Future Glory: Revelation of Jesus Christ :: By Larry Orth

Bible Passage: Revelation 1:1-8

Knowing the end of God’s rescue story and your place in that story will motivate you to live wholeheartedly for the Author and Hero of the story, Jesus Christ.

We like good stories; whether a novel or a movie, we like a story that grips us, keeps us on edge, and finishes well. As Genesis tells us the beginning of the human story, Revelation tells its end. Many people ignore the end of the Bible story because of fear, or they feel like it’s too confusing or it’s too controversial. Today, we’re going to look at the end – get a summary bird’s eye view of the end of God’s story and your story. And my goal is three-fold: 1) to whet your appetite to study it more, 2) to see your place in the story, and 3) to help you know better the Author and Hero of the story, Jesus Christ!

Future Glory: The Revelation of Jesus Christ. Listen to the sermon at this link: https://www.calvaryefree.church/sermons/future-glory-revelation-overview/

View sermon slides at sermon-6-26-2022-Future-Glory-Revelation-Overview

Larry Orth, Pastor of Care & Outreach

Calvary Evangelical Free Church


About Pastor Larry:

Larry joined the staff of Calvary in 1997. He has degrees from the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point, Liberty University, Luther Rice Seminary, and Trinity International University (TEDS); he considers lifelong learning – often through the people and trials in our lives – a paramount ingredient in the health of every disciple of Jesus. Prior to that, he worked as the CFO for the Bureau of Prisons at the Rochester Facility. To learn more, see https://www.calvaryefree.church/about/staff/pastor-larry/.