World Events Right Now in Clearer Perspective :: By Ron Ferguson

To begin, I want to restate what I have done a few times – there are no prophets today. Those who claim to be prophets are false prophets. I am one of those who claim that the gift of prophecy died out after the completion of scripture at the close of the first century. Of course, the prophet’s ministry was twofold. He had fore-telling, and he had forth-telling. The fore-telling ceased, but if you like, the forth-telling of ministry of the word continued.

Those of us who examine world events try to do so with an eye on where they might be heading and if they could have some bearing on the groundwork being laid in this world leading to the Rapture. There are no prophets; we just try to make sense of what we understand at any point in time. That understanding might change or be refined only a few months down the track. Those who try to be dogmatic about these matters, I think, are a bit suspect. We still see through a glass dimly.

Some think and speak about WW3 because of what the insane President of Russia is doing. Putin is a demonic man. Those who are not for Christ are against Him. Putin is not a “normal man outside of Christ,” but he is a man under the control at this time by Satan. I am not talking in terms of what was the case with Judas but in a similar vein. I have no doubt Putin is possessed by the devil, Satan’s man.

However, I do not think there will be any great extension of warfare outside of the current sphere in the Ukraine. Remember, we are not prophets, but one can have a conviction about events. Nevertheless, NATO and Europe are preparing for conflict, so let us look at that. When the Church departs, there has to be the infrastructure in place for what is to follow the Rapture. I believe that infrastructure is now in place.

The world is heading for a mess. It won’t be long, if the Lord tarries, before many nations degenerate into chaos. The fuel prices, the cost of living (inflation), and the insane abolition of reliable power sources through the influence and agenda of the extreme green, environmental socialists in the name of climate change; the growing public resentment of people with their governments, all work towards mismanagement, riots and revolution. Governments in the western world are almost incapable now of functioning properly. In the communist world, they are becoming more dictatorial, and in the Islamic world, more militant and reactionary.

I am not being dramatic. We might say the world is on the verge of something, and the bubble will burst. At least the graves will burst open as the Church goes home in the twinkling of an eye. The chaos will be unleashed or would have been so if it was not for a “superman” endowed with such power and ability to stop it.

That one is the world leader, or Antichrist if you like, and the European who will turn things around. He comes on a white horse; white, the color of peace and absence of blood. He will be honored and revered and virtually worshipped. I think he must be in the world today, but he is not revealed as the Antichrist. That comes later.

Let us recap. The world is on the brink, as some people describe it. Sitting on a precipice. When the Church is removed, a man of exceptional ability will seemingly solve these problems. The world desperately is looking for someone to “make things right, someone who is a man of peace and negotiation. Many organizations qualify for that role – the European Union, NATO, the World Economic Forum, the United Nations (he may come from one of those). When he comes, he is seen as one who will put it all together, but God has other plans.

When the seals are broken, the first seal reveals the World Leader/Antichrist, so it is useless and time-wasting to try to identify a possible candidate as it will be post-Rapture. I remember in the 1960s reading a book singling out Henry Kissinger as the Antichrist. Since then, there is one thing I have learned about American politics – the Party system demonizes members of the opposite Party.

Then, when the world is seemingly at peace, under the control of this charismatic world leader, the red horse rides forth. Peace is removed (taken from) from the earth. It is interesting that this is in the passive voice. It is deliberately removed. Who removes it? (See the rider on the red horse, the second seal, just under this). You can consider that to be the Lord Himself or Satan or whatever, but it is removed. It is outside the power of the Antichrist to prevent it.

