CERN LHC – Opening Portal to Hell? Etc. :: By Jim Towers

Did I miss the rapture? Judging by the events of recent months, numerous unexplainable anomalies appear to be getting more prevalent as time marches on, thereby causing Christians to wonder if we were in the Tribulation period mentioned in the book of Revelation.

In the meantime, some military leaders and the presidential imposter himself are saying that World War III or “Armageddon” is a very real possibility. Yet, they not only condone it but are financing the venture with our tax money and armaments.

With World War III looming on the horizon, a rash of UFO activity in the heavens, and the other anomalies listed below, you would have to wonder if we’ve entered the Tribulation period written about in the final pages of the Bible without being “raptured” or taken up and out of the way before the greatly deserved judgment coming upon the entire world at large.

We who stay abreast of the world news could have told you these things were going to happen sometime soon, but it seems that many prophecies are being fulfilled even now and at breakneck speed. There are too many abnormal things going on to call it a coincidence. But then again, it may just be a trial run or template of things to come, which will be far worse.

The anomalies or coincidences I speak of are the following:

The Covid-19 incident in which tens of thousands, if not millions, have died, not necessarily of the bioweapon itself but from the vaccines that were concocted to cure the so-called “virus.” But one must ask, “Why would anyone want to unleash a deadly bioweapon on the world? Could the money that can be made in selling a deadly “vaccine” be the impetus to do so? Or was it meant to topple governments, cause war and/or cause confusion and death?

For the U.S.A. – Maybe it was meant to steal an election or to blackmail certain individuals in top positions who were profiteering on all fronts, and what was once thought of as conspiracy theories turned out to be true.

By now, we should have heard more about the “laptop from hell.” Yet, the mainstream media, federal government, and DOJ have been silent on these and other criminal issues involving powerful people. These powerful individuals are only seeking the money that comes with name recognition – regardless of who they hurt.

Incidentally, on 10/12/2022, there was an update on Hunter Biden where the DOJ was asking his father whether Hunter should face the music for lying on a gun-buying application and his taxes. (This is the just Federal Government’s way of placating the American public while keeping the other more serious issues on the “laptop from hell” a secret.) These trivial things pale in comparison to his shady business dealings with the Chinese Communist Party and the Ukrainian (Burisma) fiasco that have been found on Biden’s laptop from hell.

From the building of the Tower of Babel, mankind has always delved into things that threaten to harm or destroy humanity. Although we can’t help but be inquisitive and innovative, we should stick to things that better society than pursue ways that could destroy it.

Now we have the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) causing concern for many. Scientists are attempting to find out how the earth was formed and that it took a tenth of a second to form planets and fling them into space. But to what avail? They seem to not be content with what the Bible says about the matter. “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”

The LHC, which is the world’s largest and most powerful particle accelerator, is at the center of conspiracy theories surrounding CERN. Some people have shared their superstitions and concerns regarding the “portal” that could open after two high-energy particle beams are set to travel at close to the speed of light before they collide. Some theorists are predicting that the atom smasher will open the gates of hell. And the amazing thing is that the book of Revelation tells us that at some point in time, the portals of hell will be opened to demons imprisoned there. In fact, one religious leader is claiming that Earthlings are in contact with the demons already. (Something I seriously doubt.)

The book of Revelation tells us of fallen angels (demons) that are held captive in the abyss until the time of the Great Tribulation, at which time they will be released to torment a remaining segment of mankind who will not repent and turn to God for mercy.

Also, there is talk of the site of the city of Babylon in Iraq being resurrected and in full operation for the time of the end. (But I would guess that the Babylon mentioned in the book of Revelation is NEW YORK City and not the ancient Babylon, which would take at least another ten to twenty years to rebuild. Even so, since ancient Babylon is landlocked and far from the oceans or great bodies of water, the seafarers would not be able to see and marvel at her demise as stated in Revelation; therefore, New York, the melting pot of the world, could be the “New Babylon” as it were.

The third Temple will be rebuilt at the first opportunity and must be in place for the Great Tribulation to ensue.

Computer chips are being mass-produced in China and elsewhere for use in the one-world economic system without which you can neither buy nor sell.

Since the main players are in place, “The Man of Sin,” the False Prophet, and the Hologram technology to produce the image to be worshiped are good to go. I dare say we don’t have twenty years to go before the end of the Tribulation period; it has to begin very soon.

Everything has fallen into place, and now is the calm before the storm. But we need not despair. If we repent and receive Christ’s forgiveness, we can look up and be ready for lift-off in the rapture.

Incidentally, I have beautiful photos of what is referred to as the “Hand of God” taken with the Hubble telescope in living vivid color that appears to depict our Creator’s hand flinging the stars around like pizza dough in a prelude to flinging them out into space. Check it out on the internet under NASA photos of the “Hand of God.” With such a colossal God, we should never have reason to fear anything ever again. In fact, the Bible says that If we fear God, we have nothing else to fear.

Book Review

“THE 50 FINAL EVENTS IN WORLD HISTORY” by Robert L. Morgan is an interesting read, and there is very little to criticize. What I like about this writer is that when he is unsure about something, he tells you so.


Jim Towers

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