The Difficult Journey Ahead :: By Bill Wilson

The pandemic emergency in which American citizens ceded their civil rights to government mandates and lockdowns must end now. Enough damage has been inflicted upon individuals, businesses and the economy by the government, big pharma, a propaganda media machine, divisive politicians and Supreme Court justices that are so out of touch they can’t even accurately cite their own government’s statistics.

Delta is receding. Omicron is mild and is providing immunity. It’s time for the government and the leftist politicians to put away their harmful and hateful fear-mongering agendas and do the right thing: End the pandemic emergency and focus on responding to the aftermath of the crisis they created.

There is going to be much to fix. The economy, ransacked by reckless and ill-advised leftist policies, must be addressed. The aftermath of lockdowns, outrageous deficit spending, irresponsible imaginations about green energy and climate control, and job-killing decisions—all contributing to out-of-control inflation will take years, maybe decades, to resolve.

Foreign policy, which was so focused on mandates and migration, allowed for state actors such as Russia, China and Iran to advance their evil agendas somewhat under the radar. These are delicate and complicated international minefields that must be navigated carefully and firmly; otherwise, they will result in death and destruction for many.

The most challenging issue will be the long-term effects of the government health policies. Vaccines may have prevented some people from dying, but the side effects are just beginning to surface. CDC mandated treatment protocols and financial incentives for hospitals also may have caused more deaths than the vaccines saved. Incoming studies from reputable institutions are indicating alarming unexplained death rate increases in people 18-49, myocarditis, blood clots, and other organ and brain issues in the vaccinated population.

A Columbia University study concluded that VAERS deaths are 20 times higher than estimated (up to 400,000 deaths in the US) and that the risks of COVID vaccination outweigh the benefits in children, young and middle-age adults, and in older age groups with low occupational risk.

The authors said, “no one, especially those with good intentions and high hopes but who were misled by less-than-rigorous science, wants to acknowledge the possibility that the COVID vaccines and their boosters may be causing more harm than good overall. The sooner the taboo surrounding research and discussion of vaccine-induced injury and death is lifted, the sooner public health policy can be adjusted and resources can be mobilized to identify and develop therapies and interventions.”

Government and big pharma historically reject health issues tied to vaccines. But given current technology and data analysis, it may be more difficult to deny.

Proverbs 13:10 says, “By pride comes nothing but strife, but with the well-advised is wisdom.”

Wisdom will be needed to meet the challenges ahead. It will be a difficult journey.

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