There will be outbreaks of war everywhere. Speaking of that very time, AFTER THE RAPTURE, the Lord said to the Jewish believers {{Mathew 24:6-7 “You will be hearing of wars and rumours of wars. See that you are not frightened for those things must take place, but that is not yet the end, for nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom, and in various places there will be famines and earthquakes.”}} And {{Revelation 6:4 “and another, a red horse, went out, and to him who sat on it, it was granted to take peace from the earth, and that men should slay one another, and a great sword was given to him.”}}

I believe in that time of war, the Antichrist will do valiantly, for this is said of him: {{Revelation 13:4 “They worshipped the dragon because he gave his authority to the beast and they worshipped the beast saying, ‘Who is like the beast, and who is able to wage war with him?'”}}

All over the world, there are going to be wars and conflicts. My take on this is that these will be:

[A.] Wars of revenge. The simmering hatred for past events and atrocities will be the catalyst.
[B.] Wars of a racial nature. This world is filled with racial hatred, and it will explode.
[C.] Territorial wars. Nations will want to retake lost territory.
[D.] Expansionist wars. This is what China wants, for it wants to rule Asia and then the world.
[E.] Civil wars. I think these will be common because of ethnicity, race. Africa used to be dominated by lots of racial and tribal wars before European settlement. I think the USA could be a prime candidate for that after the Rapture.

Why I have mentioned that is to set out that the world is all in waiting, and the stage is already set. We see suggestions of those things everywhere. It just needs the spark, and that spark is the red horse and the mission of the rider on it.

I don’t like to say it, but I think there will be a great loss of life because of these widespread wars, which in turn will lead to the next two horses – the black one denoting famine (leading to death – all too common in wars), and the ashen/pale/speckled one, signifying pestilences (like Corona), and nature (the creatures of the earth) that turn against human beings, earthquakes (Matthew 24:7), and I assume with that, a lot of natural disasters.

I saw this evening a most disturbing report on Sky News by Sherri Markson about the secret program the USA had running in the Ukraine for biological warfare and development with extremely dangerous pathogens. We knew China was doing that in Wuhan, but we did not know the USA was up to the same thing. The story has just broken (13 March 2022). The great concern now is that Russia will get its hands on extremely dangerous developments in the Ukraine in this evil program sponsored by the USA in Ukraine. It has come out through questioning from Marco Rubio in some hearing. Apparently, it also includes anthrax, the plague, and one other I don’t recall. Russia poisons opponents around the world and does not hesitate to use chemical and biological weapons on people. Putin is saturated evil. Biden is a fool.

I can see in the great spread of wars from the rider on the second horse, that these sort of weapons = corona, and all the rest I mentioned, will come into play under the word “pestilences” in {{Revelation 6:8 “and I looked, and behold, an ashen horse, and he who sat on it had the name Death, and Hades was following with him. Authority was given to them over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword and with famine and with pestilence and by the wild beasts of the earth.}} This is on top of the death that will happen from the previous two horses, especially the red one. It will be horrific.

The world as it stands right now is like a chessboard with the king being Satan’s rule (through the world/leader Antichrist). To win a game of chess, you need to maneuver the pieces into such a position that the king is captured. There can be no other outcome. The chess pieces are now in place. The Rapture is close. Then Satan’s rule commences.

The armies of the world are armed to the teeth and itching for the war games to begin. I don’t think they have to wait long.

In order to have a full acceptance by the world of the world/leader Antichrist, you need to have the following conditions:

[1.] Something chaotic in the world. The Rapture will do this.

[2.] A softening of the people so they are prepared to follow in a herd mentality, to accept the Antichrist. Corona mandates have done that, and ever-increasing restrictions and forced regulations on people. This is how Australia runs now.

[3.] Worldwide dissatisfaction with governments. All over the world, we have that. Discontentment will result in wars and conflicts and a desire to find someone to solve those problems.

[4.] A number of potential flashpoints around the globe. We have that now, and once restraint is removed, military conflicts overflow.

[5.] The dumbing down of true education and the pursuit of excellence. Schools have become the place of distorted and demonic WOKE teaching, and rebellion against the standards of decency which were the pillars of societies’ foundation. They are agenda-driven, not driven by academic standards of excellence and lifestyle. They are the socialist agendas.

[6.] The dissemination of false and fake news. Nearly all the younger generation connects with Facebook and Twitter as their information source. Those platforms are evil and deluded.

