Bible Prophecy Update: Lost Messages from Book of Acts :: By Gary W. Ritter

Update: 7-20-22

The book of Acts recounts the spread of Christianity through the words and actions of faithful apostles who initiated the gathering of people in various places as they began the early church.

This was a church that was on fire.

Not only did they receive salvation through the grace of God and the faith they placed in Jesus Christ as His only unique Son, but they also received power from on high as they were baptized in the Holy Spirit.

Over the years, the church has had its highs and lows. We know this was the case from beginning in the 1st Century by reading Jesus’ letter to the churches of that era as recorded by the Apostle John in the book of Revelation. Those were literal churches that had problems and needs at that time that Christ needed to speak to for rebuke, correction, or encouragement. Not only that, but those letters provide additional guidance as to the ebb and flow of church faithfulness by showing us different types of churches throughout history and what God required of them.

It is also believed that these letters portray or foreshadow various church characteristics and tendencies through different periods over the years, with the Laodicean church representing what the final church will look like in the end times.

At one time or another, these churches lost or set aside teaching and commandments from the Lord that would have kept them faithful. Only two of the churches: Smyrna and Philadelphia, retained those characteristics that kept them from straying.

Just as Jesus and the writers of the New Testament foretold, in the final days before the Lord’s return, the church would go south because the people in it would turn from Him into apostasy.

There are three issues in this regard that I want to cover today, coming from the book of Acts. These three, and a host of other reasons, are why we are so close to the end of the Church Age as we know it.

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