Prophecy Update: Unseen Realm…, Part 2 :: By Gary W. Ritter

Update 8-24-22:

Several weeks ago, I did a lengthy teaching on this topic of the Unseen Realm of Angels & Fallen Angels. That was Part 1 posted on August 3. In effect, the first teaching set the stage and provided important background information that ties heavily into today’s Prophecy Update. I suggest that if you haven’t watched that yet, set aside an hour and do that first before watching this video. I think it will really help you to understand many of the aspects of what I say here. The link is below if you need it.

Today’s sequel will focus more intensely on a Scriptural understanding of angels and fallen angels. Coming away from this, you should be able to see how they fit into the bigger Biblical narrative and how the two opposing groups operate, the unfallen, i.e., the holy and righteous, angels under God’s guidance, and the rebellious, fallen ones under the hand of Satan. What this teaching does is put a lot of the facts about angels together that you may never have considered because you’ve not looked at all they do, or are capable of, in one comprehensive presentation.

There is a third part to this series that I did when presenting it in a Wednesday night church class. Just like with Part 1, I’ll probably allow Part 2 to season for several weeks before bringing Part 3 forward.

So … settle back and get ready for a discussion of Biblical proportions that you may never have gotten in church.

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