How Do I Share What I Know? :: By Lisa Heaton

You’re not the only one asking. It’s a logical question for each of us once our eyes are opened. When Covid first struck, I knew within days it was a major turning point in our world and on God’s kingdom calendar. Because I had studied prophecy and the rapture, I just knew. What I didn’t know was what to do with all I was learning over the course of 2020. It was evident, though, that time was of the essence.

“Daybreak will dawn only so much longer, then soon the sun will set and nightfall will come, casting the world into seven years of darkness. Time is of the essence.” – Daybreak

Maybe you can relate to this: It’s like I lived with a pounding headache, the words repeating, “What can I do? What can I do?” The people I told early on now tend to avoid me. I told truth – love does that– but my presentation of the rapture and the rising one-world order was way off. I told too much too soon rather than unfurling it over time. It was all so much for me to take in that, for a time, I became paralyzed and stopped doing anything at all.

Are you experiencing the same? You see the rising darkness and soon-coming Light and know you must warn the lost and wake the found. Each day you watch and read as prophecy teachers relay the latest news and how things are only getting darker. You add knowledge to knowledge but have no outlet for what you know, or maybe you fear telling. Ultimately, you wonder what your role is and struggle to find your voice.

To find your role, you will need to learn to embrace your design and circumstances. God uses us where we are. If you’re not currently on a stage, then it’s unlikely He will throw you on one, so don’t panic. How God has worked in your life and circumstances up until now has likely been your preparation for such a time as this. Might He raise one up out of obscurity to be a louder-than-most voice? Absolutely. We need only look at Moses, David, Gideon, and a group of fishermen to see examples. Typically, though, the Lord will use you as He’s already shaped you and where He’s already placed you. There’s peace in that.

“None are more uniquely qualified than others. We all just have a distinctive place to shine–to blaze our way through this ever-darkening world. You are surrounded by sleeping loved ones and unborn-again sheep. Shine so brightly for them that the found will wake and the lost will have light cast upon their path to guide them to the Shepherd.” – Daybreak

I have suggestions to help you look at your own design and what your role may be in the days to come. We’ll begin with the Prepare for Your Role Series. I’ll share how to access that below. But what can you do in the meantime? How can you share now?

God gave me a way to share truth easily and without fear, and now I’m giving it to you at no cost. Early in 2021, the Lord defined my role and elevated my voice through Daybreak, Last Days of Light. He reminded me that I’m a fiction writer and that fiction is a great avenue into the heart of the reader who might not otherwise seek out the truth of this last-days world. Many of those around us refuse to listen or see, but they may be willing to read a compelling story with truth tucked amidst its pages. Jesus was a storyteller for good reason. Hearts that may otherwise be closed off to pointed truth may well absorb interwoven truths within the story of another’s journey. That’s what I’ve done for the past decade, fashion stories that whisper into hearts that often only skim the surface of life with Jesus.

Daybreak is a free, unique, and non-threatening means for you to share what you know with your friends, both men and women alike. They will journey along with a skeptical Paige who joins a team of Daybreakers in looking for her missing father. The story systematically sheds light on the rising darkness of our world and reassures the believer that their Groom is coming to the rescue. For those who live in fear or dread over the rapture, Daybreak will be a tremendous source of encouragement and comfort. Maybe that’s you. In 1 Thessalonians 4:18, Paul reminds us to comfort one another with the reassurance of the rapture. Allow me to be of comfort through Daybreak. Then you can easily share it with those who need the same.

  • Download your free ebook or PDF here. You will find a version that will work on Kindle, iPad, and most devices.
  • Daybreak print editions are available on Amazon for cost at $8.50. I do not make royalties from the print edition.
  • All Daybreak-related materials and subsequent sequel releases will be offered digitally for free.

About the book:

In this ripped-from-the-headlines action adventure, Paige discovers the world isn’t what she thinks it is. After an urgent phone call from her dad, she sets out on a mission to find the absentee father who walked out of her life only weeks after her mother’s untimely death.

Wyatt, the soldier her father sends to protect her, sounds just like her dad, raving of conspiracies and warning of impending doom. This team, these loyal-to-her-father men, will stop at nothing to locate their leader.

Nothing about Paige’s life will ever be the same after that knock on her door and Wyatt’s two-minute warning.

What readers are saying:

– “An arrow that leads the reader to the bullseye of truth.”

– “Daybreak is like night-vision goggles.”

– “This one is a set-apart work.”

– “A holy huddle of encouragement.”

– “I devoured this book in two sittings.”

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Believer, even when the enemy tries to shut you down and tell you you’re the least of your people as he did with Gideon, you can refute his lies with the truth. You already have the basic skills you need to do what Jesus calls you to do. And those you do lack, He will supply by the power of the Spirit or through others He brings alongside you. Since your skills and abilities may need to be sharpened for you to effectively step into your role, it is wise to intentionally prepare your heart and soul along with embracing your design.

The sessions are only now beginning, so you will be a part of the early phases of study that will allow you to invite others to join and find their roles to be able to battle alongside you. Soldier, you are already on the battlefield. Might as well learn to fight back.