Pure Evil :: By Jim Towers


How can we know that Jesus is coming sooner rather than later? If you are a Bible reader, you will find that Jesus said, “As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be at the coming of the Son of man.” He also told us of other signs and wonders to look for. The things going on these days are not unlike the things that were going on in Noah’s generation, and according to the Bible, that generation was pure evil. Is it any wonder God had to destroy it?

If that be the case, how can we expect our Divine Creator to overlook the grievous sins in our world today? The total and absolute flaunting of God’s Laws by a perverted and evil segment of society is overtly prevalent and is the reason for all the present calamities assaulting us – one after the other. The evildoers relish breaking the laws of God, especially people in power over us, those who should be setting an example for us to follow. Yet, they are the worst of the worst.

Teachers are teaching how to be rebellious and to defy the authority of parents and those over them. The recent generations and many segments of this society are practically devoid of God’s sacred laws. The Ten Commandments are alien to them. All they seem to know is hate, violence and a selfish desire to dominate or profit, and all the sensual sin they can derive. To them, Jesus is nothing more than a historical figure who had nothing to do with the salvation of humanity.

By now, you are beginning to know that I am speaking of atheistic communists, criminals and perverts who are trying to seize control of our country and the world by any and all means—even going so far as to release viruses capable of killing millions of people.

Here in the United States, these same people have gone so far as to steal the presidential election from Donald J. Trump and to institute communism as a way of life, even though we’ve seen it fail in China, Russia, Cuba and Venezuela, where people are imprisoned and starved to death. (The Islamic states couldn’t be happier since capitalism and Christianity are anathema to them as well.)

I must admit, as I’ve stated in the past, that all the evil that is taking place is forewarned in the Holy Bible – and the worst is yet to come. What with the Great Tribulation bearing down on us, it’s hard to assume that any one man can stem the tide of corruption we all face. I’m speaking of President Trump.

Even as Mike Lindell, the “My Pillow guy,” has gone about gathering evidence and is at the moment trying to reverse the election results, the communist left has hindered him in every way possible. His “Thankathon” on the internet (Frank Speech and Lindell TV) is being hacked intermittently to make the good people that are trying to do the right thing look like amateurs. And compared to the demonic horde, they are. After all, they are fighting against demonic principalities and powers in high places.

We can’t count on Trump alone to save us. What humanity needs is a spiritual savior, i.e., the Lord and Savior of mankind – Christ Jesus. Even if the good guys do prevail, it won’t be long until people fall back into their old ways without repenting. Some would rather die than repent, not realizing where they will spend eternity. The Bible says, “It is appointed unto man once to die, after this – the judgment.”

In my recent article, I wrote how we needed to restore President Trump to his rightful place as the head of the nation. Despite his flaws (and we all have them), he was the best we could hope for in this country. But the fake Democrat government was more than ready to step in when the Chinese government intervened to steal the 2020 election from him. Today, because of that theft, we are fast becoming a third-world country with leftist communists in control.

This, in fact, is an attempt by “Globalists” to bring about the One-World Government or what is known as the New World Order, just as has been forewarned in the book of Revelation. These people are responsible for killing hundreds of thousands of people and crippling many with vaccines that they know are harmful. Next will be children and infants. They are pure evil.

Australia has been hard hit by leftist “One World” extremists, and today its people are fighting for their very existence while other countries are doing the same. When the time is right, the Chinese communist government may step in, in a pretext to set things right.

Cancel Culture is an attempt to undo everything that reminds us of who we are/were as a Christian nation. And there are plans by the federal government to institute the “Thought Police,” as if it wasn’t enough to be policed by Facebook and the other social media outlets.

Oh yes, and now we will have to contend with yet another Covid-19 variant called Omicron; sounds spooky, doesn’t it? (The doctor in Africa who discovered it says it is NOT life-threatening, yet it’s sure to be used to keep Americans under control. With this new toy in the left’s playbook, we can expect them to exploit this new strain of flu to the nth degree. Who would have guessed these crazy times would come upon us so fast? Nevertheless, the Bible warned us it would be so.

Let me end this column on a good note, and that is that, finally, some are beginning to repent and take these matters seriously. Other people are beginning to wake up and have quit straddling the fence as they see the end approaching. Some are even talking about spiritual matters openly. Mike Lindell, Stew Peters, and others even openly speak of salvation, God, and Jesus openly on newly forming conservative social medias.

Conservative Christians are finally coming out from their comfort zones to denounce these self-righteous tyrants.

Hopefully, this will give us an open window of opportunity to share Christ.


Jim Towers

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