Wandering off into Myths: Part 1 :: By The Gospelist


Climate Change

Man-made global warming, or climate change, is not a ‘science’ but is instead a totalitarian ideology. It is based on ‘computer models’ being fed information by ‘scientists’ who have a stake in the outcome. It is so obviously fraudulent that the ultra-wealthy purveyors of this myth, a cabal of globalists who wish to create a worldwide totalitarian government, do not even take it seriously themselves. Apparently, the new purpose of the UN, the playground for autocrats and globalists, is to enforce this destructive totalitarian ideology on all nations rather than to bring peace to the world, which was its charter. On the other hand, perhaps this was the purpose all along.

According to the United Nations, Climate change refers to long-term shifts in temperatures and weather patterns. These shifts may be natural, such as through variations in the solar cycle. But since the 1800s, human activities have been the main driver of climate change, primarily due to burning fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas.

‘Scientists’ used to call climate change ‘global warming,’ but this was too easy to disprove, so they needed a new euphemism. They found themselves unable to explain why ‘science’ was insisting only 50 years ago that the world was experiencing global cooling. Climate ‘scientists’ pointed out that global temperatures since 1945 had shown a cooling trend and that the world was heading for a new ice age. ‘Science’ has become adept at changing the wording of its discipline so that it is malleable and can fall in line with the facts. We see the same thing happen when prosecutors bring up facts that prove a person’s guilt. The defense quickly changes the narrative to fit the new facts rather than try to continue defending the old, outdated narrative.

Climate change is a very useful term because the weather is changing all the time. The earth usually experiences spring, summer, winter and fall in most areas, so when there are any extremes during these seasons, it is an easy matter to blame climate change. There is no need for facts; all the ‘scientist’ must do is keep repeating ‘climate change’ over and over whenever there is an extreme weather event, and the populace will eventually begin to associate extreme weather with climate change. It is the ultimate experiment in classical conditioning. Just as Pavlov’s dog can be taught to salivate to the sound of a bell, so too can liberals be taught to experience outrage every time there is a severe weather event.

According to the UN, Examples of greenhouse gas emissions that are causing climate change include carbon dioxide and methane. These come from using gasoline for driving a car or coal for heating a building, for example. Clearing land and forests can also release carbon dioxide. Landfills for garbage are a major source of methane emissions. Energy, industry, transport, buildings, agriculture and land use are among the main emitters.

In other words, it is civilization that is causing climate change. It is humanity’s attempt to follow the law of God which requires that we “Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it, taking dominion over every living thing on the earth.” It is following God’s ‘foolish’ law that is leading to our destruction.

It should be evident by now that the areas of the environment that the UN claims need controlling affect every aspect of humanity’s daily life. This is not by accident. If a small group of people can control every aspect of our lives, that does not bode well for the fortunes of freedom and liberty.

The UN insists that Greenhouse gas concentrations are at their highest levels in 2 million years, and emissions continue to rise. As a result, the earth is now about 1.1°C warmer than it was in the late 1800s. [So much for the cooling trend they were promoting just 50 years ago.] The last decade (2011-2020) was the warmest on record.

This assertion is made even though scientists have no idea what the baseline temperature of the earth really is. Without a baseline, there is no way to determine what the temperature of the earth is supposed to be. The so-called ‘scientists’ of our age do not know what the temperature of the earth was 200 years ago, much less two million years ago.

According to the UN, it is not just warmer temperatures that need to alarm the world and cause it to live in fear and dread. The consequences of climate change now include, among others, intense droughts, water scarcity, severe fires, rising sea levels, flooding, melting polar ice, catastrophic storms, and declining biodiversity (death of plants and animals).

What is interesting is that none of the people who are raising these alarms are living in mud huts. They are flying around in their planes, living in opulent mansions, and building houses right on the ocean that will one day allegedly destroy their homes. One would think that if the globalist elite thought these dangers were real, they would change their lifestyles accordingly and lower their carbon footprint. Apparently, if the rest of us live in mud huts while they live sumptuously, the horrors of climate change can be averted.

