Ignorance Is Bliss? :: By Jim Towers

An old friend of mine used to say, “Ignorance is bliss.” The saying goes back to the hippie era, as far as I know. I hadn’t heard it much until he used it, thinking it was cool. Rick was a Christian by Catholic standards, and I often caught him smoking pot. Aside from that indiscretion, my friend was well-spoken and knew a few Bible verses. We would stay up late at night and go over those verses and others. He liked to play the devil’s advocate but was well-liked by his unassuming demeanor and laid-back lifestyle.

Rick sided up to me because he admired me for my faith, and I did my best to convert him, but it just wasn’t in the cards. I would even take him to church as often as I could, but he never seemed to get much out of the experience.

As time went by, he withdrew from society and into himself, although I felt he had great potential at one time. He was friendly and amiable but a bit wishy-washy, timid and shy.

He ended up being a recluse after we parted ways over fifteen years ago, and I still call or drop by and visit when I’m in his neighborhood – a hundred miles away. In doing so, I couldn’t help but notice how he’s let himself go and spends his days puttering around the house taking care of his parents and little more.

Today, he is an empty shell of the young man I once knew and loved like a brother.

I’m afraid the same can be said of many lukewarm Christian men today. Seldom do I ever encounter a Christian who has backbone and means what he says while speaking with authority. In fact, not many are able to dialogue concerning the things of God. Most Christian men also back away from telling others of their faith. But we shouldn’t have to be wimpy about our faith; we can study scripture and become more and more confident as time goes by. Study of the Holy Scriptures is the main ingredient in becoming a strong evangelical warrior for Christ, one that commands attention.

Along with that, to be truly effective Christians, we need to be loving, open-minded, and well-informed about world events. Insofar as the word of God is concerned, remember, “For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.” And without it, you can hardly convince anyone to receive Christ.

Ignorance of the Word is detrimental to your spiritual and emotional health and effectual witness.

Another thing to keep in mind is the parable of the talents that Jesus spoke of. In speaking about the “talents,” which could mean just that or the gift of wealth. He said if a person of faith fails to use this talent rightfully, “Even what he has will be taken away.” Obviously, George Soros and all other wealthy Democrats don’t have to worry about that – yet.

No, ignorance is NOT bliss. It leads to hopelessness, decay, and death.

Another such saying or word is “serendipity” that came about around the same time. It can be likened to chance. It is a silly word that essentially means nothing – except to a pothead.

In trying to validate the existence of God, I was telling another person recently about how God intervened in my life even as I recklessly and without thought attempted to ride my ailing motorcycle over the Mackinaw bridge in Michigan (This was written about in a recent article for Rapture Ready and DZD.) After telling the story, she said it was “serendipity” (a word coined by Disney of Micky Mouse fame), nonchalantly, as though my testimony was the work of pixies and wizards, not giving my miraculous tale much credence.

People who live in this alternative universe are in for a rude awakening. When (and it’s certain to happen since the Bible says so) the final wrap-up of humanity in the form of the Tribulation period takes place, these foolish statements will have lost their cuteness.

People use such witty epitaphs to try to appear to be clever and dismissive of the truths of God exposed in scripture. “Thinking themselves to be wise, they became utter fools.”

I don’t know about you, but once a person utters a word or phrase like that, I can’t help but believe they are ignorant and not very well-read. If they do read, they probably only read fiction or comic books.

I, for one, am tired of people using me for their own amusement and shortcomings. And although I am forgiving, I’m just going to have to let certain people go on with their own devices to their own destruction. Time is short, and there are others who are sincere seekers.

Book Report.

My latest book report is Mysteries of the Messiah – unveiling divine connections from Genesis to Today by Rabbi Jason Sobel. Rabbi Sobel is the founder of Fusion Global. This book is not unlike Jonathon Cahn (his mentor’s) books, steeped in ancient and sometimes archaic Jewish words, and it’s not like the Jewish language is easy to understand with double meanings and gematria included.

I took away what I could from it and left the rest for another rainy day when I have nothing better to do.

It’s not that I didn’t like it. Rather, it’s that I found it hard to understand. How Kathy Lee Gifford, who wrote the glowing forward, understood it and was able to give it a good critique is incredible since she was only a narcissistic pretty face on television – in days gone by.

Still, though, I like to read such things to better understand the times and thoughts of the prophets and to prepare for the times ahead and the hereafter.

NOTE: You should probably start at the back since there are tables and expressions that would be helpful to know when reading this book.


Jim Towers

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