Awaken Bible Prophecy Update: Antichrist Ruminations :: By Gary W. Ritter


3-30-22 Update

The identity of the coming Antichrist has been long debated. The question causes many people to dig deeply into Scripture and survey the world for a potential candidate for this nefarious position. Other folks shrug their shoulders and say, “Who cares?” Just like the issue of when the Rapture occurs and many declare they’re pan-Rapture with everything panning out in the end, so it is with Antichrist that he’ll be whoever he is, i.e. “Not my problem.”

Well, that attitude is terribly shortsighted and also contradicts what God would have us do. Ignore this issue and you’re essentially being disobedient to God. He gave us Bible prophecy – as much as 1/3 of Scripture pertains to prophecy. Are we to read and consider only the other 2/3 of the Bible? That sounds like the red-letter Christians who pick and choose what’s relevant by saying they only read the red-letter words of Christ. Their flawed thinking believes the rest of the Bible is unnecessary. In fact, from their perspective, we need to unhitch ourselves from the Old Testament because it’s simply not applicable to our lives.

Contradicting that approach, I want to do a brief survey of Antichrist candidates that various Bible teachers have put forth previously and lately, including my current nomination – for what that’s worth! As with our dealing with the subject of Transhumanism in last week’s Prophecy Update, this topic is a big one, so our discussion is a little longer than normal today.

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