Developing Now :: By Daymond Duck

Concerning world government: on July 28, 2021, prophecy teacher Geri Ungurean posted a Tony Koretz video on her website (Absolute Truth from the Word of God) in which Tony made a couple of statements that really caught my attention:

  • “We are headed toward a worldwide dictatorship.”
  • “A global medical dictatorship is rising.”

Writer’s comment: It is hard to deny that the shadow government is using unelected individuals to dictate policies (masks should be required, vaccinations should be mandatory, people that disagree with them should be censored; lockdowns should be ordered, etc.) to nations all over the world.

The government of Antichrist will be a worldwide dictatorship, and it is developing now.

It may even be more developed than most people realize because it doesn’t appear that Biden is in charge at the White House, and someone has made Covid a global issue.

  • On July 30, 2021, Bloomberg reported that “More than 4.06 billion doses have been administered across 180 countries…. The latest rate was roughly 39.7 million doses a day.”

Below is more information about Covid than this writer likes to put in one article, especially with everything else that is happening, but this idea that Covid is being used to establish a global medical dictatorship needs to be explored.

Just know that Jesus will eventually throw a big monkey wrench into the plans of this global medical dictatorship (no one knows the day or the hour), and ultimately, we will win.

One, concerning open borders or a borderless world: on July 28, 2021, it was reported that Catholic Charities had booked all the rooms at a hotel in La Joya, TX, the U.S. Border Patrol was releasing immigrant families to Catholic Charities, 20-30 Covid-infected people were staying at the hotel, and infected individuals were then being moved to other hotels in the McAllen, TX area.

It appears that Catholic Charities and the Biden administration’s Border Patrol are knowingly and deliberately spreading Covid while Biden (under the influence of the shadow government) is blaming the unvaccinated for spreading Covid and talking about forcing unvaccinated U.S. citizens to get vaccinated.

It looks like the shadow government is creating an excuse to have another lockdown and try to control everyone.

Update: Earlier in the week, TX Gov. Abbott signed an Executive Order to stop the Biden Administration from transporting illegal aliens (many infected with Covid) into and through TX. But on July 30, 2021, Biden’s Attorney Gen. Merrick Garland said it is “dangerous and unlawful” for Abbott to stop the federal government from bussing illegal aliens into the U.S.

If this is not knowingly and deliberately spreading Covid, what is it?

Update: On Aug. 2, 2021, Bill Melugin, Fox News Correspondent in Los Angeles, wrote, “All morning long, we’ve watched Border Patrol drop off multiple busloads of migrants at a Catholic charity in downtown McAllen, where they are given food & shelter before they take buses and flights across the United States. Buses arriving every 30 minutes so far.”

Update: On Aug. 4, 2021, Fox News Commentator Lawrence Jones said, “Every hour of every single day, buses leave the border taking people with Covid to other parts of the country.”

Writer’s comment: Unvaccinated people are not to blame for this, and it is partly why the U.S. may have to go into another lockdown; more people will lose their jobs, businesses, etc.; inflation will soar; the U.S. economy will worsen, etc.; and the real goal is to scare people into accepting a godless one-world government.

Two, concerning deceit: on July 28, 2021, people in the halls of the House of Representatives were required to wear masks, but people in the halls of the Senate (same building) were not required to wear masks.

Why does the government and CDC tell people to follow the science when members of the House are required to wear masks and members of the Senate are not required to wear masks?

Does the science that our government wants people to follow change depending upon where people are in the halls of Congress?

Three, concerning the shadow government’s desire to reduce the population of planet Earth: it is difficult to know the truth, but on July 28, 2021, it was reported that the Director of an Alex Jones video said (as this writer understands it), one’s immunity system is reduced after the second jab of a Covid-19 vaccination; every jab after that will reduce the vaccinated person’s immunity system even more; continuous vaccinations will eventually reduce one’s immunity system to zero; eventually the vaccinated person will require a jab for every new illness that comes around because they won’t have a natural immune system to work against it, and they cannot survive if they don’t get it.

