Trouble and Distress :: By Daymond Duck

One of the names of the Tribulation Period is a day of trouble and distress (Zeph. 1:15). Covid-19, mandatory vaccinations, threats to fire the unvaccinated, etc., are causing trouble and distress for millions of U.S. citizens.

Pres. Biden is even threatening to remove governors that oppose his mandates.

If he follows through, it will create more trouble and distress, further dividing the nation that Biden promised to “Build Back Better.”

Something must be torn down or destroyed before it can be built back, and it seems obvious that the unelected Deep State and Biden are deliberately tearing down the U.S.

On Sept. 13, 2021, Gary Bauer reported that the first 8 months of Biden’s administration have produced record illegal immigration, record debt and deficits, record inflation, surging crime, surging Covid cases, and the Taliban’s humiliating defeat of the U.S.

Understand that the Deep State and Biden are desperately trying to replace America’s leading role in the world with a godless world government by 2030, or sooner.

Know that:

  • The Bible clearly teaches that there will be a godless world government led by a Satanically inspired man called the Antichrist in the future (Dan. 7:23; Rev. 13:7).
  • God does not have to abide by the 2030 date. He can slow down world government, speed it up, or let the globalists have it on their time schedule.
  • On Sept. 25, 2015, the UN voted to establish a world government by 2030, and their vote went into effect on Jan. 1, 2016.
  • God is restraining the Antichrist and Satan’s godless world government, and it cannot take place before the Church is removed (II Thess. 2:6-7) by the Rapture. But when the Church is removed, sudden destruction will come upon this unbelieving world (I Thess. 5:3).
  • If God lets Satan and his followers establish their godless world government by 2030, the Rapture will be before 2030.
  • Many prophecy teachers, including this writer, believe there is a gap or a period of unknown length between the Rapture and the Tribulation Period.
  • If that gap is perhaps 1 to 8 years long, the Rapture could be 1 to 8 years before 2030 (2021-2029).

Here are more signs that the Tribulation Period is approaching.

One, concerning the New World Order (world government) and more, on Sept. 13, 2021, it was reported that UN Sec. Gen. Guterres released a document titled “Our Common Agenda” that calls for:

  • A new UN-led world order (a New World Order led by the UN).
  • A New Agenda for Peace (the Tribulation Period will begin with an agenda for peace (a covenant) in the Middle East).
  • A new financial system (a digital one-world currency that allows the tracking of all buying and selling is on the way).
  • Global vaccinations (mandating every nation on earth to obey a world government).
  • Guterres wants to strengthen global governance (world government) in our “troubled climate-change-suffering world” (our day of trouble and distress).
  • Guterres wants a new, more relevant UN (In his words, “multilateralism with teeth.” In Bible words, as this writer understands it, Guterres wants leaders from several nations, Ten Kings, to be given the power to force globalism on the whole world under the false teaching that the world is troubled and distressed by climate change).
  • Guterres wants world leaders to hold a “Global Summit of the Future” in 2023 to study ways to strengthen global governance (make world government more powerful) and make sure global policies are being enforced (could be controls on who buys and sells).
  • Guterres called this his “New Agenda for Peace” (the Antichrist will come on the scene as a man of peace).
  • Guterres wants the G-20 (leaders of the world’s 20 leading economies) to restructure the global financial system.

Two, concerning the Kings of the East, on Sept. 8, 2021, a Chines state-run newspaper (Global Times) published an op-ed suggesting that there will soon be a hostile military confrontation between the U.S. and China on America’s doorsteps, and the U.S. will lose.

Following the Taliban’s defeat of the U.S. in Afghanistan, America’s enemies are no longer afraid to challenge America’s military.

Three, concerning the Battle of Gog and Magog, lying and deception: on Sept. 9, 2021, it was reported that Ron Dermer, former Israeli ambassador to the U.S., said the U.S. and international community say they will prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon, but they will allow it to happen if Israel doesn’t act.

It is sad to realize that the UN, EU, and U.S. cannot be relied upon to keep their word, but it is true (recall America’s promises to Afghanistan, U.S. citizens there, etc.).

Update: On Sept. 13, 2021, it was reported that experts at the UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) have concluded that Iran will have enough enriched uranium to produce one nuclear warhead in roughly one month.

Four, concerning lying, deceit, and the Mark of the Beast, despite promising that he would not mandate vaccinations: on Sept. 9, 2021, Pres. Biden issued an Executive Order (EO) mandating that all federal employees get vaccinated in 75 days or lose their job.

