Bible Prophecy Update: Isaiah 1, Prophecy & America :: By Gary W. Ritter

Update 6-22-22

When we read the entire Bible in context, it’s easy to see the journey that Israel took, which brought her so far from God. Having spent 400 years in captivity in Egypt exposed to the pantheon of their gods, it’s understandable how little the Israelites knew of Yahweh despite the witness of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. As a result, God had to patiently teach Israel what it meant to see Him as the One true God, who loved them and demanded their obedience in order to rain down His blessings upon them. Of course, we know how that went. A generation would turn to the Lord, and the next turn away until it cried out for mercy. As a holy people, Israel had an amazingly short memory.

But America is no different. We were founded by men and women who desired to worship God without constant pressure and backlash. From their faithfulness and those who followed, the Lord enabled this nation to rise up as a beacon, a shining city on a hill. However, due to the human condition with our sinful nature and little recollection of what previously transpired when God’s people turned from Him, we have reached a point of no return.

Life has been too good for us in the West. Inevitably, when a people become complacent, they think they’re good in their own nature. They see no need for God, because . . . well . . . “I’ve pulled myself up by my own bootstraps without God in my life. Why would I give up everything and repent?

Repent of what?”

A nation full of such people is destined for destruction.

Today I want to approach this Prophecy Update a little differently.

I’ll take the text that God gave the prophet in Isaiah 1 and draw a comparison between Israel and America. I think you’ll see that we’re no different from that Jewish nation thousands of years ago. Mankind has an innate problem in remaining faithful to God. That will only change when He completes the final change of our hearts and the fleshly vessels in which we live. Only then – once we are transformed with our glorified bodies and Jesus sits on His throne in Jerusalem – only then will there be righteousness in the earth.

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