steven Koonin, a prominent climate scientist, entitled Unsettled: What Climate Science Tells Us, What It Doesn’t, and Why It Matters. In it, he presents a firmly scientific and balanced view on “climate change.” He notes many falsehoods and biases that are playing out in this field.

We here present a few snippets of Dr. Koonin’s counterarguments to the populist fearmongering. (Note: The numbers in parentheses refer to the page numbers of Dr. Koonin’s book.)

#1 Storms

Alarmist Prediction: It is claimed that storms are becoming more common and more intense, and rising greenhouse gas emissions are going to make it all a lot worse.

Counter Evidence: “There has been no significant trend in the global number of tropical cyclones, nor has any trend been identified in the number of US land-falling hurricanes. […] There have been periods before 1949 that were relatively active compared to the post-1995 era of heightened activity. In other words, there have been times before human influences became significant that were at least as active as today” (p. 117). “As for the media, pointing to hurricanes as an example of the ravages of human-caused climate change is at best unconvincing, and at worst plainly dishonest” (p. 121).

Consider that “annual US deaths from tornadoes have fallen by more than a factor of ten since 1875 (currently about 0.02 per 100,000 people), largely due to improved radar warnings […] The best we can say is that, if anything, US tornadoes have become more benign as the globe has warmed over the past seventy-five years, and we have no credible method for projecting future changes” (p. 126).

#2 Precipitation Perils (rain, snow)

Alarmist Prediction: Extreme weather trends have been caused by Global Warming.

Counter Evidence. “There is no evidence of increase in precipitation at the global scale in response to the observed global warming” (p. 132). “The modest changes in US rainfall during the past century haven’t changed the average incidence of floods. However, trends in flooding vary across the country, with some locations experiencing increases and some decreases” (p. 137).

#3 Droughts and Dryness

Alarmist Prediction: This is claimed to lead to wildfire and low agricultural yields.

Counter Evidence: A study [the AR5] says that they find “low confidence in a global-scale trend in drought or dryness since the middle of the 20th century” (p. 138). “These data reveal that some droughts in the past have been more severe and longer lasting than any experienced in the last 100 years” (p. 140).

#4 Fires

Alarmist Prediction. The incidence of wildfire is increasing … and is predicted to expand uncontrollably due to global warming.

Counter Evidence. “Despite the very destructive wildfires in 2020, that year was among the least active globally since 2003” (p. 142). “[The] global area burned by fires each year has declined by 25% since observations began in 1998” (p. 11).

Reviewing the above-mentioned claims, we note the hyperbole … and downright dishonesty in some instances. Why is there such bias?

Next issue, we continue with Part 2.


Wilfred J. Hahn is a global economist/strategist. Formerly a top-ranked global analyst, research director for a major Wall Street investment bank, and head of Canada’s largest global investment operation, his writings focus on the endtime roles of money, economics and globalization. He has been quoted around the world and his writings reproduced in numerous other publications and languages. His 2002 book The Endtime Money Snare: How to live free accurately anticipated and prepared its readers for the Global Financial Crisis. A following book, Global Financial Apocalypse Prophesied: Preserving true riches in an age of deception and trouble, looks further into the prophetic future.

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