The World War Against the Bible :: By David Cogburn

As born-again Christians, we KNOW the Bible is the Word of God. Does the world and any other religion besides Christianity know that? NO WAY! Why not?

Several important reasons:

  1. First and foremost, the world has a SIN NATURE that is anti-God and is under the power of the god of this world, Satan, due to this sin nature.
  2. The world thinks it is ludicrous that Christianity says there is only ONE way to God – through Christ Jesus – when there are hundreds if not more belief systems.
  3. The world does not want to be accountable to a God who judges them and “does” hold them accountable. They see Christianity as a bunch of DON’Ts, which ruins their fun.
  4. The world thinks it is ridiculous that Christianity says all you have to do to be saved is believe in Jesus. They see Christianity as giving believers a “license” to SIN.
  5. What makes perfect sense from a human perspective is if we want to spend eternity with God, we have to do it ourselves. It is a WORKS program. Simply make sure your good works outweighs your bad works, and off we go to heaven.
  6. Most all religions don’t even believe it is “possible” to have a personal, intimate relationship with God.
  7. The world does not understand how God can have a personal relationship with people and give people His “power” through the Holy Spirit to change their lives.

Okay, these are a few of the reasons the world either hates or ignores the Bible and Christianity. They are WRONG, and the Bible EASILY proves they are wrong.

Does the world think the Bible is a SUPERNATURAL book? Not hardly. What are they missing or ignoring or refusing to accept? They are missing the number one PROOF that the Bible is the Supernatural Word of God – PROPHECIES!

Hopefully, ALL of us born-again believers KNOW the Bible is filled with prophecies which are simply God telling us the future in advance and NEVER BEING WRONG!

We read them in the Bible. We know when they were written, and we know when they were fulfilled. And since God has never been wrong, we know that all of the prophecies that have not been fulfilled YET “will come true” like all of them that have already come true.

We also should know that approximately 1/3rd of the Bible is prophetic. THAT is a TON of the future written in advance.

In Isaiah 46:10, God says, “Only I can tell you the future before it happens. Everything I plan will come to pass, for I do whatever I wish” (New Living Translation).

The Bible is the only book in history with prophecies that have come true 100% for obvious reasons: ONLY God can do it. God has given the WORLD His Supernatural Word filled with nearly 2,000 prophecies for one main reason — to make it EASY to KNOW that the Bible and the Bible ALONE truly is the WORD OF GOD.

The Bible has a LOT more evidence that proves it is the Word of God, such as changed lives. It is a “living” Word where God makes the same verses in the Bible speak to us in different ways when we read them multiple times, etc.

But today, I am focusing ONLY on the most powerful proof that the Bible is the Supernatural Word of God – prophecy.

The fatal mistake the religions of the world make is they totally IGNORE the Bible and the Supernatural prophecies in it. Even professing Christians make this mistake. You would think that everyone on the planet SHOULD KNOW that ONLY God can tell us the future in advance.

So, how does the world deal with the Supernatural prophecies in the Bible in a way that makes sense to them? They DON’T deal with them. They either ignore them completely or make up lies and say things like the prophecies were written AFTER the fact, etc.

It’s like the world is at WAR with the Bible, and their weapon to win the war is a BB gun while the Bible uses its nuclear bomb. Another example I like to use is there will be a 100-mile race between all religions and the Bible, and there will be only ONE winner who gets to spend eternity with God. The world religions will be riding their bicycles while the Bible will be riding its Corvette. The world religions “ignore” the Corvette, convinced they will win the race with their bicycles.

So, what should the world religions and all people do to discover which SOURCE is the TRUE source of belief in order to spend eternity with God vs spending eternity separated from God?

They should RESEARCH to see which source is the CORRECT source on how to spend eternity with God. The only thing that truly matters for all humans is “ETERNITY” and WHERE you spend it.

Eternity itself is “life” as there is no physical or annihilation-type death in eternity – only a separation from God type of death.

The universe is temporary, and “everything” in it is dying: from all the suns, moons, and stars to certainly ourselves. God ONLY allows a physical annihilation type of death “inside” of the universe which He created vs eternity.

This current universe is also the ONLY PLACE where God “allows” good and evil to dwell “together.” In eternity, everything is good with God, or everything is bad without God. There is NO good and evil “together” in eternity.

Invisible God has made Himself visible through us seeing His Creation and His one-of-a-kind Supernatural Bible, His “instruction manual” on what He wants us spiritually dead humans to know in order to have a personal, intimate relationship with Him now and forever.

Back to knowing the truth: All the fulfilled prophecies in the Bible should be ENOUGH “alone” to convince anyone that only the Bible is the Word of God. Everything in it is TRUE, and the Bible makes it clear that the MESSAGE of the Bible is God’s plan of REDEMPTION to remove our sin in a fallen world.

It is THIS SIMPLE: Eternity means only one thing – SIN or NO SIN, period! No sin, there is heaven with God; and sin, there is hell without God.

The FATAL mistake of the world is this, as Jesus said: They are “wrong about sin… because people do not believe in me…” (John 16:10). Sin keeps us from God forever. This is WHY it is so IMPORTANT for people to KNOW the truth of how to have our sins REMOVED forever, and that’s what the whole Bible is about – Jesus – God in the flesh, who sacrificed His LIFE on a cross to PAY the price for our sins and remove them forever.

Recognizing God’s POWER in 1/3rd of the Bible being prophetic should be one of the first steps in acknowledging that not only is the Bible very different from ALL other sources of belief, but God’s message is a message of His love for us sinners and what He alone had to do and has done to remove our sins so we can now have a personal, intimate relationship with Him through Jesus now and forever.

If there is anyone reading this article who is not a born-again Christian, please, please, please research the Bible for the things I have talked about.

Do you think eternity with God is “worth” researching? I pray that is a rhetorical question. There is NOTHING more INCREDIBLE than a personal relationship with God.

It is actually what the whole world DESIRES without even knowing it. I pray this article has been a blessing to you. I hope to meet as many of you as possible in heaven, and as most of us at know, that could be just a matter of days, weeks, or months.

Blessings and Maranatha!

David Cogburn