Prophecy Update: Hitler Template for Antichrist, Pt 1 :: By Gary W. Ritter

Update 9-7-22

One of the conundrums in Revelation is how the rider on the white horse of the 1st Seal of Judgment – presumably the Antichrist – wins such acclaim that the world seems to instantly love him. However, on the heels of this lovefest, the 2nd Seal is broken, and the rider on the red horse emerges, ushering in war.

Don’t you think that’s a little strange? I do. How does that work that this man comes prominently onto the public scene, and the world seemingly resorts to peace because of him, but then war results?

I have a theory.

As often happens with me when I read or watch something, that will trigger a thinking process that rises to the level of wanting to share what I’ve come up with. So here we are. I just read a book titled White Rose, Black Forest by Eoin (Owen) Dempsey.

The story revolves around an American spy given a mission that requires him to parachute into Nazi Germany in World War 2 during the winter while impersonating a Luftwaffe airman. The insertion runs into problems. He must jump from the plane early and ends up breaking both legs, leaving him stranded in this desolate area where he could easily die. A young German woman is in the forest for what she has determined to be her last day on earth. The first line of the book is: This seemed like a fitting place to die. She finds the injured and unconscious man and determines to save him.

As a backstory for the novel, one of the chapters chronicles the rise of Adolf Hitler in Germany to his position of absolute power. In reading that, I couldn’t help but think of the soon-to-come Antichrist because of the many similarities I see between the two men.

As a result, once I finished the story, I went back to that chapter and noted the various items he wrote about Hitler as he came into prominence and during the years of his reign.

Today I want to give you a summary of these similarities and contrasts to provide a means of seeing how the 1st Seal in Revelation may pave the way for the 2nd Seal. It surprised me, so it may do the same for you. Because the list of attributes was so lengthy, I needed to break this Prophecy Update into two parts so that it wasn’t excessively long. This is Part 1 with the plan to present Part 2 next week.

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