Viral Madness :: By Steve Schmutzer

So – we are basically 18 months into this worldwide viral pandemic. Feels longer, doesn’t it?

We’ve learned a few important things so far. The following data points have been reinforced numerous times by various leaders, doctors, scientists, and other “experts”:

COVID-19 is a very unique virus. There’s never been another like it. It is notorious for spreading at church events and religious gatherings. This is particularly true for those events within the Christian faith – and some Jewish elements too. It pretty much leaves Islamic mass gatherings alone.

It’s darn near fatal at Trump rallies, motorcycle rallies, and any right-leaning public events. Curiously, it seems to have no impact on Pride parades.

The virus is also camera sensitive. Records abound that show masks are unnecessary when cameras are “not” shooting and video is “not” rolling. But if they are – boy, let’s get those masks on! We don’t want to get sick, do we?

Democrat wedding receptions and recreational activities seem to be immune to this virus too. While the rest of us are ordered to stay home, Austin Mayor, Steve Adler, vacationed in Mexico; Denver Mayor, Michael Hancock, went to Mississippi; and Michigan Governor, Gretchen Whitmer, let her husband launch his boat.

If we’ve learned anything about this virus, we’ve learned it is an issue of zero concern whenever far-left leaders are having their public moments – you know, events like Governor Newsom’s dinner and President Obama’s birthday party.

The same is true for liberals’ private matters. It’s no problem for Pelosi to have her hair done at a San Francisco salon; there’s “nothing to see here.” But – Dallas salon owner, Shelley Luther, deserves to be jailed for attending to her clients’ and employees’ needs.

One thing we absolutely know for sure – any large public gathering is guaranteed to be a ‘super-spreader’ event. Count on that….

Oh, wait. There IS an exception. Those riots…uh, I mean, “peaceful protests.”

You know which ones I’m talking about – those ones where black garb and hidden faces are the fashion trend – those ones where the hammer and sickle is painted on makeshift shields, where eggs, flash bombs, and bricks are hurled, where streets get trashed, innocent bystanders get punched, where cars and businesses get burned, where cops are threatened, where statues get torn down, and so on. Yeah- those.

Those masses of people are not ‘super-spreaders.’ They’re just exercising their First Amendment rights. They’re…um, ‘peaceful,’ remember? No, let them be. They’re cool.

It’s the events like the ‘blue lives matter’ and pro-life gatherings that are guilty. And don’t forget those family worship events in parks. Yeah, THERE’S your bad bunch. Those are the irresponsible ones (…and such dangerous people too).

This virus is highly selective – much more than we’ve ever seen a virus be. It menaces certain businesses but not others. It even threatens certain parts of stores over other parts. Aisles where gardening supplies, plant nurseries, house paint, flooring, and furniture are found need to be closed off. It’s OK if other aisles stay open.

Many businesses are simply nothing more than danger zones. They should be shut down – or at least be so limited in their operations that they’ll be forced to close. The few businesses that for sure aren’t impacted by this virus include liquor stores, casinos, and pot stores.

COVID-19 is so bad, in fact, that we all need to get a vaccine passport. Anybody that doesn’t get one shouldn’t be able to fly or buy. Movies are a ‘no no’ for such selfish and irresponsible people as these folks. And no restaurants and concerts either. In fact – such people are a major threat to everyone else. They should just forget about getting a job or going to school.

CNN’s Fareed Zakaria put it bluntly. He said, “We have to start making life ‘very, very difficult’ for the unvaccinated.” Bill Gates recently suggested, “Don’t give them their Social Security benefits.”

Strangely, the vaccine passport – to say nothing of standard papers – isn’t required at our southern border. Studies show many thousands of illegal immigrants pouring through our border are COVID-19 positive. While the rest of us are being coerced to stay home, these unvaccinated and undocumented masses are being transported all over our nation.

SIGH…. In conclusion, let me leave you with one very wise piece of counsel: “Remember to get vaccinated, or a vaccinated person might get sick from the virus they got vaccinated against because you’re not vaccinated.”

Make sense? Nah – I didn’t think so.