The Endgame Hasn’t Changed :: By Daymond Duck

On July 27, 2022, the Federal Reserve increased interest rates even though some financial experts believe the higher rates will cause a decline in home sales, a decline in home values, an increase in the number of people that can’t pay their mortgage, and an increase in unemployment.

I am not a financial expert or a prophet, but it is my opinion that wrecking the housing industry might slow the economy and reduce inflation if the U.S. government reduced its spending and restored America’s energy independence, but that is not going to happen.

Hence, it is my opinion that higher food prices, higher energy prices, and the march toward hyper-inflation and a global economic collapse will continue.

Raising interest rates will slow the construction industry, force people out of work, force people into older and smaller houses, force the use of less energy, etc., but the current government’s endgame is still a weaker, greener America under a tyrannical New World Order.

(FYI: The same people that denied that inflation was soaring are now denying that America is in a recession.)

(Good theology: On Aug. 1, 2022, I told a group of Baptist preachers that God will cause the Ten Kings to surrender their power and authority to the Antichrist to fulfill His Word (Rev. 17:12-17). One preacher said that is why God will Rapture the Church before the Tribulation Period. He said the Church is indwelt by the Holy Spirit, is salt and light, and is restraining the Antichrist and his world government (II Thess. 2:6-15). God will remove His Church so the Antichrist can rise to power and fulfill His Word.)

Here are more prophecy-related stories that recently made the news:

One, concerning America’s decline: the underlying problem is America’s abandonment of God.

A recent Gallop poll found that less than 20% of America’s citizens still believe that the Bible is the literal Word of God.

Electing leaders that oppose Biblical values has negatively impacted the beliefs and morals of America.

Without God’s guidance, the decisions of those leaders are faulty, and the consequences are not good.

Two, concerning the corruption of the U.S. Dept. of Justice (DOJ) and the FBI: perhaps the greatest proof is their protection of Hillary Clinton and Hunter Biden versus their investigation and possible pending prosecution of Pres. Trump.

They lied to the courts, helped Hillary destroy evidence, said the “Laptop from Hell” was disinformation, and helped cover up the “big guy’s” (Pres. Biden’s) share of the profits from Hunter’s crimes in Ukraine and China, but they are leaving no stone unturned in their effort to stop Trump.

Many of our leaders, many in the DOJ, and many in the FBI seem to be part of a corrupt government, and God may cause them to submit to the most corrupt government in all history (Satan’s Antichrist, his Ten wicked Kings, and the False Prophet).

They don’t seem to realize that their takedown of America could mean their self-destruction and they could be among the generation of godless leaders that will desire to hide in the dens and rocks of the mountains during the great day of the Lamb’s wrath (Rev. 6:15-17).

Three, concerning tribulation (as in hard times, hungry, cold, etc.): Russia recently shut down the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline to Germany for repairs.

Russia restarted it but has announced plans to cut the gas flow to 20% of capacity.

If that rate is not upped before winter, many factories will close, many houses will be without heat, and many women and children will get sick and die.

Four, concerning food shortages and famine: on July 27, 2022, BASF, one of the largest producers of fertilizer in the world, announced that it will drastically cut its production of ammonia (fertilizer), and farmers can expect the price to soar in 2023.

Insufficient fertilizer and higher fertilizer prices will result in less food production, more food shortages (possibly famine), and higher food prices.

It has been reported that governments are pressuring companies to reduce their production of fertilizer because government officials want to meet Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development (climate change) goals.

Five, concerning the Mark of the Beast: no one should doubt that the Antichrist and False Prophet will kill multitudes of people during the Tribulation Period for refusing to take the Mark.

Reports that globalists want to reduce the population of the earth are common.

Consider this:

  • If our government will let women and children die in the EU without heat and transportation when we could produce oil and natural gas,
  • If our government will let women and children die in the back of 18-wheeler trucks at our border with Mexico when we could check every truck,
  • If our government will let women and children die every day trying to get to our border to cross the Rio Grande River when we could stop it,
  • If our government will force people to be vaccinated when it could kill them,
  • If our government will let more than 200 people die every day from fentanyl and not close the border,
  • If our government will encourage the grooming of young children in the LGBTQ+ agenda when they are four times more likely to commit suicide than straight children, and celebrate it,
  • If our government will ignore the killing of dozens of people in large cities every week of the year and not do anything about it,
  • If our government will pay people to kill babies up to the moment of birth and kill some for a few weeks after birth.

Six, concerning the Mark of the Beast: during the Tribulation Period, people will not be allowed to buy and sell unless they take the Mark.

On July 30, 2022, it was reported that the Biden administration is halting school lunch funding in schools that do not let biological boys use the girl’s bathrooms and showers and do not let biological girls use the boy’s bathrooms and showers if they self-identify as the opposite sex.

Our government is withholding food from children in low-income families to force the LGBTQ agenda on schools.

It is forcing school systems to choose between food for hungry children and immoral, unbiblical practices.

22 states have filed a lawsuit to stop this.

Seven, concerning the Mark of the Beast: Israel is moving closer to a cashless society.

On Aug. 1, 2022, a new law will go into effect in Israel that will require a digital transfer, a debit card, or something similar on business purchases exceeding the equivalent of $1,700.

Cash transactions between private citizens will be illegal if the amount exceeds the equivalent of $4,360.

Requiring cashless transactions in some cases is a big step in the direction of tracking buying and selling by the middle of the Tribulation Period.

Eight, concerning world government and a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC): on July 30, 2022, Catherine Fitts, former Assistant Sec. of Housing under Pres. George H.W. Bush, said the CBDC is a global financial system, not a digital currency.

According to Fitts, “Central bankers are trying to create a system where they are completely free of the laws of nation states and governments…. They are inserting sovereign immunity from all laws and literally trying to create a civilization under the law where they are free to do whatever they want, including, as we know it—genocide.”

As I understand it, Fitts believes bankers are trying to create a system that will allow them to legally seize everyone’s money and property so that they own and control everything, and citizens own and control nothing.

This sounds like a godless world government that controls everything and kills those that disobey (those that are not happy with owning nothing).

Everyone on earth should oppose this system.

Following the Rapture, those that obey the Antichrist and False Prophet by taking the Mark will become Hell-bound slaves (Rev. 14:9-10), and those that get saved and refuse to take the Mark will be persecuted and killed.

The Bible even teaches that slavery will exist during the Tribulation Period (Rev. 18:11-13), but it is not likely that the slaves will be happy.

Nine, concerning perilous times: on July 30, 2022, two Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corp (IRGC) Telegram channels posted a video saying Iran will turn New York into a hellish ruin if Israel or the U.S. attacks Iran.

Finally, are you Rapture Ready?

If you want to be rapture ready and go to heaven, you must be born again (John 3:3). God loves you, and if you have not done so, sincerely admit that you are a sinner; believe that Jesus is the virgin-born, sinless Son of God who died for the sins of the world, was buried, and raised from the dead; ask Him to forgive your sins, cleanse you, come into your heart and be your Saviour; then tell someone that you have done this.