His Executive Order also requires every company with more than 100 employees that do business with the federal government to require their employees to be vaccinated or get tested for Covid on a weekly basis.

Several highly respected prophecy teachers believe mandatory vaccinations are a forerunner of mandatory requirements to take the Mark of the Beast, and the loss of one’s job, if they don’t comply, is a forerunner of denying people the right to buy and sell.

This writer believes the Deep State is telling Biden what to do, ignoring the Constitution of the U.S., and trying to control everyone on earth.

They are using immigrants at our southern border and from Afghanistan to spread Covid in the U.S., and blaming it on unvaccinated U.S. citizens.

The Deep State and Biden are the real “Domestic Terrorists.”

Think about it: The Deep State and Biden are threatening to cause U.S. citizens to lose their jobs, their homes, everything they have, the right to go to theaters, the right to travel, the means to feed their children, etc., for disagreeing with them.

As this writer understands it:

  • The Deep State and Biden are saying unvaccinated people must get vaccinated to protect the vaccinated people from Covid.
  • This is an admission that the vaccination doesn’t protect people from Covid.
  • If the vaccination protects people from Covid, unvaccinated people couldn’t give vaccinated people Covid.
  • Why should unvaccinated people lose their jobs, etc., to protect vaccinated people from Covid if the vaccination won’t protect unvaccinated people?
  • It looks like some in the Deep State and Biden are not being honest with people.

Update One: On Sept. 13, 2021, it was reported that a newly formed group of doctors called the Pandemic Health Alliance is saying the best way to stop people from dying and to stop the spread of Covid is to treat people early on with Ivermectin and/or hydroxychloroquine.

Update Two: On Sept. 14, 2021, it was reported that Israel’s Health Minister was caught on a hot microphone telling Israel’s Interior Minister that the purpose of requiring Vaccine Passports is to encourage the unvaccinated to get vaccinated, not to control Covid (restated in this writer’s words). Put another way, putting people out of work, confining people to their homes, etc., forces people to get vaccinated, but it will not stop Covid.

Update Three: On Sept. 14, 2021, it was reported that Cornell University (about 40,000 students) has 322 cases of Covid, and 95% were fully vaccinated.

Update Four: On Sept. 14, 2021, Archbishop Vigano was back in the news for calling the Covid pandemic “An epochal war that is a prelude to the end times.”

Five, concerning the coming global economic collapse: on Sept. 10, 2021, it was reported that wholesale food prices are up 12.7% in the past year (beef prices are up almost 60%), energy prices are up 32.3%, and the Biden administration is pushing another 3 ½ trillion-dollar stimulus package that will cause more inflation.

An economic collapse in the U.S. would probably trigger a global collapse.

Six, concerning the decline of America: on Sept. 8, 2021, it was reported that the National Archives Records Administration (NARA) has placed a “harmful content” warning label on the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence.

According to the NARA, some of the documents may reflect “outdated, biased, offensive, and possibly violent views and opinions.”

With the Pres. of the U.S. and others ignoring the Constitution, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, calling conservative Christians domestic terrorists, etc., why should we expect otherwise?

Seven, according to the Bible, Israel will be hated by all nations at the end of the age.

On Sept. 11, 2021, it was reported that a spokesman for the Taliban said the terrorist group that has taken over Afghanistan is willing to establish relations with every nation on earth, including the U.S., but one: the Jewish state of Israel.

The accuracy of God’s Word is amazing.

Eight, concerning population control: it is being reported that leaders want to bring in a world government and reduce the population of the earth because they are troubled and distressed that the world’s growing population will deplete the world’s resources.

Don’t be troubled and distressed by over-population.

God will protect the Church from over-population with the Rapture and greatly reduce the population of the earth during the Tribulation Period (Rev. 6:7-8; 8:11; 9:15).

Instead of the Church accepting a population reduction through abortion, same-sex marriages, euthanasia, Covid deaths, etc., the Church should get the gospel out to make the population reduction as big as possible when the Rapture takes place.

Finally, are you Rapture Ready?

If you want to be rapture ready and go to heaven, you must be born again (John 3:3). God loves you, and if you have not done so, sincerely admit that you are a sinner; believe that Jesus is the virgin-born, sinless Son of God who died for the sins of the world, was buried, and raised from the dead; ask Him to forgive your sins, cleanse you, come into your heart and be your Saviour; then tell someone that you have done this.