The Selective Compassion of Leftist Hypocrites :: By Geri Ungurean

Can you imagine JFK being able to see the day when Cubans would rise up and demand the end of Communism?

The truth is so obvious here – the Leftists want immigrants to come over our border illegally for one main reason. These people are “Votes” to them – not human beings. They serve a purpose for the Democrats, who can only win elections by cheating or breaking the law, whichever way works.

I believe that President Kennedy would have opened our borders to these Cubans who are seeking Freedom. They have been held down by a totalitarian government for too long, and the people of Cuba are saying ENOUGH!


Democrats love to talk about how much they support immigrants and refugees. If we took them at their word, we would believe they’re basically humanitarian angels who just want to make the world a better place.

Then reality comes crashing down: the Democrat Party are small-time race hustlers who want to use the desperation and poverty of refugees to score votes; Democrats also seek to grow the class of dependent folks who rely on their big government for handouts.

If you have any doubt, you only need to look at the outrageous news that the Biden administration will be turning away any Cuban refugees who come and sending them elsewhere.

DHS Chief Mayorkas: ‘Irregular Maritime Migration’ Will be Stopped

Cuba has been having huge protests against its oppressive communist government; moreover, the economy and healthcare system there is close to collapse. Police and the military have been shooting at protesters, and they are crying out for American support. They waved American flags and risked their lives as the government clamped down.

What they’re getting from Biden and his crew instead is a cold shoulder. Biden’s head of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is a Cuban-American man called Alejandro Mayorkas.

Instead of showing compassion, Mayorkas said that “irregular maritime migration” is very dangerous; he then warned that any Cuban who tries to sail over to Florida or the US in any location “will not come” into America.

In fact, even Cubans who make it to the US and can prove they face torture and literal danger will be sent to “third countries” to be resettled. Why the bad treatment of Cubans? Absolutely simple: Cuban Americans mainly vote Republican, and Democrats don’t want more Republicans in this country.

Selective Compassion

Leftists are the ultimate hypocrites. They talk about one big human family and having compassion, but they don’t care when the victims aren’t of the right color, political affiliation, or role.

Democrats want pet victims to use for their agendas. They don’t give a toss about real people or their problems; they only want to leverage those problems into political power.

Just the same way that the left in this country pretends to care about black rights in order to divide the country and sidestep real issues, they pretend to care about refugees and immigrants abroad in order to import voting blocs.

This denial of basic asylum rights to Cubans is sickening, especially considering our Southern border is still being overrun by people from Central America and Mexico. We all know the difference, though; most of those folks will vote reliably Democrat.

What a sick joke of a system we are currently living under. Let’s hope that 2022 sees the retaking of political power in the midterm elections because conservatives are the only chance to save this country. Source

This is despicable. Pray for the Cuban people who want to be free. Pray for this administration which could not be more crooked!!

God Help Us!

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom B’Yeshua


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