Just Waiting for Jesus :: By Dennis Huebshman

With every new day that the Lord provides for me, I give Him praise and glory. I realize that our Creator is responsible for every breath I take, and I believe it is only right to thank Him and tell Him how much I love Him. I also thank Him that He did not take me from this earth before I called out for His Son to save a wretch such as I. As for right now, any time that the Lord wishes to take me Home, it will be totally fine by me. (ESV – all emphasis mine)

It’s being reported by prophecy experts worldwide that we are definitely in the days described in the Bible as the end time. The clock officially started toward “midnight” on May 14, 1948, when Israel declared itself to be a sovereign nation once again. It had been absent for about 2,000 years, and the people had been scattered worldwide. Even a novice such as I am can see that every sign given by our Lord, Paul, John and others are here right now. Every one of the signs individually has been around at one time or another, but not all at the same time as they are now.

Jesus told us in Luke 21:28 that when all the signs begin to happen, to be looking for His soon return. The signs started appearing within the past couple of years in earnest, and the activity is increasing rapidly. They’re not only happening daily but, in some cases, hourly. As for the exact time that Jesus will return to call His church Home, His timing is not the same as ours. And whenever it is, it will be the exact right moment.

Is it any wonder that there is fear and unrest worldwide? If we look at everything that is taking place as “planned programming,” we can see we’re being prepared for the arrival of the ultimate antichrist. Our answer is to go to the Word of the Lord for our reassurance. John 14:18 states, “I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.”

In numerous places throughout the Bible, we’re given the promise that God will never leave nor forsake us. We may go through trials, but He is right there with us. Today, we need to have even more faith in Him as never before. We are at the doorway to the start of the tribulation/wrath. Our confidence is that God cannot lie, as given in Titus 1:2, and His promises are pure.

For the Savior’s flock, this is actually good news, as we have to be out of here before the evil one can come forth (1 Thessalonians 1:10; 1 Thessalonians 5:9-10; Revelation 3:10). Also, 2 Thessalonians 2:7 plainly states that the evil one cannot appear until the “restrainer” is taken out of the way. That would be the Holy Spirit who indwells all true believers. If the Spirit’s influence is removed, then we would have to be removed also. That’s covered in 1 Thessalonians 4:13-17 and 1 Corinthians 15:50-53.

The Lord stated that the generation that saw the fig tree bloom would not pass away before He would return (Matthew 24:32-34; Luke 21:29-33). A generation in the Bible is from about 70 years to 80 years. (Psalm 90:10). From 1948 to now has been seventy-three years, which means we are definitely in the time He will be coming back. It could be any minute now. As the world turns more evil, we cannot help but wonder, ‘How much longer, Father?’ I believe there is a certain person that will be saved or a certain incident that will take place, and then the Rapture will happen.

God is truly patient, and I believe 2 Peter 3:9 that tells us He does not want anyone to fail. Even though I long to leave here and be with My Jesus, I’m reminded that the Father could have called the faithful Home before I was saved. At that point, my eternity would have been very miserable. I understand His timing is absolutely perfect, and I pray daily that more souls have come to the Savior. One day soon, it will be as the day when God closed the door of the Ark, and the great flood took place. This time, the Trumpet of the Lord will sound, and there will be a shout from an archangel, and we will rise up to be with Jesus forever.

As for me, I can relate to a song performed by the late Hank Williams, Sr. called “Lord Build Me A Cabin.”

1.) Many years, I’ve been looking for a place to call Home. But I’ve failed to find it, so I must travel on. I don’t care for fine mansions on earth’s sinking sands. Lord, build me a cabin in the corner of Glory land.

R.) Lord, build me a cabin in a corner of Glory land. In the shade of the Tree of Life that it may ever stand. Where I can hear the angels sing, and shake Jesus’ hand. Lord, build me a cabin in the corner of Glory land.

2.) Blessed Lord, I’m not asking to live in the midst; for I know I’m not worthy of such splendor as this. But I’m asking for mercy while humbly I stand. Lord, build me a cabin in the corner of Glory land. (R)

3.) I have many loved ones who’ve gone on their way; on the great final morning shall I hear them say, come and join in the singing and play in our band. Lord, build me a cabin in the corner of Glory land. (R)

The second verse fits me to a tee, especially the line, “I know I’m not worthy of such splendor as this, but I’m asking for mercy while humbly I stand.” Right here would be a good place to insert a line from “I Can Only Imagine” that says, “Will I Be Able to Stand at All?”

People have looked for the Lord’s return for many centuries. However, certain prophecies had to be fulfilled before that could take place. We have seen Israel’s rebirth. We have seen a turning away from the Savior, and satanic worship is out in the open as never before. Previous Bible-based evangelical churches have turned away from the true Word of God and have become ear-tickling entertainment sessions. Anything that has to do with Jesus is being labeled as “hateful,” and Christians are called “haters.”

Rather than just sit back in fear and worry, now would be an excellent time to call on Jesus to be your Savior. Romans 3:23 plainly states that everyone is a sinner; Romans 6:23 starts out by saying we all deserve the death penalty. However, the last part of that verse tells us we have a free gift from God of eternal life through His Son Jesus.

Romans 10:9-13 gives the steps to follow to receive this Salvation. One thing to remember: a gift is only good if it is received and accepted. God will in no way force anyone to accept His Son. Those that do will have eternal life in Heaven.

All who do not receive and accept Jesus as their Savior will answer at the White Throne Judgment for every sin they ever committed. Jesus’ blood only cleanses those who choose to be a part of His flock.

Signs of a major change on the horizon are telling us it’s very near. After Jesus calls His followers up to meet Him in the air, it will still be possible to become one of His but most likely at the cost of martyrdom.

Instead of waiting until later, why not call on Him today? He’s never too busy to accept a call from us. You will absolutely make the best decision of your life and will escape the coming wrath. Satan will try to tell you there’s plenty of time, but remember, he’s the father of lies (John 8:44).

The lure of the things of this world is what’s important to the majority of the population. However, as Joshua said in Joshua 24:15, “As for me and my house, we will worship the Lord.”

We’d love for you to join us. Hope to see you there!