29 May 2022

The Washington Post finally admits, Ukraine is losing badly.
While everyone’s focused on the latest mass shooting in the US, The Washington Post published what may be the first major acknowledgement from the mainstream western media that Ukraine’s war against Russia has not been nearly the cakewalk they’ve been leading the public to believe.

Tropical storm off Mexico marks start of 2022 hurricane season in Pacific
MEXICO CITY >> Agatha, the first tropical storm of the 2022 hurricane season in the Pacific, formed Saturday off Mexico’s southern coast. The U.S. National Hurricane Center said Agatha continued to strengthen and is expected to become a hurricane by Sunday and head towards land.

Ten thousand join holiday prayers at Western Wall
The Western Wall Heritage Foundation, Jerusalem municipality, Jerusalem and Heritage Ministry, and Authority for the Development of Jerusalem on Saturday evening held holiday prayers in honor of Jerusalem Day, marking 55 years since Israel retook in the Six Day War the areas of Jerusalem which were in Jordanian hands. A crowd of approximately 10,000 joined the prayers and songs at the Western Wall.

While elites live it up in Davos, America continues to suffer from their stupidity
Archbishop Fulton Sheen’s definition of the intelligentsia — those educated beyond their intelligence — illuminates the current gathering of global powerbrokers and intellectuals in Davos, Switzerland, at the World Economic Forum. Discussing sophisticated and lofty issues like climate change and the transition to green energy, attendees nod and applaud at one another’s remarks, marveling at their own detached brilliance all while ignoring their own enormous carbon footprint spewed by their private jets and yachts. One can only wonder if they are reading the same headlines the rest of us are. “Much of the U.S. could see power blackouts this summer,” declares National Public Radio. “Blackouts possible this summer,” affirms CNN. And to be sure this isn’t just titillating headlines for clicks, the Biden administration’s Department of Energy has recently published a how-to guide preparing your home for a blackout.

Suicide drones launched from inside Iran said to have hit Parchin military site
A deadly explosion at Iran’s Parchin military complex on Wednesday was caused by quadcopter suicide drones, in an attack that fits a pattern of previous strikes that have been attributed to Israel, The New York Times reported Friday. The report cited three Iranian sources along with a US official, who confirmed drones hit the site, but declined to say who was behind the attack.

Police set to let far-right MK Ben Gvir visit Temple Mt. before Sunday’s Flag March
Police are expected to allow far-right MK Itamar Ben Gvir to visit the Temple Mount on Sunday amid soaring tensions around the contentious Jerusalem Day Flag March, which is set to take a route through the Old City’s Muslim Quarter later that day.

Israeli Judge Overturns Controversial Ruling on Temple Mount Status Quo
The Jerusalem District Court late on Wednesday overturned a lower court ruling that reignited hostilities over the Temple Mount, known to Muslims as Haram al-Sharif, after appearing to permit non-Muslim worship at the site in violation of the status quo. Hostilities escalated after a ruling of the Jerusalem Magistrates’ Court on Sunday overturned a police order barring three Jewish minors from the capital’s Old City for praying on the Temple Mount.

America has a Crime and Mental Health Problem, Not a White Supremacy Problem
Just take a close look at the official stats compiled by the FBI. Within hours of the Buffalo, New York, mass shooting on May 14 that claimed the lives of ten innocent black people, top Democratic officials were already citing the incident as proof that the number one social problem facing America is “white supremacy” and “white nationalism.” The truth is, when you examine crime statistics you quickly find that out that mass shootings in America are perpetrated by mentally ill people of all colors and creeds. Despite the claims of America’s corporate media and far-left Democrats, mass shootings are not disproportionately carried out by angry white men. In fact, just the opposite is the case.

Senate candidate says 50 state govs should deploy troops to southern border crisis
Kevin Smith, a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, called for all 50 governors to mobilize National Guard or available law enforcement troops to help crack down on illegal immigrants coming into the U.S. over the southern border. In a letter to President Biden and the nation’s chief executives, Smith said the White House should designate Mexican drug cartels as foreign terrorist organizations to give authorities more tools to seize their assets and stem drug trafficking into the U.S.

