Celebrities Receiving Christ!? :: By Jim Towers

Who would believe that hard-core agnostics and atheists are repenting and receiving Christ? Yes, arrogant and self-serving actors and celebrities are receiving Christ under the end-times prophecy, “In the last days I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh…”

Even Shia LaBeouf just became a ‘Christian’! The once obstinate actor was an agnostic until he played the role of Padre Pio, a famous Roman Catholic priest of the 1800s – a man who garnered worldwide acclaim for possessing healing powers as well as what Roman Catholics term as exhibiting “stigmata.” Stigmata is the bleeding in the areas where Jesus would have bled during the crucifixion.

In undertaking the role, Shia researched the life of Padre Pio at different Roman Catholic churches near his home in California. Then, later, he went to the actual convent in Italy where Pio served, where he could get a “feel” for the demanding role. After months of preparation, during which he learned all he could about the role that he would undertake and underwent rigorous Catholic training as well, he began to pray for insight into the priest. He then underwent an inward transformation after much introspection. The hardheaded intellectual actor is well on his way to cleaning up his act and living the Christian life – or so he says.

As I watched Shia’s interview on YouTube, I was looking for any indication that he was being untruthful, but he claims to have at least read the book of Matthew in the Bible.

Back in the day, Catholics didn’t read scripture at the church services and only heard the Mass in Latin. They mostly read secondhand explanations of scripture in pamphlet form called the Catechism. The Catholic Biblical Canon is the Douay Reims version of the Bible which contains other questionable “books” such as Tobias, Abdias, and Sophonias. Who or what is Sophonias, pray tell?

Although Shia loves the mysteries of the Catholic Church, I find these trappings stifling and stunting personal spiritual growth. We believers are admonished to “Study to show thyself approved, a workman that need not be ashamed, rightfully dividing the Word of God.” I began and still study the King James and New King James.

Worse than that, the Roman Catholics worship idols in the form of statuettes – and use the rosary (as do the people of the Muslim faith.) Which begs the question – Didn’t Jesus say not to pray to idols and not to say repetitious prayers – as the heathen do?

Nevertheless, I do hope that Shia is on the path to know our Lord and Savior and continues to be a seeker of truth.

There is the rumor that Elon Musk may have made a profession of faith in Christ, but although he appeared before professing (immature) Christians asking questions, he answered the way most American people would answer, like, “I believe in a higher power, and I am a good person; Jesus was a good person,” etc. These answers are common among those in secular society. His interviewers were novices in proclaiming the Gospel and were laughing throughout the interview, all because they had scored an interview with the richest man in the world. What an obscene interview!

Tom Hanks has made a profession of faith. But we’ll have to wait and see. “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get.”

Sharon Stone says she is a Christian. Really?

Jane Fonda claims to be a Christian. Who am I to say?

Of course, we all know Kirk Cameron, who has a new Christian movie coming out soon. I hope it’s not as cheesy as most of them are.

Chuck Norris also claims to be a Christian but never proclaims it openly. Incidentally, I worked on a Chuck Norris film called “Invasion U.S.A.,” which his brother Aaron wrote and directed. I portrayed the boat captain in the opening scene, where a Russian cruiser comes up in front of the old vessel I piloted, and they pretended to be the American Coast Guard. Meanwhile, I was having trouble with the outboard engine when they arrived and killed all the people aboard the craft – including me. But at least Chuck invited me and the rest of the cast to his house for a Christmas wrap party.

In any case, all of the above are just as capable of claiming to be Christians as the rest of us. Why, even some politicians are claiming to be Christians. Take Nancy Pelosi, the pro-abortion speaker of the House, for example, who happens to be a Roman Catholic, as are many other career politicians.

And speaking of politicians, “President” Joe Biden (The big guy) gave a state of the union speech in which he sided with the Ukrainians who have the goods on him and his son to the tune of millions of American dollars. (He knows that if he crosses them, they will expose his shady dealings with them via Burisma – his son Hunter’s illicit business enterprise.)

The same can be said of the Chinese Communist Government’s dealings with the Biden criminal enterprise. The Big guy knows that if he says anything bad about either of our mortal enemies, he will, in turn, be exposed for being a beneficiary of the criminal dealings of his son, the hard-core drug addict and sex pervert. If anything untoward is said against either of these two entities, they will expose him for the puppet that he is. Blackmail is a powerful tool, and they wouldn’t hesitate to use it against these wolves in sheep’s clothing.

In his state of the Union address, Biden, with slurred speech, while coughing, addressed the nation from a small gymnasium that holds about 300. Even so, there were at most about 250 in attendance in what was referred to as a rally. The bought-and-paid-for media made much of the partisan speech in which he threatened conservatives with irresponsible rhetoric.

Joe, it seems, would even go as far as to promote civil war just to deflect the talk about his shady dealings with Ukraine and Communist China, as well as protect his criminal son and brother.

If these people had any integrity, they would admit their failures and face the consequences rather than let the country suffer. Incidentally, he is in negotiations with Iran to continue their nuclear arms program. In fact, one of their top leaders will be making a trip to the U.S. to address these issues with Biden soon. What kind of patriot is that?

One last thing you should know: the Chinese Communist Party is making the masks that you wear to guard against the virus they made, and they also make the computer components for our elections. And, oh yes, now they are making the chips for use during the one-world 666 government.

If ever there was a time to prepare to meet your maker, it is now.


Jim Towers

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