Prepare Your Heart – Daybreaks Are Dwindling :: By Lisa Heaton

We only have so many daybreaks remaining until that final sunset when the Son sets out to get His bride. We must make the most of our time because the days are evil (Eph. 5:16).

As much as we watch and read and comb online resources to see what’s happening now and next in this last-moments world we live in, we should be spending even more time on our internal preparations, time with the One who knows what’s now and next and how we best need to prepare. I sincerely believe we should be preparing our homes as well, a point I cover here on my site, but my heart absolutely burns over the topic of preparing our hearts.

Are you right with Jesus? Are you excited over the idea of meeting Him in the air soon, or does fear or dread more accurately describe the feelings that the word rapture evokes? Our solid belief in the pre-tribulation rapture matters. If we can’t be certain of our rescue, then our minds will be stayed on long-term survival rather than on the mission.

What’s the mission? Standing while others kneel. Or as in Daniel’s case, kneeling while everyone else stood. We have an audience watching, those who will be left behind. What will we teach them by our actions? How will our example help them to stand during the tribulation if we can’t even take a stand now as we see the set-up for it?

A verse the Lord has been using with me since early 2020, even before the plandemic was a “thing,” was “…to make ready a people prepared for the Lord.” That verse has always held a whisper of a calling on my life. Only now do I better understand its meaning. We are a people, a church hardly ready or prepared for the Lord. The waning state of the church is a reason for us all to grieve when we see the apathy, apostasy, and arrogance of our fellow believers. They don’t care that the Lord is coming soon. They’re living like the world with no regard for holiness. They mock and scorn our warnings.

I’ve concluded this: I can only do so much. I can only help those who want help and explain more to those who are willing to listen. I’m suspecting that’s you since you’re here. You’re in the deeper waters with Jesus, or if not, you’re longing to be. May I help you along in the journey of preparing your heart?

I humbly admit that I’m still learning as well. Much of what I write or speak about is from my own struggles now or over the years. What I do know from experience is this: No matter what comes in the time ahead of us, Jesus is not just enough–He’s everything. With Him, you will not just survive, you’ll thrive and be a helping hand to those around you while you wait for your exfil [removal/withdrawal from an enemy-held area]. Isn’t that what you want, to not be that panicking crybaby running around asking others for help?

When a financial crash or food shortages or whatever the enemy plans to throw at us next comes, what if you’re a stable voice in the lives of those around you who didn’t see disaster coming? You can be no matter how much you underestimate yourself. But it takes a heart made ready, a heart prepared for the Lord.

I’m beginning a new series called Prepare Your Heart. Articles will be published on Rapture Ready, or you can follow along here on my Daybreak with Lisa site as each new entry is added. Watch Prepare Your Heart | Prepare Your Home on my YouTube channel to get started.

You can also get a little louder and share what you know with others around you. If you would like to view my Rapture Ready articles all combined into one location, check out the How Do I Share What I Know? Series. (Since the entries in the How Do I Share series were originally created for web-based reading, they are longer than what I will be sharing in the Prepare Your Heart series.)

Let’s make the most of our time. Our mission now is to warn the lost and wake the found. Our mission is to be a people made ready, hearts prepared for the Lord.

Grace and peace,


About Lisa:

As an author, Lisa Heaton is a storyteller with a heart for truth. Her greatest desire in her fiction and nonfiction work is to challenge the reader to discover the truth of who Jesus is and who they are to Him. Now, here as we wait for the any-minute arrival of Jesus for His church in the rapture, Lisa’s latest mission is to warn the lost and wake the found and to help others discover their unique voice to share the truth of our times. More at