Missile Defense Agency eyes command center for Guam
The “hardest” challenge the Missile Defense Agency will face in protecting Guam from missile threats will be integrating multiple data streams into a single, coherent picture for commanders, the agency’s commander said Monday. To address that challenge, the agency hopes to build an integrated missile defense command and control center on the island, which would give military leaders better control over the variety of missile defense tools at their disposal,

“Bankruptcies Need To Happen”: Elon Musk Says Economy Is In For A Necessary “Rude Awakening”
Musk said on Twitter last week that he thinks it would be “beneficial” for the U.S. to go into recession because “some bankruptcies need to happen”, according to a new New York Post report. Discussing the economy on social media, Musk said it was due for a “rude awakening” and that working from home has “made Americans lazy”. It has been raining money on fools for too long.”

No Progress In Turkey’s Talks With Sweden, Finland On NATO As Delegations Return Home
Sources told Reuters that Turkey’s talks this week with Sweden and Finland over their NATO bids did not make much progress towards lifting Ankara’s objection to the two Nordic nations joining the military alliance.

Russia Conducts Hypersonic Missile Test Near Finland & Sweden
On Saturday Russia announced it conducted another successful test of the Zircon hypersonic missile, which reportedly flew over a distance of 1,000km (or 621 miles) after it was launched at a target in the White Sea. The missile was fired from the Russian navy’s Admiral Grigorovich-class frigate the waters of the Barents Sea. The identified area for the test, given the hypersonic was launched from the Barents, is very close to waters off Finland and Sweden.

Which Countries Trust Their Government (And Which Ones Don’t?)
In many countries around the world, vast portions of the population do not trust their own government. Lack of faith in government and politics is nothing new, but, as Visual Capitalist’s Nick Routley details below, in times of uncertainty, that lack of trust can coalesce into movements that challenge the authority of ruling parties and even threaten the stability of nations.

Our overlords say inflation and energy shortages are “worth it”
Kjerstin Braathen, CEO of Norway’s largest financial services group, … “There will be some pain in the process. The pace that we need will open up for missteps. It will open up for shortages of energy, it will create inflationary pressures. And maybe we need to start talking about that, that that pain is actually worth it.” Do you hear that, fellow peasants? A material decline in your standard of living—freezing, starvation, the inability to travel—is “worth it” to the wealthy elite who run the World Economic Forum.

Trump-Endorsed Adam Laxalt: Biden Took U.S. ‘In Dramatically Wrong Direction’ Within Weeks
Trump-endorsed Nevada U.S. Senate candidate Adam Laxalt (R) is hoping to snag Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto’s (D-NV) seat in November, turn the Silver State red, and have one less Democrat to “rubber stamp” President Joe Biden’s radical agenda.

Forest Service says it started all of New Mexico’s largest wildfire
Two blazes that grew into New Mexico’s largest ever wildfire were both started by the U.S. Forest Service (USFS), the agency said on Friday, prompting the state’s governor to demand the federal government take full responsibility for the disaster. Forest Service investigators determined the Calf Canyon Fire was caused by a “burn pile” of branches that the agency thought was out but reignited on April 19, the Santa Fe National Forest said in a statement. The combined blaze has so far torched over 312,320 acres(126,319 hectares) of mountain forests and valleys, an area approaching the size of greater London, and destroyed hundreds of homes.

Saudi $2B investment in Jared Kushner’s fund signals openness to Israel
Israel is likely to be one of the primary beneficiaries of Saudi Arabia’s investment in a private equity firm established by Jared Kushner, former U.S. President Donald Trump’s son-in-law, and senior adviser. Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s decision to invest $2 billion from the Saudi Public Investment Fund (PIF) into Kushner’s Affinity Partners scheme will have direct economic benefits for Israel and is a probable indication of bin Salman’s readiness to initiate formal diplomatic relations, according to experts.

Israel bracing for violence, rocket fire on Jerusalem Day
Hamas called on Palestinians to protect our Islamic and Christian holy sites and to raise the Palestinian flag everywhere to “emphasize the Arab identity of the land and Jerusalem.”

Restaurant owner who defied Walz shutdown to run for Senate
A business owner who made national headlines when she refused to comply with Gov. Tim Walz’s COVID-19 executive orders announced this week that she is running for the Minnesota Senate. Larvita McFarquhar, owner of Havens Garden in Lynd, Minn., filed to run as a Republican in Senate District 15 against incumbent Republican Gary Dahms.

