Pfizer COVID Jab Approved by FDA :: By Bill Wilson

The FDA approved the Pfizer COVID-19 jab for those 16 and older. Now to be known as Comirnaty, the FDA says the shot proved effective in a clinical trial of some 44,000 people. FDA’s acting commissioner Dr. Janet Woodcock, stated, “As the first FDA-approved COVID-19 vaccine, the public can be very confident that this vaccine meets the high standards for safety, effectiveness, and manufacturing quality the FDA requires of an approved product. While millions of people have already safely received COVID-19 vaccines, we recognize that for some, the FDA approval of a vaccine may now instill additional confidence to get vaccinated.” That confidence may signal mandates, according to the US Surgeon General.

US Surgeon General Vivek Murthy told “Fox News Sunday” that moving the Pfizer vaccine from “emergency” to “full approval” would make mandates more appealing. He said there are universities and businesses that have been considering putting in vaccine requirements in order to create a safer workplace and learning environment. He said, “I think this announcement from the FDA would likely encourage them and make them feel more comfortable in putting some requirements in place.”

Public health officials are agreeing with the FDA that the benefits of the newly-approved Comirnaty drug far outweigh the risks. But these same officials, along with the media, ridicule and censor those who disagree.

FDA warnings and precautions included: increased risks of myocarditis and pericarditis, particularly within 7 days following the second dose. The observed risk is higher among males under 40 years of age than among females and older males. The observed risk is highest in males 12 through 17 years of age. Information is not yet available about potential long-term sequelae [A pathological condition resulting from a disease; A secondary consequence or result].

The most commonly reported adverse reactions were pain at the injection site, fatigue, headache, muscle pain, chills, joint pain, fever and injection site swelling. Available data on COMIRNATY administered to pregnant women are insufficient to inform vaccine-associated risks in pregnancy. There is NO mention of death risk in the 20-page FDA document.

The FDA does not address the efficacy of the vaccine dropping precipitously after a few weeks.

Bloomberg reported Sunday:

“Vaccinated people appear to be getting the coronavirus at a surprisingly high rate. But exactly how often isn’t clear, nor is it certain how likely they are to spread the virus to others…. There’s growing concern that vaccinated people may be more vulnerable to serious illness than previously thought….

Tom Frieden, a former director of CDC and the head of the nonprofit Resolve to Save Lives, responded: “We have to be humble about what we do know and what we don’t know.”

But that is just the problem—Scientists and Politicians alike don’t seem humble enough to follow the science that is right before their eyes.

Christ said in Matthew 24:4, “Take heed that no man deceive you.”

It may mean life or death.

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