Prophecy Update: Artificial Wombs… Artificial People :: By Gary W. Ritter

Update: 11-2-22

One of the most astounding aspects of these COVID years that has been revealed is the war on children. Actually, it’s nothing new given what we know about Planned Parenthood, but it has emerged from the shadows into mainstream perception. For over one hundred years, the Communists working to infiltrate and destroy America have had the objective of promoting degeneracy as normal. They took aim at children and the family.

Don’t believe me? This was codified in the 1958 release of the Communist Goals, as noted by James Bowers in his book The Naked Truth. Goal #26 says:

Present homosexuality, degeneracy, and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy.”

Other goals call for breaking down cultural standards of morality (#25), the need to discredit the nuclear family as an institution (#40), emphasizing the necessity of raising children away from the negative influence of their parents (#41), infiltrating churches and replacing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with a social gospel (#27), and many more. The absolute purpose has been and is to destroy America from within, starting with the youngest among us.

We have only to look at the Roman Empire of old to know that the rot of depravity inside its own borders from the highest levels of its rulers filtering down throughout all of its society is ultimately what caused its demise. Thanks to demonically-inspired Communists and those who agree with its principles (I use the term “principles” advisedly), we as a nation are on the verge of self-destruction and, worse, the judgment of God.

The purpose of the engineered COVID plandemic was to unleash the mRNA so-called vaccines upon an unsuspecting world. America was at the center of this scam because we had to be. The overall objective of the global elites and their puppet masters in the spiritual realm has been to weaken and destroy the one nation that could keep the planet from adopting a One World Order.

The most nefarious aspect of this is the understanding by the powers that be, who want to accomplish this, that the only way to truly gain control of the world is by having a lot fewer people. As we know from the recently demolished Georgia Guidestones, Command #1 was to:

Maintain humanity under 500,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

Let’s not forget that this satanic monument may have disappeared, but the intent of the globalists who erected it in the first place is still very much in play.

To accomplish this, the COVID injections – with their many and varied ingredients that bring great harm to those taking the shots – were specifically engineered to – among other purposes – cause a reproductive holocaust.

However, by bringing about genocide of this nature, a problem ultimately arises for the elites, namely: How do they maintain enough people in the world going forward after killing off so many and destroying reproductive capacity? The answer is artificial wombs.

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