Bible Prophecy Update: Psalm 10 – Past Predicts Future :: Gary W. Ritter

Update: 10-12-22

God knows that the sin in this world is overwhelming. He understands that, in our flesh, we have no resources at our disposal and no strength with which to overcome anything that comes at us.

God, in His wisdom, saw beforehand where our having eaten from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil would lead.

Unless He intervened, the world – all of mankind – would turn away from our creator. We would foolishly take up the mantle of god upon ourselves through the deception of Satan and in our own lusts.

It’s why God gave us His Word for us to read, to meditate upon, and to obey. It’s why Jesus Christ came to this fallen world to give of Himself for our redemption.

Today, I want to do something briefly and a little differently to remind each of us of God’s mercy in the face of crushing depravity and evil. Doesn’t it seem like there is no end and no escape? Satan wants us to believe that, but God has another plan.

Because Christ is victorious, we who are in Christ are also victors. The ages-long war is nearing its end. Let’s remember who we are as the elect of God and His ambassadors to this lost and dying world.

Jesus is coming, and we need to be watching.

Please be encouraged today as God reminds us of His goodness.

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