We are told that everyone has the responsibility to act to avert the horror of climate change. We must repent of the sin of subduing the earth for our own benefit. However, the globalists do not seem concerned about nations like China, which is probably the worst offender regarding greenhouse gases. Instead, it is America that needs to lead the way in destroying our economy and our way of life so that we can become a third-world nation. We dare not inconvenience a fascist nation like China with our concerns regarding the destruction of the planet. Once the world sees the glory of environmental responsibility, it is certain that nations like China will quickly join us and impose the same misguided policies and bad ideology on their populations.

When we look at coastline pictures from 100 years ago and compare them to the same pictures taken today, we can easily see that the oceans have not risen at all. Regarding electric cars, the production of one battery produces the same amount of carbon dioxide that a gas engine produces in several years. The list of arguments that disprove the climate change theology, and its solutions, are legion. Unfortunately, the belief in man-made global warming is not based on science or fact; it is based on the fact that the lives of its believers are empty and meaningless. Only people who are not grounded in faith in the God who sent His only Son to die for our sins are easily seduced by this foolishness.

Once America has been reduced to third-world status, then the Great Reset can be implemented so the Globalists can control all means of production and resources. The world population will look to our new masters for salvation and the answers to life’s most pressing questions. We can assume that the Globalists are both wise and beneficent because they are making so many sacrifices to selflessly fight climate change. They jet around the world, eat at the nicest restaurants, stay in the nicest hotels, and enjoy the most splendid vacations on the dime of the taxpayers to save the planet. Once they have full control, we can assume that they would never dream of enslaving the population so that we serve their needs and desires. (Sorry, that was nearly too much flippancy for one paragraph, I’ll try to scale it back.)

When we read the UN website on climate change, it becomes clear that the Globalists intend to rule through terror after they have gained control of every aspect of our lives. They can do this by creating constant crisis and fear so that no one will question their ridiculous narratives. For instance, a UN report noted that nearly half the world’s population was already vulnerable to increasingly dangerous climate impacts, and it calls for drastic action on a huge scale. It states that a third to a half of the planet needs to be conserved and protected to ensure future food and freshwater supplies, and coastal cities need plans to keep people safe from storms and rising seas.

All of this is pure nonsense. However, it has a terrible effect on much of the population, especially those who are labeled ‘liberals.’ Liberals have no moral fortitude due to their lack of faith and can be easily converted into ‘brownshirts’ to help the globalists enforce this narrative on the rest of us. In fact, liberals are beginning to resemble the Bolsheviks who helped take over Russia in the early twentieth century.

Even though ‘climate change’ makes no sense, many people continue to play along with this myth and give credibility to it. Even those who should know better. Most of these people have been educated in our schools of ‘higher learning’ and have come out dumber than when they went in. To be an ‘intellectual,’ one must be willing to suspend reality and get on board with the globalist agenda no matter how silly it is. Unfortunately, the need to appear as an ‘intellectual’ requires you to believe things that are clearly wrong. When I was young, being wrong most of the time did not mean you were an intellectual; it meant you were stupid. I miss those bygone days.

We can always expect the Democrat Party to be on board with any ideology that empowers the government over the populace. There used to be a Republican Party that would stand up against this, but there are fewer of them who are willing to oppose the Democrats. Unfortunately, the Republican Party has aspirations of becoming as corrupt as the Democrats. However, they will need to get rid of those pesky Christians who vote for them before they can pursue the same profitable agenda. If the Democrat Party demanded one trillion dollars to fund “The Unicorn Protection Act,” the Republican Party would negotiate it down to 800 billion dollars and call it a win.

There are way too few politicians in Washington who have the moral fortitude to go up against the globalists. The solution to this problem will not be solved by politics.

Since climate change is bad ideology, we can assume that the solutions that climate change alarmists offer to address the problems that plague humanity are equally bad. According to the UN, clearing land and forests can also release carbon dioxide, which exacerbates man-made global warming. This bad ideology has caused the State of California to stop clear-cutting its forests. Unfortunately, instead of saving the world from man-made global warming, it has turned much of the State into a tinderbox. The loss of lives and property that this bad ideology has caused is the price the masses must pay if the globalists are to achieve world domination.

