They Protest In Ignorance (Roe v Wade) & More :: By Ron Ferguson

Here is an outsider looking in. I am referring to the United States Supreme Court’s decision recently delivered regarding a woman’s RIGHT to abortion.

This outsider sees protests everywhere in the USA against the Court’s ruling as if some basic, fundamental, inalienable right of the people has been taken away. It is just another mindless protest that is based on ignorance. When the truth is withheld from people, then the twins of ignorance and delusion are spawned. We see it with climate change, gender, and so much more.

What is the truth about the famous (or infamous) case of Roe versus Wade? I will answer this by quoting a media commentator in Australia, another outsider, more rational than those who protest in a godless ignorance.

This is The Kenny Report on Sky News:

“Abortion was never in the Constitution. The activist judges found a way to write it in. The idea that religion is involved …. This is merely the Court interpreting the Constitution. When you look at the arguments for Roe versus Wade, you can see how this “right” in the Constitution was pretty tenuous, regardless of what you think of abortion as an issue.”

Then follows an interview, and this is part of it:

Amanda Stoker, former Australian Federal Minister for Women’s Rights added this:

“In 1973, the Supreme Court found hidden in a corner, implied in the US Constitution, a right that was not expressed … that was actually an illegally incorrect thing to do back in 1973. What we have in the current decision is something that not only corrects that error but is a deeply democratic ruling, too, because far from saying someone can’t get an abortion, what it says is that this is a matter properly dealt with by State Parliaments. That should be determined using the ordinary democratic political process, so if people want abortions, their Parliaments will make it possible, and likewise, if they don’t, the Parliament will represent that community.

This decision does not take away that person’s right to an abortion, and it does not stop a person travelling from State to State to find a regime that works for them best. All it does is say that this is something that should come from democratically elected State parliaments rather than something imposed by the Supreme Court from afar…”

Amanda Stoker is a wonderful conservative Christian who was placed by the Liberal Party in an unwinnable position on the Senate ticket so she would lose her position in Parliament. Even her own Party is now anti-Christian, a Party that is supposed to be conservative but was soundly defeated at the last election a month or two ago by a radical Labor Party that is so far to the left.

How many people who are protesting against the Supreme Court decision know the facts of the Constitution? People live and act in ignorance, and their lives are controlled by ignorance and their sinful natures.

When you go back to my opening paragraph, you will see I have capitalized “RIGHT.” Here we have a very distorted concept of what life is. It is considered that the woman has the right to create life and to destroy life. It is not her right at all in any shape or form. That right belongs to God.

It is arrogant for any woman to think she has the right to displace God and act as a god to destroy the life of an unborn child. There is always this nonsense about the rights of the woman but rarely about the rights of the unborn. The destruction and murder of the unborn belongs to Satan, for he is a murderer from the beginning.

How often do we see people on the street, individuals and corporate bodies, protesting for some aspect relating to goodness and Christian morality? Very rarely, if ever, but we see riots, protests, and rebellion, all in support of some anti-God principle.

We are living in a society whose values come from Hollywood and social media and the new education system, but not from the Bible. It will continue to worsen leading up to the Rapture. In fact, society worldwide will be so corrupted that God must step in with the Tribulation judgments as He did in Noah’s time, and in Jeremiah’s time with the destruction of Jerusalem.

Actions based on ignorance will be in accord with the overturn of all God’s moral and spiritual values – the sweet, bitter, and the good, bad, and vice versa. Christians will be in despair, but not abandoned; in sadness, yet with the blessed hope ruling their lives. Christians will become more and more like aliens and pilgrims, outcasts of the world’s philosophy.

Two days ago, the results of the 10-year census for Australia were released. It shows a rapid decline in Christian support, and that is no surprise with this nation of about 1% born-again Christians. 40% now claim no allegiance or support for anything that is “religious.” Most of that rejection of any religious affiliation comes from the Millennials. This is now the biggest group in the nation, and they are hostile to Christianity. They are godless and arrogant and increasingly violent against what is good. They are indoctrinated by the left-wing and the WOKE education system.

One former Deputy Prime Minister, a Christian, was on Sky News yesterday, and the YouTube video is titled “Calls for those dancing on the grave of Christianity to reveal a better way.” That is how bad it is in this nation. There is open hostility to Christians. They are rejoicing against Christians. I fear the USA will follow in time.

I have written over and over that nothing in Matthew 24 relates to the Rapture. It is all post-Rapture. However, I am going to take a comment from Matthew 24 for an application to us – Matthew 24:33 “Even so you too, when you see all these things, recognize that He is near, right at the door.” That verse, speaking to the Tribulation saints, speaks of the Second Coming, but we can apply the same concept to ourselves as we wait for the Rapture. The Lord Jesus Christ is “right at the door.”