Simple And Quiet :: By Edwin Tan


“Better a dry crust with peace and quiet than a house full of feasting, with strife” (Proverbs 17:1).

In these ever-darkening days, it is truly a prudent practice to steer away from potential trouble spots. Our adversary is indeed working overtime and in overdrive mode, seeking to inflict as much damage on the Body of Christ. The minions of the wicked one would hang out in places, if not settings, that have no room for the Holy Spirit but instead capitalize on situations that foster worldliness, which has everything to do with the lusts of the fallen nature.

Despite things not looking better as the first quarter of the year is reached, the party mood is far from being comatose, especially with Easter around the corner. Just as is done at Christmas, the true meaning plus significance of this event is submerged in the hogwash of materialism. It is a time to party and let many hairs down – why bother about what the immediate future brings? All the bleakness associated with the Great Reset could be washed down with premium-grade booze. In the spirit of so-called merriment, the impending global food shortage could be just one of those come and go things. More like sheepish escapism, which could be painfully short-lived!

So what if there is all that fine dining and wining? An absolute no-brainer when there is guaranteed strife, whether it is at the party or after that. When all the chatter is a mere cacophony of worldly noises, what can we expect? The company of minions from the dark side – they surely enjoy intermingling with this kind of party crowd. When things get carried away, there will be instances of overt strife. The mood could indeed sour substantially. More likely, there is that sense of alienation amidst all that superficial sense of happiness – that again is another way in which strife bites hard, often with more than lingering effects.

Recall what was said about this sort of company in Luke 10:11 who have time for the Kingdom of God; we should be shaking the dust from that setting off the soles of our footwear. Simply put, these people have slammed the doors tight on the Gospel – preferring to party like there is no day of reckoning. The best way around it is to politely dust off! Even if it is a get-together involving schoolmates or college buddies, remember one thing – it is in no-go territory. Say to these people that you are busy or, at worst, not in any mood. This is definitely not the place for you because you who walk in the light ought not to have any dealings with darkness. Spare yourself from all that unwarranted strife so as to enable the Lord to make you a worthy instrument of His peace!

You could have something simple all by yourself but in the company of the Lord and His angels; is it not a much more delectable option? It certainly is because there is definitely no room for any sort of strife. The dark forces do not like it when the presence of the Lord is likened to the brightness of the firmament. They can never see eye to eye with the angels. So, they will go to some worldly and Christ-rejecting place to wreak their havoc.

You need not be by yourself if there are others who are like-minded and choose to have fellowship with the Lord. It does not matter about it being a solo show or a duet. Perhaps a trio or quartet! What matters most is that the focus is not on the fallen planet and the things of it that are fast falling apart. The focus is on eternal life in Jesus Christ and the Kingdom that is coming very soon.



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