We are currently facing inflation and food shortages but not because of man-made global warming. These crises have been imposed upon us by our corrupt leaders, who are carriers of bad ideology. Under President Trump, the United States was a net oil exporter. All of our energy needs were satisfied, and we created enough energy for ourselves and extra to sell to other nations. In the name of climate change, numerous oil contracts were canceled, and now we are dependent on foreign oil. Due to bad ideology, we have empowered our enemies, including Russia, and made ourselves much more vulnerable to having our way of life ruined.

We have entered desperate times where there is little faith in the country and the world. The flu bug hysteria of the last two years has taught us that most people would rather be ruled by irrational tyrants than remain free. People worldwide revealed that they were ready to throw away their freedom, livelihoods and bodily autonomy and follow the foolish dictates of our ruling class. As should be obvious by now, most of our politicians and corporate leaders have been purchased (or intimidated) by the Globalists and have become the enemies of freedom.

As stated in Romans 1, when people refuse to honor God’s Word, they become futile in their thinking, and their foolish hearts are darkened. As their rebellion continues, they become perverse in their thinking and behavior and begin to wallow in their own filth. God then turns them over to a debased mind, and they begin to invent ways of doing evil. The outraged populace, who are expecting to have their best lives now, then harden their hearts against God rather than repenting of their wickedness. This is a fertile playground for the globalists and their minions to implement their Godless agenda.

Christianity was once a powerful force in the western hemisphere, but this is no longer the case. As our churches slowly began to die, God has turned much of the world over to a reprobate mind. Its churches have become tombs for dead souls who are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind, and naked. As we see evil run amok throughout our society, we wonder what has happened to our pastoral ‘marines’ who are supposed to be on the frontline doing battle with it. Unfortunately, they are nowhere to be found as many of them seem to have joined forces with the enemy rather than accept the burden of proclaiming the Gospel.

Climate Change has now replaced the Gospel as the new way to achieve salvation. There is no denying the religious fervor behind it. Mystery Babylon is hard at work to create an order that is so powerful no one can stand against it. It promotes the idea that we no longer need to believe that Christ died for our sins. Instead, we can achieve salvation by putting our faith in the Globalists who will save the world from environmental destruction. This, of course, is a different gospel than the one Paul preached, so we can assume that those who adhere to it are accursed.

If we accept the myth of climate change, there is no reason to study Revelation since the real threat to the world is our modern conveniences. According to this fantasy, it is the luxuries and prosperity that we achieved by subduing the earth that has outraged the forces of nature. We must give up our way of life and live in fear that a plastic straw might fall into the ocean and choke a sea turtle. God is not going to judge the world because of its sin and wickedness; Gaia is going to judge the world for daring to honor God’s law. We are vermin to Gaia and the globalists, and they will eradicate us if we dare to question their bad ideology.

The Gospel is being deconstructed before our very eyes and being replaced with pagan foolishness. In the face of this, it is incumbent upon the church to proclaim the true Gospel and rescue as many souls as possible before the soon return of Christ. We are commanded to stand firm in the faith despite all the evil we will witness and patiently endure until the last soul is saved. We must never neglect to proclaim repentance for the forgiveness of sins in the name of Jesus until the Lord returns.

Christians must once again call upon humanity to be fruitful and multiply and to subdue the earth. People who believe in population control should be called to repent of their lawlessness and put their faith in Christ. If they refuse, it should be recommended that, if they want to reduce the population, they should start with themselves. The same holds true for those who believe in the pagan idea of living as one with nature. If they want to live as one with nature, they should forego indoor plumbing and other modern conveniences and live in a mud hut in the wilderness. If they refuse, they are merely hypocrites who should be ignored by people of faith.

When Christians share the Gospel with these people, be prepared for the false accusation that you support pollution. You will be mischaracterized as wanting dirty water and dirty air, and these false accusations carry a lot of weight with a faithless population. There is no way to defend yourself against this kind of idiocy. As in all cases, share God’s law (you are bearing false witness against me) and then share his Gospel (that Jesus died for that sin too, and He calls you to repent). Do not waste your time trying to reason with these people because they are dead in their sins. They do not care about the truth or what is right, and offering them sound Godly judgment is like throwing pearls to swine.


March 21, 2022