Meantime: In Our Weakness :: By Lisa Heaton

I had a plan for how I will answer my call here in the meantime while I wait for Jesus. I have series’ topics all mapped out and a production schedule for when to have them completed. I had a plan – and then the Lord sat me down. So, what’s a writer to do but look up and listen up when the God of all heaven gives you a season of pause? What am I supposed to do at my weakest?

Different than most, I live with lower blood pressure. For me, it’s doable – until it’s not. These past months, I can’t seem to keep it at my steady, livable number. When it drops to a certain level, as in 70 something over 50 something, I’m in a fog mentally and even get blurry vision. I’m in that place now and can’t concentrate enough on the Prepare Your Heart series I’m working on to make the next installment come together. I read what I wrote last and can’t really understand what it’s saying. I tried to capture some existing ideas on the new article, but it all feels like gibberish.

Should I just give up this week and not reach out to you? Absolutely not! I want to share my weakness in the hopes that it will resonate with your own. I know you feel it too, even if it’s not physical weakness like mine. If you don’t feel weak in any area at all, then good luck with that pride coming before a fall (Proverbs 16:18) season where you’re about to scrape your knees. If any of us were strong enough to get through this life, we wouldn’t need Jesus to be our Savior.

My hope today is to share a little something encouraging that comes on the heels of what I did write last week. A phrase came to mind this morning, lyrics from a song that I used in the last session. “I stand in awe that you would choose to use the weakest, but I know; I hear the call…”

For some reason we may never understand, God has a history of using the weakest to do His work: folks like Moses and Gideon and simple fishermen. We may not see them as weak, but they each understood their own internal weakness that made no sense of His call on their lives. That’s the kind of weakness I really want to address. It’s for those of us who doubt and debate whether or not we have what it takes to end our races well, especially now as the enemy appears to be winning. Spoiler alert: He’s not.

I’m at my weakest right now, physically and mentally, but I also know that’s when He’s the most able to speak to your heart through my writing without my well-intentioned help. When I am weak, He is strong. (Yes, Jesus loves me. Yes, Jesus loves me…. I know, that song just came to mind.) He does the same with you. In my weakest place, “He is my strength and song,” a passage out of Psalm 118. If you’re not familiar with that Psalm, it sure is a good chapter to camp in these days. If you’re worn and weak, wearied by all you see happening, the Lord is your strength and song too, your strength to endure and your song to sing to this perishing world. Let Him be.

In my quiet time this morning, He gave me the reminder that our being is way more important than our doing. I think I mentioned that last week too. But did it hit home with you? Was it a bullseye in your heart, that massive truth that He simply wants you to be with Him? Yes, He can and will work through you, but more importantly, He wants to work in you. Let Him.

I have a best friend who has had a whole lot of work happen in her the last two years, especially as it relates to the rapture and the last days. Tomorrow, she is beginning a small group specifically to encourage ladies on the certainty of the rapture and how the deception of this world is proof of just how close the rapture and tribulation are. This is a friend who was so terrified of the rapture that she wouldn’t dare research or discuss the topic her whole life. She was the weakest in this area. God’s very strength has become hers. His song made her speak out. She filmed a video invitation, placed it on Facebook, and just jumped in headfirst. (If you missed my video interview with Kim about her lifetime fear turned to longing for the rapture, you can catch that here.)

I’m hoping to make a point with my foggy brain. I know you know your own weakness and feel as if you have no voice to convince all the doubters and naysayers in your life that we really are here at the end. In your weakness, let Him be strong. If you feel led to have that last-days conversation with a family member or friend or neighbor, take time to be with Him and seek His strength. Begin with the “being” and allow Him to strengthen you for the “doing.” All you can do is tell what you know, allowing Him to be your song. Then leave the aftermath of that conversation in His strong and capable hands. It’s what I’ve learned to do.

Would it surprise you to know that I’m weak in that area too? I can write all day long, but conversations with live, right-in-front-of-me people don’t come easily for me. I pray about it, tell what I know, then leave it up to Him. Most of my conversations haven’t seemed to bear fruit. My friends and most in my family don’t want to hear it. Still, I do the best I can with what I have and what I know. You do that too; just do your best.

Maybe I can end with this reminder: Feelings lie. You may feel too weak to speak, but the Spirit within you is the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead. You’re not weak, believer. He is your strength and song (Psalm 118:14).

If Kim, my best friend and article proofer, does her job well, then this will make a little sense and give you a nudge to lean into Jesus as your strength and song. That’s a little heads-up for the article I am currently working on. If I’m still on physical and mental slo-mo next week, I hope you’ll bear with me for another gap week before we get back to the series. I just know in my sitting-down season, God can use that time to bring topics to mind that I may have never considered in all my series planning. So, thank You, Lord, for a time to sit and just be.

Praying you sit and just be with Him on your own without Him having to drop your BP.)

Blessings from me,


If you want to check out the song I referred to from last week, it’s The Call.


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