According to an article by Brandon Smith on July 29, 2021, globalists and their puppet governments are desperate to get everyone vaccinated because they are gaining great social and political power by pushing it.

This writer will add that they plan on the government owning everything and them taking over the government.

Four, on July 29, 2021, it was reported that the Center for Disease Control claim that vaccinated people are immune to Covid is false because the CDC is now telling vaccinated people they need to wear a mask. (If getting vaccinated makes a person immune, why should they be required to wear a mask? Will the vaccinated person eventually need to take a Mark to distinguish them from the unvaccinated?)

By the way, this writer may be wrong, but he seems to remember that one purpose of social distancing was that masks are not 100% effective.

Update: On Aug. 2, 2021, Yahoo News reported that fully vaccinated people that get the Covid Delta Variant are just as likely to spread it as unvaccinated people.

Five, on July 29, 2021, it was reported that the California counties that claim to have the highest percent of vaccinated people now have the highest Delta infection rates (Why should people get vaccinated for Delta if it is going to increase their chance of getting it?).

Update: On Aug. 1, 2021, reported that Israel may have the highest percent of vaccinated citizens in the world (people are required to be vaccinated if they want to buy and sell), but as much as 90% of all new infections are people that have already been vaccinated.

Six, on July 29, 2021, The Gateway Pundit posted an article by author and radio host Wayne Allyn Root that makes the following points (I am quoting him):

  • I personally have vaccinated friends that have gotten Covid.
  • New York Yankees players who were vaccinated have Covid.
  • An NFL Coach who was vaccinated has Covid.
  • Olympic athletes who were vaccinated have Covid.
  • Texas Democrats who were vaccinated have Covid.
  • In Israel, the government admits a majority of new Covid cases are among the vaccinated.
  • In UK, the government admits a large share of new Covid cases and hospitalizations are vaccinated.

Root gives several more examples (but you get the idea), and then he goes on to say, “America is being destroyed from within. Bad and evil people are in charge…. I know one thing for sure. Unvaccinated Americans aren’t to blame.”

Update: On Aug. 2, 2021, Sen. Lindsey Graham announced that he has tested positive for Covid even though he has been fully vaccinated.

Writer’s comment: Booster shots are needed because the vaccinations are failing.

Seven, on July 30, 2021, it was reported that Dr. Rochelle Walensky, Director of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), said the Covid vaccines are failing to control the Delta variant and vaccinated people may be more contagious than unvaccinated people. (Really! Vaccinated people are more likely to spread Delta than unvaccinated people?)

  • On July 30, 2021, White House correspondent William Koenig reported, “The vaccines are not working—in fact, they are making things worse. The White House and the CDC are alarmed that many of the new coronavirus cases are with those vaccinated.” (Koenig’s Eye View from the White House)
  • Koenig said, “Dr. Peter McCullough told on Fox’s Laura Ingraham Thursday night of a recent wedding in Houston that had 35 guests. All were vaccinated, and all came down with COVID…. would it be possible that the vaccinated need to be put into quarantine to protect the non-vaccinated?”
  • On Aug. 2, 2021, Pam Geller reported that as of June 1, 2021, 99% of Gibraltar’s estimated 34,000 residents had been fully vaccinated, but Covid has now exploded on the peninsula; and 90% of Iceland’s estimated 369,000 residents have been fully vaccinated (98% of those over 70), but Covid is surging.
  • On Aug. 2, 2021, the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) admitted that 74% of the people that were infected in a recent Delta Variant outbreak in Massachusetts were people that had already been fully vaccinated.

Eight, on July 29, 2021, it was reported that the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) came out against forced vaccinations.

The AAPS said, “all human beings have the right to liberty, which they do not forfeit when they serve the sick or the disabled.”

They said “experimental drugs” (the vaccines are experimental) cannot be coerced according to federal law.

Nine, concerning the Battle of Gog and Magog: on July 30, 2021, an Iranian drone struck and an Israeli oil tanker. Defense Min. Benny Gantz called an emergency meeting and announced that Israel will make an “appropriate response.”


