Did You Know? :: By Jim Towers

The following is an open letter to a Christian brother who chooses to live under a rock and is denying all the signs of the times.

Remember the Weather Underground – the terrorists of the seventies? Although they bombed several federal buildings and even killed a policeman, they never sufficiently paid for their crimes. Instead, some were elevated to positions of power with help from the Democrats. Some became academics, including Bernardine Dohrn and Bill Ayers, who have influenced university students with their radical left policies. Obama, when he was an Illinois Senator running for the Democrat nomination for president, served with Ayers on the board of an anti-poverty foundation in Chicago. Bill Clinton pardoned two members of the group during the last days of his presidency. (See the 2008 Reuters article, Weather Underground resurfaces in U.S. politics).

These Communists are ruling and indoctrinating students and other people into the occult, transgenderism, and, of course, communism. Their agenda is to destroy all ties to freedom and Judeo/Christian mores and laws that keep us safe and free.

On 6/24, the Supreme Court voted to leave the abortion issue up to the individual states, and on top of that, they upheld the Second Amendment as well. The left, of course, was indignant and vowed revenge against members of the Supreme Court. Even the Mayor of Chicago, in a hate-fueled rage, condemned the justices and vowed retribution.

Thankfully, the justices stood their ground and continued dismantling the left’s agenda. The very next thing they did was to re-institute the Second Amendment – “The right to bear arms,” which means a person can carry a concealed weapon with a license authorization. This means that if radical abortionists insist on wreaking chaos, burning and looting, they could justifiably be shot, so it’s beginning to look like Conservatives have had enough of these radical perverts who have taken over all our institutions and have made us the laughingstock of the rest of the world.

Could the stoppage of homosexual marriages be far behind? If that happens, this will infuriate the leftists further, and they will commit acts of violence throughout the country. This means that Antifa and BLM would certainly get involved since mayhem and looting are their favorite pastimes. In fact, already many Liberals are rioting in the major cities of America. Albeit they are low-key about it for now since none of them really wants to get shot or tossed in jail.

Speaking of jail, aren’t they doing the very things they insist the Right was doing in the supposed J6 insurrection at the Capitol building? (Yet these people have already spent over a year in jail for daring to try to protect their freedoms and to stop the presidential election theft.) We will have to wait and see if they, too, will be incarcerated for insurrection. Luckily or providentially, the rioters were careful not to cause too much violence so as not to provoke the police. One thing is for sure, should insurrection persist and become more violent, there will have to be arrests. And if you think that this will stop the radical left, you have another thing coming. It will inevitably become tit for tat, and that means blood being spilled.

So, my warning to you is that if you insist on living under a rock and just ignoring all the bad news swirling around us, you do so at your own peril. The bad news is only going to get worse as we approach a day of reckoning with Almighty God. Receiving Christ is the best thing you can do to avoid the upcoming catastrophe of the Great Tribulation. In doing so, today, you can be assured of the strength to get through the difficult days ahead just before the Tribulation period. Just before that, all believers in Christ will be resurrected away to meet Christ in the air and taken home to be with the Lord while the time of tribulation gathers steam.

The Bible says chaos and lawlessness will increase and continue for seven more years. Just before then, when we are ensnarled in political intrigue and manmade viral infections take place, people everywhere will be at their wit’s end with war looming on the horizon. After a short but devastating war with Israel, a man of “peace” will appear to make treaties. Having taken a beating by Israeli forces, Gog and Magog leave to lick their wounds and re-arm. Three years later, they and other determined forces come against Israel a second time in what is known as the battle of Armageddon. By then, many will be dead or dying, with a third of mankind being wiped off the earth. During that time, people will desire to die but, for some unknown reason, won’t be able to do so; although, today, many are committing suicide.

Another weird thing that is happening with more frequency is the UFO phenomenon. What or who are these objects that are frequenting our skies? Are they Godly angelic beings or demonic interlopers? Should we be afraid of them since, so far, they have done us no harm? These UFOs are often seen near nuclear installations or war zones and appear to be concerned for our well-being. For some of us, they are a concern for fear and dread.

War is decimating the Ukraine with no end in sight, famine looms on the horizon, and here at home, killings are rampant while Joe Biden warns of another pandemic and continues to promote vaccinations for children and even infants – even though many are being injured or are dying from the “jabs.” All this craziness is enough to scare the faint of heart.

You can stay in bed and cover your head with the sheets, but it won’t help. Eventually, you will have to get up and face everything you have been trying to avoid. The sad thing is that you don’t have to cower and fear things that go “bump” in the night and the nightmares you are experiencing.

Jesus, who is referred to as the “Prince of Peace” in the Bible, is ready and willing to give you peace during this manmade storm when you repent and receive Him into your heart and life. He will give you peace that surpasses all understanding. I know that sounds incredible, but it’s true. The Bible is chock full of promises and insight into world events, while others are tossing caution to the wind and continue to protest, pillage, and parade even in the nude.

Book report

Letters from a Skeptic: A son wrestles with his father’s questions about Christianity. This is my latest find, and having just finished the 185-page book published by Victor, a Cook Communications publication – it was better than I anticipated. Unpretentious and well written, it poses many of the questions that many unbelievers have asked over the last two thousand years about the historical Jesus, which Bible is true, salvation, heaven and hell, and much more. I was also intrigued and impressed by the loving communication between an unbelieving father and his Christian son. (A rare commodity in today’s relationships.)


Jim Towers

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