Anomalies or Signs? :: By Jim Towers

We are often given clues in the Word of God about the nature of certain things in society, but anomalies can happen inadvertently as well. Some of these are blatant, while others take a little investigating. Sometimes it takes a degree of spiritual discernment to figure a thing out, and it seems like we are running into these telltale “signs” and anomalies of spiritual warfare more and more each day.

Signs are often put in place inadvertently or not by those who are tied to them. For example, did you know that the word luciferase is used in describing an ingredient in the Pfizer vaccine? Now, why would someone use another name for the Devil for an ingredient in a vaccine that we know can cause harm or even death for some recipients? Could anything be more diabolically revealing than this term, which identifies with Lucifer? Can God’s hand be seen in this anomaly? Was this done on purpose, and to what end?

Clues and signs concerning the end times are popping up everywhere. Take, for example, the patent with the publication number WO/ 2020 / 060606 given to Bill Gates’ Microsoft for an identifying cryptocurrency system using body activity data. And we know his godless stand on population control.

This was first noted on Facebook and then was fact-checked by Facebook – no less.


Microsoft and Bill Gates have filed a patent numbered 060606 for a microchip that is inserted into the body and rewards activity with cryptocurrency.

OUR VERDICT (Facebook)

Microsoft’s 060606 patent doesn’t reference injectable microchips. It is true that Microsoft has a patent application with the numbers 060606 in it, but it’s for a system which rewards physical activity with cryptocurrency.

Make of it what you will. This is too close to the mark of the beast to be just an anomaly.

And tied into my Book Report is this puppy:

In his latest book UNITED STATES OF SOCIALISM, Dinesh D’Souza, the New York Times bestselling author, says the following (page 69):

“As historian Bernard Bailyn writes, it is well understood in political theory that “The ultimate explanation of every political controversy “is the “disposition of power.” Affirming this point, John Adams used the term “dominion.” Dominion means force, control by some human beings of others. And for Adams, the defining feature of dominion is aggression, it’s constant tendency to break loose of legitimate boundaries. Power is “grasping” and “tenacious” and it takes great vigilance on the part of those who love their freedom to protect against its “encroaching nature.'”

This sounds to me like the raw nature of Communist Democrats.

He goes on to say, “These are not people who have “fallen” for the lie: they are part of the lie; they create the lie. And to what end? Their ultimate objective is to turn us into worms, to establish tyrannical control over our ordinary lives.”

We who are aware of the encroaching evil posed by our leaders see “signs” as the blatant bravado of the communist left who are bringing their agenda (a one-world government) to the fore. They don’t beat around the bush anymore either but are emboldened by our lack of concern and tell us how and when they are going to proceed.

The name of the company that tilted the election in favor of Joe Biden is Dominion, no less! Now, if that isn’t a weird anomaly, then it’s a real conundrum. But then again, maybe it’s just how overconfident the Democrats are in stating their true objectives – to win at all costs.

My hope has been that we would escape the wrath of God while there was still hope, but now with the latest mandate to vaccinate all children between the ages of five to twelve, this may be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

But now, as the governing body of the U.S. oversteps their supposed authority to impose sanctions and mandates on a freedom-loving populous, things are heating up exponentially. And like the main character in the movie Network screams out the window, “I’M MAD AS HELL, AND I’M NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE! The American people have just about had enough of the communist nonsense being imposed upon us.

I had a weird dream after reading this book – it was a mosaic made up of scenes depicting various segments of society. The police, nurses, doctors, firemen, and truckers were all arguing and shouting at politicians in their suits and ties. They were having a fierce debate, arguing, and shaking their fists at one another. Although the audio was missing, I could tell that they were very angry. Suddenly, there was a small group of people off to the side snickering, laughing, and mimicking those who were arguing. Detached stood a slender black man in his sixties laughing at them all in turn. Apparently, he knew something that the rest didn’t know… that He was the puppet master intent on destroying our way of life.

I awakened to the realization that I was maybe too invested in the social conflict taking place around us. After all, I know for a certainty what the outcome is going to eventually be – God wins, with everything is being worked out in accordance with Biblical prophecy. These insidious things MUST happen, as our righteous creator seems to have decided now is the time when He should have mankind in derision for their noncompliance to His dictates, and those (who had no stake in the game) for being complicit by not giving voice to the wickedness of sinners surrounding them. (In other words, the Godless communist mandates and other crippling impositions.)

It’s hard to believe there were people who voted for these circus-of-evil fiends (although two of my siblings chose to do so). The election had to have been stolen, and many are finally waking up to this harsh reality. So now that resistance is beginning to take root in our country – what is going to happen next?


Jim Towers

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