[7.] A general observation shows an aversion to the good in society but an acceptance of all that is vile, like homosexuality and the destruction of children’s gender and sexuality. This is what the Bible means when it speaks of those who hold good to be evil, and evil good.

[8.] There is uncertainty of product supply and world trade. It is worsening. This causes national and international tensions. One man appears after the Rapture the world will look to, to solve the problems.

[9.] The cost of living is soaring, as is inflation. Because fools have closed the usual power generation and taken to windmills and hydrogen and green energy, it is all going to get worse.

[10.] The world has lost a true sense of reality and social interaction and runs after fantasy such as the gaming industry, movies, and all manner of computer and phone interactions. `

The single most strategic item to influence the world from here on is the great satanic delusion of climate change. Germany closed its coal power plants and nuclear power generation. Now it is totally dependent on Russian oil and gas, bound to Russia, and powerless. France has done something similar. According to opinion polls, the next Australian prime minister will be a radical left anti-Christian called Albanese in a few months’ time. In a speech a few days ago (March), he went on and on about climate change and neglected the real issues for Australia. He will close down all our power stations and cover the country with windmills. The man is aligned with China in policy and direction. It is frightening.

Need I tell you about the stupidity of Biden and the terrible man who runs Canada? These climate fanatics are deluded about this climate change rubbish and then delude others to bring western nations to their knees to lead them into oblivion. There was a demonstration in New York by Democrats, maybe a day or two ago, equating climate change with 9/11. There was a poster showing an air balloon with “climate change” written on it heading for a tower or tall building. Such is the warped delusion of those who don’t know the Lord. {{2Timothy 3:12-13 “Indeed, all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will be persecuted. Evil men and impostors will proceed from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived.}}

Is the Lord going to let the world descend into chaos before the Rapture? I tried to cover that with a recent series on “My Nation is Dying.” I don’t know how far it will go, but I don’t expect it to get any better. It can only get worse, but the big question is, “How much worse?”

Christians do not need to fear these things, though they do disturb us. We are in the Lord’s hands, and the world is also in the Lord’s hands, though some doubt at times. Please, Lord Jesus, come with your great command, “COME UP HERE.”

I am going to include a poem I wrote today that I think can relate to this article dealing with delusion. Here it is –


Who has believed our report, and to whom
Is the arm of the Lord revealed?
Not many believe, and few will heed God,
And yet, God’s appeal is unsealed.
People have little concern for their souls,
And live their lives in disregard.
Blindness has descended on the people.
God’s appeals, they quickly discard.

It’s so easy to disbelieve what’s true,
As it suits the human nature.
Man has departed from God by his sin,
And is reprobate in failure.
His destiny was of the darkest hue,
But chose not on God to rely.
Mankind has produced his own failed patches,
Such pathetic ones, to apply.

The nations run fast after delusion,
And they will clamor for the lie.
Satan is the master of confusion,
And his errors – evil and sly.
The greatest delusion is climate change.
Through it, the nations are weakened.
Insane policies cause power problems,
And thus, the nations are burdened.

That is the purpose. Let us now awake.
Satan is causing destruction.
Climate change activists are not Christians.
They’ve blackened God for instruction.
They are humanists who have dismissed God –
Biden, Thunberg, and the U.N.,
Deluded through the devil’s delusion;
Wicked, confused, women and men.

In this age, good is evil; evil good.
Sin has blinded the eyes of those
Who reject God; who love their sin so much;
Who one day enter judgment throes –
Corrupt and untrusting, liars and cheats;
Believers in evolution;
Destroyers of all human decency;
Advocates of vile abortion.

God has the records accurately kept.
Heaven’s gates are shut to sinners.
Those who deny God and practice evil:
Bottom line – sin has no winners.
Flee from delusion by knowing God’s word;
Repent, and take the Lord as yours.
He was your substitute in God’s full love.
Do not delay, and do not pause.

13 March 2022 R E Ferguson Metre = 10-8 throughout ABCB etc