A Worthless Mind :: By Steve Schmutzer

So….Kyle Rittenhouse was found “not guilty” on all counts.

I’m one of those that was relieved. The jury’s decision was a rare moment of sanity in a world that’s gone completely mad.

To illustrate, Democrat Marxist, Cori Bush, tweeted that the verdict was “white supremacy in action.” Maybe she missed the video that proved Kyle shot three different white felons – all in self-defense.

Bush’s reaction is no different than the outpouring of hate, folly, bias, anger, and incoherence that has characterized the left long before anyone ever heard the name “Kyle Rittenhouse” – – or for that matter, “Nick Sandman,” or even “Trayvon Martin.”

The left “conveniently” forgets it was THEIR riots, THEIR savagery, THEIR burning and looting, THEIR lawlessness, THEIR lack of self-control, THEIR voting base, THEIR thugs, and THEIR ineffective city, state, and federal leaders that set all of this chaos in motion in the first place. The left is entitled to their own opinions, but they are not entitled to their own facts.

To anyone with the slightest tincture of common sense, none of this computes. There’s a specific group of people that routinely violate all structures of decency, logic, and self-control, and the issue is bigger than politics.

Here are a few cases in point:

Our current President put an end to America’s energy independence. He shut down our pipelines, burdened the oil industry with myriad regulations, excoriated fossil fuels, then begged OPEC to supply more oil to lower our gas prices.

Biden stopped construction of the wall at the southern border. He canceled all the contracts, left millions of dollars of panels to rust in the desert, and then he tried to blame Trump for the record surge of illegals.

Joe Biden thoroughly bumbled America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan. In the process, he armed one of the world’s most committed terrorist organizations with $80 Billion dollars of high-tech weaponry, lied about abandoning hundreds of American citizens, and put all our allies on notice that America is not going to watch their backs if any trouble starts.

I could go on and on here since examples like these are so many. The last few years – and the last ten months in particular – have put a spotlight on a specific group of people that seldom make a proper decision.

They ridicule proven antivirals, defend widespread election fraud, rage against the protection of unborn life, trust ‘vaccines’ that really aren’t, celebrate dysfunctional men who compete in women’s sports, promote unconstitutional mandates, argue that there are many gender types, brand concerned parents as terrorists, give a pass to China for its massive greenhouse gas emissions, and believe males can become pregnant.

And I’m only scratching the surface of their foolish and improper ways. What gives?

The answer is found in Romans 1:28. This verse says, “…God gave them up to a depraved mind, to do those things that are not proper.” Surrounding this verse is an outline of the choices that got these folks to this point.

To start, they have rejected God. They refuse to believe the evidence about God that’s seen in His creation. Rather, they choose to esteem creatures and the natural world instead.

They think they are being smart, wise, intellectual, and – ‘ahem!’ – academic. But their notions about evolution and how we got here, and the delusion that they can control the climate and this world we live in, only proves they are fools.

It gets worse. Because they reject God, His natural laws, and all those values which find their origin in the Bible, it only follows that they reject the truth that we are made in God’s image. That means the whole two-gender thing – “male and female” (Gen. 1:27) – doesn’t cut it for this bunch. It’s truth that they despise. So, the rest of us have to endure their ridiculous claims that men can have periods and that tampon dispensers should be put in the boys’ bathroom.

The larger commentary of Romans 1:18-32 reads like news now. It adds that this particular crowd is radically pro-homosexual, prone to strife and slander, totally untrustworthy, and – – violent. It’s all the qualities we see in this group and in their leadership today.

And – oh yes, let’s not forget that God gives them a ‘depraved mind.’ What’s that all about?

The Greek term for ‘depraved’ is rich with meaning. It means it’s a mind that is ‘undiscerning,’ ‘unable to pass the test,’ ‘unapproved,’ and ‘worthless.’ A very similar Greek term was used to describe athletes that were rejects – no good.

The explanation is simple. According to God’s Word, these folks have minds that no longer function as they are supposed to.

Ah – – that explains a LOT!

All those double standards, all those ‘laws for thee but not for me,’ all those screeches about racism where it doesn’t exist, all those rejections of proven science, all those inabilities to make sound decisions, all those cries to incite violence, all those claims that good is bad and wrong is right, all the blatant hypocrisy, all the lies and deception, all the irrational bellows to defund law enforcement, all those efforts to censor and suppress the truth, all that screaming at the sky, all that toppling of statues, and so on and so on.

It’s all because of a ‘depraved mind.’ That’s the issue.

Their brains are worthless.