The Intentional Agenda :: By Steve Schmutzer

So let me get this straight…

Salvador Ramos, an 18-year-old boy, lived with his grandmother. He liked to cross-dress and wear eyeliner, at least enough to take selfies and post them on social media.

Somewhere along the line, this kid – this newbie to adulthood – acquired sufficient resources to purchase two brand new Daniel Defense AR15 rifles, plus 375 rounds of 5.56 ammo, optics, and some tactical body plates. He pulled all that off without a driver’s license. That’s roughly $5,000.00 right there – a heckova’ dent in his fast-food income as a Wendy’s worker.

The multiple signs of dysfunction in his life were very clear. He was well-known as someone who had found pleasure in cutting his own face, who’d shot BB guns at random people, and had egged cars. He’d told his co-workers that he was going to buy the weapons that he did, and he’d often lashed out violently against his family, his friends, and strangers. He had photos taken of himself fighting with others in a local park.

He had posted his violent intentions on social media. He’d stated three times on Facebook that he was going to ‘shoot an elementary school.’

And he did.

When Ramos walked into Robb Elementary School on May 24 with his guns, the school resource officers confronted him, but they did not fire any shots or stop his advance. Instead, they allowed him to enter a classroom armed as he was, and to barricade himself in. In the hour or so that Ramos was in the school, frantic parents implored the police that were outside the building to do something about the shooter inside.

And the police did nothing.

In fact, it’s much worse than that. The police not only didn’t do anything, but they told the parents they needed to stand down too. Some brave parents didn’t accept the instruction. They got past impotent law enforcement, jumped the school’s fences, entered the building, and rescued their own children anyway.

The entire calamity is a lengthy list of failures and dysfunctions – for Salvador Ramos, AND for the people and systems around him. The warning signs were many, and the system’s botches were just as profound. The result is 19 kids and two adults died. Seventeen others were wounded.

“But – but… uh, we need more gun control,” the left snivels. “We HAVE TO repeal the 2nd Amendment!” their leadership is shrieking.

Never waste a crisis. That’s the liberal playbook. It’s predictable, purposeful, and pathetic.

Capitalize on peoples’ raw emotions.  Take advantage of their lack of sound judgment. That’s the left’s modus operandi.

Not only does the left completely miss the mark of what happened in Uvalde, Texas – and why things came down the way they did – but here’s the truth: they don’t WANT to know! The facts of the situation don’t fit the left’s preferred narrative as conveniently as fiction does.

Schools are gun-free zones, and they have been for a long time. Ramos knew the odds were in his favor in a place like that. The teachers weren’t “packing” anything, and the school officers weren’t stopping anyone. To top it all off, his friends and co-workers weren’t talking, the background checks weren’t filtering, his family wasn’t intervening, intelligence wasn’t discovering, and mental health wasn’t reacting.

“It’s the guns’ fault!” Yeah, right – – whatever.

Excuse me while I barf.

What’s prodigiously apparent at this point is liberals will say and do WHATEVER needs to be said and done to advance their chaos-fueled socialist agenda.

The libs have made it very clear already that they want to abort babies up to – and after – birth! But in the wake of this Texas crisis, they holler about the tragedy of these 19 kids dying. They’re right – it IS tragic! But the left has zero credibility to speak of it.

Let’s just cut to the chase here. The left wants to take away guns because they don’t want a society that is armed and capable of resisting their tyrannical agenda. All over the world, where citizens have been disarmed, ruthless tyranny follows. The left desperately wants that to happen here in America.

If the liberals REALLY cared about keeping our kids safe, they’d encourage the teachers to conceal-carry. They’d promote armed law enforcement at schools rather than trying to defund the police. They’d support kids having the asset of armed security the same way their own leaders do.

They’d discontinue the “gun-free” zone thing for schools altogether – – and they’d backtrack on their pro-abortion stance.

That’s what they’d do if they REALLY cared about keeping kids safe. But they really don’t.

For libs, the kids are just tools – – a means to an end, a way to reinforce whatever message the left most wants to advance. Here was what Barack Hussein Obama, the original Divider-in-Chief, tweeted after Salvador Ramos did his despicable deed:

“As we grieve the children of Uvalde today, we should take time to recognize that two years have passed since the murder of George Floyd under the knee of a police officer. His killing stays with us all to this day, especially those who loved him.”

George Floyd has absolutely nothing to do with the tragedy in Uvalde. Nada. Not a thing. Obama is gaslighting the rank-and-file radicals on the left to get upset and to take to the streets.

Don’t let a crisis go to waste – remember? Do and say whatever is opportunistic to serve the ‘almighty agenda.’

What is that agenda?  The left’s agenda is one-world rule. To achieve this, they must make America a whimpering participant on the globalist stage. They cannot permit this nation to be strong – or ‘great.’ Any leader who wishes to put America on a sensible course must be viciously attacked.

From their viewpoint, America must be weakened.  Therefore, all efforts must be expended to push America into being at war with itself. The flames of civil unrest must be fanned; blame racism for everything bad that happens.

Dissolve the nation’s borders. Stop building the wall. The country must be permitted to be overrun with illegal immigrants who will stress the system and introduce crime, disease, unprecedented drug use, and threats of terror. Blame everyone but yourself for the obvious problems that have been created.

Don’t forget the economy. Wreck it! Plentiful energy resources must be shut off.  Gas prices must hit record heights. Policies to encourage record inflation must be hammered through the halls of DC.

Food shortages must be strategically planned. That includes limiting the supply of baby formula. Unfounded fears and unscientific notions about ‘pandemics’ must be stoked. American weakness must be projected on the world stage – that encourages rogue nations to act out and create further global chaos.

And perhaps – above all – attack those who see the light.  Especially those MAGA folks.  Don’t let them gain any political power.  They clearly have the answers to the problems, so cheat any way you have to in order to keep them from office. Ridicule and censor those who point out what you’ve obviously done.

Say instead that it’s the MAGA folks that are the REAL problem. It’s the parents in the MAGA crowd we need to be concerned about – the ones who stand against depraved school curriculums, who don’t want boys in the girls’ bathroom, and who don’t want their 3rd-grade kids to be told they are transgenders.

Yeah – it’s those kinds of salt-of-the-earth law-abiding folks who are the REAL terrorists.  Right?


I’m not going to exercise my fingers anymore stating the patently obvious. Anyone with two ounces of common sense knows the right is not the problem. It’s the left that is depraved, murderous, upside down, demented, foolish, illogical, comedic, incompetent, dysfunctional, deceptive, and shameful.

In short – – the left is evil.  They get their marching orders from the Prince of Darkness. We need to call it like it is.

Jesus warned in Matthew 24:4-8 that His followers needed to be wary of mounting deception as human history winds down. Furthermore, they needed to be alert for rising international conflicts and a surge in racial and civil discord.

Famines and pandemics were events Jesus cautioned about too. In our times, we can see His warning includes those threats to public health and the food system which are strategically planned.

Make no mistake – the left is leaning heavily into a Marxist template. It’s what defines many of them. The rest of their ranks who will not speak out against their fellow-blues are basically complicit with these depravities too.

Jesus told us to keep our eyes open, to properly discern the times, and to understand what’s happening and why.  He said this because we can and we should. In fact, we must.

It’s clear – as we do these things – that the left of today is the prototype population of those who will follow the antichrist and support his one-world tyrannical agenda. They embrace evil, and it shows.

No question about it.