Just For Today… :: By Mike Damron

One thing that the Lord has taught me over the years is to live one day at a time. I get easily overwhelmed when I look too far ahead. A while back, I made up a list of things (priorities) to keep me focused on every day. Below is that list. I pray that this helps you also.

1. Just for todayI’m going to read my Bible. It may only be one chapter. It may only be one verse. It may only be one word. I will seek the Holy Spirit’s help in understanding what I read and for His help to put it into practice in my life, knowing that I cannot grow spiritually without His Word. And my greatest goal in reading His word is getting to know Him more!

2. Just for todayI’m going to take time to pray. Before I start my day, I’m going to ask God for guidance, for protection, and for strength. If there is any known sin in my life, I will confess it, forsake it, and ask God for His forgiveness. I will thank God for all my blessings. I will praise Him for who He is as my God, my Creator, my Savior, and my Friend. If there are any needs in my life, I will ask God to meet them according to His will. And most of all, I will ask that His will be done in my life. I will not forget to pray for others (intercessory). And I won’t forget to send up prayers throughout the day as needed (pray without ceasing). I will end my day in prayer.

3. Just for todayI’m going to trust God. Just as I trusted Him to save me from my sins, I’m going to trust His promises, reminding myself that God cannot lie and that He has proven Himself faithful to me in past troubles. I will trust Him when I’m afraid. I will trust Him even if it seems that He is against me. My faith will be tested.

4. Just for todayI’m going to love God with all my heart and love others. I will remind myself that love is the greatest commandment in the Bible and is more important than anything I am able to say or do for the Lord. I will let my love for God be greater than the love I have for the world. I will let my love for God be the motivating factor for everything I do for Him. I will love others (my neighbors), even those who are my enemies. I will exhibit to others an agape (unconditional) love, the love which God has for me.

5. Just for todayI will seek to be a blessing to others. I will be kind, gentle, patient, and courteous to others – reminding myself that these traits are fruits of the Holy Spirit and cannot be done in my own strength. I need His help. (Pray!) I will encourage and edify others.

6. Just for todayI will not complain, grumble, or gripe to others. I will learn to take all of my complaints (cares) to the Lord (first) before going to others. My God has big shoulders!

7. Just for todayI will seek to live a life that glorifies and honors God. I will be careful not to do anything that would bring reproach upon His Name. Even though I could never become worthy by the things I do, I remind myself that as a child of God, He is worthy of a walk by me that will glorify and honor Him in all I do and say.

8. Just for todayI will forgive myself. I will remind myself that I will never be perfect in this life and that everyone has fallen short of the Glory of God and makes mistakes. If (since) God has forgiven me of all my sins (which He has since I am a believer), then I need to forgive myself. I will not allow the devil to make me feel guilty or condemned over sins that have been confessed, forsaken, and forgiven!

9. Just for todayI will share my faith and the love of Jesus to someone who is lost. I will speak first through the life that I live in front of them and then will use words. I will remind myself that no one will care what I have to say until they know that I care. I will be careful not to shove grace in their face and will let the Holy Spirit be my guide.

10. Just for todayI will not give up! No matter how many times I fail or fall, I will never give up! I will get up every time and will keep going, reminding myself that the Lord is by my side, helping me to get up, helping me to keep going, and most importantly, that He will never forsake me. He is cheering me on! He is on my side. He is not mad at me.

If I fail or forget to do these things today, I will not beat myself up over it, reminding myself that every new day brings about a fresh start, a clean slate, new mercies, grace, and compassion from my wonderful Lord!! Amen!!

May the Lord bless you as you wait for Him to return!

Mike Damron