Reprobate Minds :: By Jim Towers

When right is wrong and wrong is right, when good is bad and bad is good, there is something wrong with society and anyone who espouses such things. Nevertheless, that is what the Godless progressive left is all about.

I awakened today with the desire to interact with the fishing pier crowd, so I decided to have lunch there. Before heading out, I asked God to send some interesting people my way. Knowing I was feeling down, He honored my request, sending four women to my otherwise empty table. The two picnic tables are big enough for eight adults at each one.

The women were speaking a language I had never heard before, and if it wasn’t for the tongue they spoke, I wouldn’t have known they weren’t from Cleveland, Ohio. Not being sure if they could speak English, I let them go without saying much of anything, but not without asking the last one to leave the area, “What language was it that you and your friends were speaking? The woman turned to me and said, “Syrian.” I was taken aback.

“You and your friends must be Iranians.”

“Yes, we are.”

There was so much I would have asked them, but I didn’t want to be intrusive since they were obviously having a good time and taking snapshots with their iPhones, so I just let them enjoy the good old U.S.A. without intrusion.

I didn’t have to wait too long for the next encounter. An older white man from South Carolina sat across from me at the now empty table, asking first, “May I sit?

“Sure; Are you a visitor?”

“I’m vacationing with my daughter and her son from South Carolina. She’s lying on the sand at the beach.”

Just then, the ten-year-old grandson came to the table carrying a hamburger he had purchased at the little high-priced food stand.

The man and I continued talking and feeling each other out (men do that). Already I presumed he was an educated man by the way he carried himself. In any case, I couldn’t help but notice that his blue eyes were slightly crossed in an oblique way. I’ve noticed that many, if not most, homosexuals have this abnormality.

“I’m a former pastor,” he said nonchalantly.

“Really?!” I replied. Wow, I thought, here is someone I can relate to!

The man answered, “Yes, and what do you do in real life?”

“Forty years in the movie business…. Today I write for a hobby and hope to make a Christian film I’ve written, but the money I need to make a professional movie with professional people is not forthcoming.”

“Most Christian films are cheesy, to say the least.”

“That’s because they can’t afford to hire or don’t use professional people,” I replied.

There was a pregnant pause, and then I asked what he thought about the state of the nation, to which he replied, “Well, Trump was the worst moral character we ever had in office, and he left us in a bad state of affairs.”

“Hey, wait a minute; I beg to differ. Although he had his faults, he did a lot of good for the country.” (I thought to myself, what do you hate him for, for saving the country from communism?)

“He was so morally evil.”

“Most politicians are corrupt, and all men are sinful,” I countered.

“I believe in Jesus and loving your neighbor,” he said self-righteously.

Sure, I thought; this guy is a self-righteous leftist. And with that, I let him have it with both barrels. “Democrats have brought our country to the brink of destruction; they are Godless criminals, sexual perverts, and abortionists ready to kill the innocent unborn at the slightest opportunity, and I suspect you, sir, are one of them.”

The deflated phony pastor got up and left with mouth agape, dragging his grandson behind him.

I hate to say it, but it must be said; God has given the progressive left (pastors included) over to a reprobate mind. So says the Bible. Although the Bible doesn’t spell out progressivism, it does say that those who are atheists are given over to a reprobate mind because all they think or do is geared toward evil.


David Marcus is the author of this well-written book, and even though he is a Catholic, he writes a compelling tome about the pandemic. The title is CHARADE: The Covid Lies That Crushed a Nation.

On page 261, this is what the writer had to say about T.V. personality Tucker Carlson:

When I talked to Tucker Carlson about this, he had this to say: “I really think that the hysteria and the truly unreasonable behavior, the inability to make rational decisions – you know, all these very ugly things you’re seeing on display right now – they are way deeper than politics. All of them grow out of society’s collective unwillingness to address the most basic question, which is what happens when we die…. It causes people to believe that the highest good, like really the only job of society, of government, is to extend life or preserve life indefinitely. And that’s unrealistic; it’s insane and allows for lots of other things like this.” (They were talking about the effects of Covid 19.)


Jim Towers

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