  • On Aug. 1, 2021, the U.S., UK, and Russia gave Israel the “green light” to retaliate against Iranian targets. Iran said it will “respond promptly and strongly to any misadventure.”
  • On Aug. 3, 2021, it was reported that Iran or Iranian proxies seized 5 civilian vessels (4 are oil tankers) near the UAE coast.

Ten, concerning wickedness and deceit: in late July, it was reported that:

  • Audits of the 2020 election may move forward in Wisconsin and 5 counties in Florida.
  • The Biden Justice Dept. warned state and local officials that it is “concerned” about the legality of some audit procedures.
  • Twitter suspended several accounts that have been reporting on audits in Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.
  • Auditors in Arizona testified that there were widespread irregularities in more than 2 million ballots that were cast in Arizona.
  • A joint meeting of the Arizona house and senate can legally decertify the Arizona election, and they may eventually do that.

Eleven, concerning the decline of the U.S.: on July 27, 2021, former Sec. of State Mike Pompeo said, “Collapse from within is possible.”

Pompeo added, “Immigration without assimilation, illicit drugs, human trafficking, disputed elections, inflationary risks have become the tools to disassemble our republic in what must surely be an attempt at national suicide.”

It sounds like Pompeo believes people are deliberately attempting to bring down the U.S. (This writer believes the Deep State may be trying to cause the U.S. to commit national suicide, but the economic collapse will be after the Rapture.)

Twelve, concerning a departure from the faith and a falling away in the Church: on July 26, 2021, it was reported that Facebook is planning to use future church lockdowns to increase its number of users.

Adding services could be a good thing, but Facebook censors services that go against “their Community Standards,” and it is dangerous to have people that support abortion, gay marriage, world government, world religion, etc., deciding what can and cannot be streamed on Facebook.

Perhaps, this is one reason why Paul said, “Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching” (Heb.10:25).

God wants the whole world to hear the preaching of the Word, but He wants it to be the whole Word, not a filtered, censored, or politically correct message.

Thirteen, in the Bible, the Greek word translated “sorrows” means travail, labor pains, birth pains, etc.

Birth pains increase in frequency and intensity as the birth of a child nears.

When Eve sinned, God put a curse on her; “I will greatly multiply thy sorrow (labor pains) and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children” (Gen. 3:16).

Jesus said false Christs, wars and rumors of wars, famine, pestilence, and earthquakes are “the beginning of sorrows” (beginning of the birth pains or Tribulation Period; Matt. 24:8).

Paul said, “For when they say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child” (Like birth pains; I Thess. 5:3).

Many prophecy teachers believe natural disasters will increase in frequency and intensity as the Second Coming nears.

On July 31, 2021, it was reported that Prof. Petteri Taalas, the Sec. Gen. of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) said, “Weather, climate and water-related hazards are increasing in frequency and intensity as a result of climate change.”

How significant is it that the Bible teaches that natural disasters will increase in frequency and intensity at the end of the age, and the head of the WMO said disasters are increasing in frequency and intensity?

Fourteen, concerning the Mark of the Beast: there was a time when some prophecy teachers said one’s Social Security Number, Medical ID Number, etc., is the Mark.

Wrong, the Mark of the Beast is not everyone having a different number; it is everyone having the name, number or Mark of the Antichrist (Rev. 13:17).

On July 20, 2021, it was reported that cybersecurity expert Karen Roby said vaccine passports have to be consistent so that all countries can recognize them.

A common global vaccine passport may evolve into a common global mark in the right hand or forehead, and godless globalists that don’t believe or understand the Bible wouldn’t hesitate to push it.

Finally, are you Rapture Ready?

If you want to be rapture ready and go to heaven, you must be born again (John 3:3). God loves you, and if you have not done so, sincerely admit that you are a sinner; believe that Jesus is the virgin-born, sinless Son of God who died for the sins of the world, was buried, and raised from the dead; ask Him to forgive your sins, cleanse you, come into your heart and be your Saviour; then tell someone that you have done this.