Bible Prophecy Update: No Fear of WW3 :: By Gary W. Ritter

Update: 7-6-22

I don’t worry about World War 3. I don’t worry about an EMP strike. I don’t worry about civil war in America. I don’t worry about famine conditions or an extreme virus causing a worldwide pandemic much worse than what COVID supposedly was. I’m certainly not girding myself by buckling down to endure the most horrific time that has ever been or ever will be on this planet Earth.

Yet, I will admit that what I see happening in every corner of the globe brings me low sometimes.  Witnessing the chaos and the craziness of this lawless, lost and dying generation certainly makes me tired. I wish for it to end. Grief steals upon me in unguarded moments as I think about the needless deaths and the hurt so many people have experienced. Chronicling as I do the downward spiral of our nation and its people through these video Prophecy Updates and my weekly written articles, while watching the global elites plot and execute their devious plans for world domination, all makes me sick.

I sit back and cry out, “How long, O God, how long? Will there ever be an end to this madness and this incredible rise of satanic activity? It’s been going on for so long. Will the demonic rage sweeping through the land last forever?”

How much will true followers of Jesus Christ have to endure before the Lord mercifully removes us from the midst of this chaotic tide of hatred that gets worse every day? Is there reason to hope?

That’s rhetorical because I know there’s hope. I also know that there are some of you out there in my little audience who feel the same as I do and are desperately pleading with the Lord for the Church Age to wrap up – this dispensation to conclude – for the fullness of the Gentiles to come in, and for Daniel’s 70th Week to begin.

None of us wants to see our unsaved loved ones and friends left behind, yet many will be. That’s the sad truth. How much more of this garbage that we’re dealing with must they endure once the Rapture has occurred? What we see is only a tiny portion of how awful things will get once God has determined the time is right to rain down His wrath and punishment for those who have chosen to reject Him.

For today, the question we’re exploring is why we who love the Lord Jesus don’t have to worry or fear these situations and conditions that are coming very soon. It’s why – despite the terrible iniquity surrounding us and pressing in on all sides – we can be encouraged. And if we’re heartened and confident, having joy and peace, how might we impact others in the time remaining?

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