Army Replenishing Stinger Missiles In $687M Deal As Raytheon’s Ukraine Cash Bonanza Continues
No one in Washington bats an eye as America’s own defense capabilities drain…

Tropical Storm “Agatha” forms, forecast to rapidly intensify into a hurricane and make landfall over southern Mexico
Tropical Storm “Agatha” formed on May 28, 2022, as the first named storm of the 2022 Pacific hurricane season. A steady to rapid intensification is forecast and Agatha is expected to become a hurricane on May 29 and make landfall over southern Mexico on May 30.

Police Chief Who Delayed Response to Shooting to Join Uvalde City Council
Peter Arredondo, the school district police chief whose orders reportedly delayed response to the shooting at Robb Elementary School which killed 21, will join the Uvalde City Council, NBC reported.

FROM LOCKDOWN TO LOCKOUT: The UN-Created ‘Build Back Better’ Is Now Being Used To Drive America Into A Crippling Recession As The Great Reset Rises
In 2020, the global elites took our economy away from us, forcing people to isolate and cower in media-driven fear behind masks and closed doors. In 2022, they have given us our economy back, albeit an economy that is seeing soaring prices for gas, food and housing, and driving the world’s richest nation into a recession not seen since…wait for it…Barack Obama and Joe Biden were in office. Here on Day 803 of 15 Days To Flatten the Curve, things are proceeding exactly as we told you they would, with more coming up.

Shocking Pfizer Study Data Reveals 82% of Jabbed Pregnant Women Had Miscarriages, So They Stopped Counting
When the data is so bad that it betrays the desired narrative, honest companies will adjust to the numbers. Dishonest companies like Pfizer will simply manipulate the numbers to match the goal.

CEO of Pfizer telling us the raw truth.
So now we know the agenda of our politicians, governments and authorities.

The COVID-19 pandemic was never what they claimed, but the vaccine pandemic is REAL
The Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) never caused a pandemic. But the so-called vaccines created to respond to COVID-19 did.

GOP Gov. Charlie Baker Vetoes Democrat Plan Giving Driver’s Licenses to Illegal Aliens
Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker (R) has vetoed a plan by Democrats that would allow tens of thousands of illegal aliens in the state to obtain driver’s licenses.

Dear Andrew Neil… UK Gov. Report admits 18.9 million people have not had a single dose of a Covid-19 Vaccine & there are now 30.5 million ‘Vaccine Refuseniks’
In what is now an infamous headline, disgraced journalist Andrew Neil boldly claimed it was “time to punish Britain’s five million vaccine refuseniks” back in December 2021. The Daily Mail outrageously allowed him to publicly cry that the unvaccinated “put us all at risk of more restrictions. So why shouldn’t we curb their freedoms?”.

Brazil: Police Kill a Man in Back of Police Vehicle Using Makeshift Gas Chamber
In broad daylight, police in Brazil stuffed a man with learning difficulties into an improvised gas chamber, killing him immediately. His name was Genivaldo de Jesus Santos and the story is causing a storm of outrage in Brazil, tweeted MintPress writer Alan MacLeod.

Pro-life watchdog group’s investigation shutters Florida abortion facility
A national pro-life watchdog group’s investigation has led to the closure of a Florida abortion facility that failed to abide by standard emergency medical protocols, with reports surfacing of patients experiencing extensive bleeding and other severe complications.

New York State Offering Gender Neutral “X” Markers On Woke Driver’s License
On Friday, New York’s Governor Kathy Hochul announced state residents would have the option to choose “X” as gender on their driver’s license, learner permit, or non-driver ID card statewide.

Nuland-Pyatt Tape Removed From YouTube After 8 Years
A popular version, with subtitles, suddenly was made unavailable on Wednesday. The tape provides the smoking gun of U.S. involvement in 2014 Kiev coup.

Law-Abiding West Virginian Woman With Concealed Firearm Stops A Mass Shooting
“Instead of running from the threat, she engaged with the threat and saved several lives last night.” 

Gunmen abduct 2 priests, 2 boys from Catholic church in Nigeria: ‘Pray for their safety and release’
Unidentified gunmen attacked a Catholic parish in northern Nigeria this week and abducted two priests and two unidentified boys as kidnappings and attacks on Christians carry on unabated in the African country.