Hurricane Ian and the Upcoming Political Storm :: By Jim Towers

Because I am 10 miles east of the coast, I have barely escaped the devastation of Hurricane Ian. And so am writing even as the hurricane is pummeling Southwest Florida. It is a very serious Category 5 storm with 12 ft. to 18 ft. water surges as the eye approaches land near Sanibel, Captiva, Ft. Meyers, and Sarasota. It is expected to be the strongest storm in the area in recent memory.

On Marco Island, which is the southernmost city on Florida’s west coast, the streets are covered with water, and it is about ninety miles south of the eye of the storm. The hurricane is about 150 miles across the center. The bridges have been closed, and now there is no escape for those who hesitated; they will be left behind to endure the full brunt of the storm. (It sounds like the rapture, doesn’t it?)

Governor DeSantis urged everyone to hunker down as it is too late to leave the most vulnerable locations where the storm will strike on the coast. The eye of the storm will linger over a given area for up to three hours; first, the winds will buffet the area below it from left to right, and then, as the eye passes over the winds, it will hit again from right to left.

Local officials are doing what they can to coordinate the teams ready to come in and rescue those who stayed behind as well as those who could not get out of the storm’s way for various reasons. But only after the storm subsides, what with power lines and trees falling and debris flying at tremendous speed, it can get to be deadly out there.

The storm coverage is the best I’ve ever seen or heard, and the weather reporters have been giving updates and warnings for the past 48 hours. NBC has been doing an excellent job of keeping us informed on television and radio. However, the internet has been out for 36 hours now.

There were 8-12 ft surges here in Collier County where I am at 9:07 this morning. And at about twelve noon, my mission station (the Naples Pier) is still standing but closed with damages after having been repaired twice since I’ve been living here.

Four years ago, Hurricane Irma was a Cat 3. It did significant damage where I live in Naples. Electricity was out for eleven days without so much as a Microwave or having water or ice. Hurricane Ian is one digit less than a Category 5 – a very powerful storm.

My son Matthew, who lives in North Dakota, just left a text message to not forget to pray and hunker down. But luckily, we escaped the brunt of the storm. We are experts by now at handling all the effects of these storms.

Hurricane Andrew, which hit Homestead, Florida, was a real doozy, and I volunteered to go there with the church I was attending at the time to help feed those whose homes were swept away. Then came Ivan, which hit the Panhandle and was a significant storm as well. I spent weeks clearing and cutting up huge trees that had been toppled by the winds.

At noon, all bridges that connect to the mainland have been closed to traffic. The Skyway bridge (one of the highest bridges in the country) has been closed as well. I remember the five-mile bridge in Pensacola having had a section collapse and a trucker having gone over the end and meeting his death during Hurricane Ivan. You just never know when you are going to meet your maker. I hope he was saved.

The catastrophic hurricane has passed, and huge pieces of debris, chunks of concrete, asphalt, and trees are littering the streets. The Sanibel causeway was swept away, and some cars and houses were up to eight feet under water. Houses were flooded up to the attic, and roofs were torn away by winds that reached 150 miles an hour. Power lines are down, and 130,000 people are left without electricity. Ft. Meyers/Ft. Meyers Beach was also hit hard.

Rescue teams from Miami and around the country are responding and began operations at first light. Now several homes are on fire. As of 3:00 P.M. Thursday, the 29th of September (the day after the storm), seven people have died.

The political storm due in November is also beginning to shape up. Let us hope that it isn’t a Cat 5 as well. The storm shaping up on the political front can be likened to the hurricane that has just pummeled Southwest Florida.

The upcoming political storm began just after the rigged 2020 presidential election took place, and now we are experiencing the calm before the storm hits us from the opposite direction.

Many people on the Left and the Right were predicting the failure of the electronic voting systems, and indeed, they did fail us; the Communist Chinese made sure of that. But they weren’t the only ones to tamper with the results; there were several others involved also. As the 2000 Mule documentary by Dinesh De Sousa can testify, and if these irregularities aren’t corrected by eliminating the voting machines altogether, then once again, there will be doubt about the votes during the mid-term elections, in which case there may be rioting in the streets. Only this time, even conservatives may be involved, depending on who wins the most seats.

Once again, the Communist Left will try to steal the election to keep control of the House and Senate, but it won’t work. Everyone is aware of the theft that took place during the last Presidential race. Like President Trump, we conservatives were flabbergasted as most other people were when the election was called for Joe Biden.

Like the hurricane of today, there is a lot of bluster and positioning as the next political storm is shaping up in the United States. The results of the mid-term elections will determine whether we survive the catastrophic results of the Biden so-called administration.

The Left is doing all it can to discourage President Trump from running in the 2024 election. In fact, they have been searching for ways to incarcerate him. Although they’ve thrown everything they have in their arsenal at the wall, nothing has stuck. They are rabid in their dislike of him, even though he has done nothing to warrant their animosity toward him. With the political winds picking up and as the day of reckoning approaches, the communists will do anything short of assassinating the one president that did more good things for this country than any other president.

With the lackluster performance of Joe Biden, even hard-core Democrats now want to rid themselves of the obvious puppet in the White House. He is as much an embarrassment to our Christian nation as was Barack Hussein Obama, who was always apologizing for the U.S. being a corrupt country when, in fact, we have always been a benevolent society that even went so far as re-building our wartime enemies’ economies and structures after war.

The eye of the political storm is tightening, and soon all hell may break loose with the fate of our country hanging in the balance. If the Left wins by hook or crook, we will devolve into a communist state. Laws will be uprooted like so many young saplings and be strewn along the path of destruction. It will be brother against brother, son against father, and neighbor against neighbor.

For too long, Christians have been complacent as the radical Left has taken over our learning institutions and courts of law. Soon though, even churches that have been watching from the sidelines will begin to speak up as the day of reckoning approaches. But it may be too little too late. Complacency and the good life have had their day, and now we may get what we deserve.

As the winds increase and people begin to hunker down to wait out the storm, much will have already been uprooted, and all other things we take for granted have been shaken to the core. Jesus warned that a house built on the sand and not the solid foundation of Christianity is certain to crumble.

If that isn’t enough, there are the winds of war forming – a war known as the war of Gog and Magog. That is to say, Russia and its allies making war as they go after all the goodies of Israel.


Just when I thought no one cared for my safety, I received Emails from my readers out of concern for my safety.

Matthew T., Kelly Tyson in Texas, John Broadwater in England, Brad Keefer Sr., Joyce B., Johnny B., and Kaye Buckley in Australia are the special people who wrote.

God bless them for pulling me out of a deep blue funk.


Jim Towers

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