Awaken Bible Prophecy Update: Can Abomination… :: By Gary W. Ritter

Awaken Bible Prophecy Update: Can Abomination Be Redeemed?

I’m going to do this Prophecy Update a little differently than what I normally do. The Old Testament is replete with the prophets declaring extremely hard words from the Lord as to the difficulties that would come upon Israel as the Northern Kingdom and Judah as the Southern Kingdom. The prophecies inevitably laid out an if-then scenario for God’s Chosen People. If they would turn from their wicked ways, then God would heal their land. If the people would turn from their worship of pagan gods along with their resulting sexual immorality, and if they would turn to the Holy One of Israel with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength, then He would relent of the destruction He planned to bring upon their nation.

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