The Fact of Scripture Over Words of Fools :: By Dr. Donald Whitchard

Summary: In 1910, evangelist Dr. R.A. Torrey presented a series of revival messages that are still powerful in their ability to make people think about their souls and the need for a Savior. This is a revision of one of those messages given before an audience in Edwardian England, still relevant today.

The Scriptures do not soothe ruffled feelings, nor do they strengthen egos devoid of belief in or trust in God. An atheist is, in God’s eyes, a FOOL (Psalm 14:1). Human pride and self-centeredness are roadblocks we set up with help from the enemy of our souls to deafen and blind ourselves to the fact that we are ungodly, sinful reprobates heading to eternal judgment and punishment if not for the mercy and saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ (John 3:16, 6:44, 10:28-30; Matthew 11:28-30; Acts 4:12, 16:31; Romans 5:6-11, 8:31-39, 10:9-10; 1 John 1:8-10).

Despite what we might think about ourselves in terms of intellectual prowess and our concepts of morality, we are unable and unwilling to come to the LORD on His terms and bow before Him if He does not intervene and open our eyes to the urgency of the matter. God is the Author, Initiator, and Developer of our salvation, and this was done before the foundations of creation. Our sins never caught Him off guard or by surprise, and to think otherwise is to have a low view of His power, wisdom, holiness, knowledge, and ability to have all things under His control.

The first thing the Bible teaches us about God is that GOD IS! Two words with tremendous significance. If that simple truth gets a hold of your mind and heart, it will move and mold your entire life, determining your science, your philosophy, your daily life, and your eternity.

There is abundant proof of the existence of God, and no one can sit down and consider the proof thoroughly and candidly without acknowledging that He does exist. Nature itself is a witness to God’s existence and power (Romans 1:18-20), giving silent demonstration of creative intelligence. There is symmetry, law, and order in the minute and expanse of what we can observe with both the naked eye and the use of scientific equipment to observe and marvel over the intricate detail of the simplest cell, which is not so simple, but a vast network itself of preciseness, order, purpose, and design.

Telescopes such as the Hubble have recorded numerous galaxies in the vastness of space that we have not even started to analyze and explore. We have pictures of planets, quasars, dwarf and giant stars, and other material in the cosmos that have yet to even be discovered. And here we sit with our puny minds and hatching the ridiculous thought that this is all a product of randomness and happenstance construction void of a Designer or Creator.

Secular science fanatics have done their level best over the past two centuries to desperately produce bones and bits from the ground to use as proof of the fallacy of evolutionary theory. They have gone so far as to fake data and research in order to keep their views and biases free of the haunting notion that there is Someone who is not only watching this foolishness but will ask of them an accounting of their lives at the end of it all. And that is something they cannot stand to ponder or admit.

Books on technology are irrelevant as soon as they are on the market, yet some scientists still cling to an idea that they have not been able to update, revise, nor use empirical means of analysis and the scientific method itself to rest their case and solidify their arguments. Organizations such as the Creation Research Institute, Answers in Genesis, and Associates for Biblical Research have spent years counteracting the lie of evolution with sound data and findings. If anyone would take the time to read and check for themselves, they would see that God’s plans make far more sense than the randomness and seemingly purposeless explanations for our existence that a lot of atheist scientists and researchers declare.

Even if evolution were true, God would still need to exist in order to get the process going, as something does not come from nothing. Non-existence does not produce the basic logical and rational principle of cause and effect. History proves the existence of God.

Dr. Torrey wrote that you can take one little patch of history, such as that of a nation or nations and examine their progress and development over a set period of time, and it often seems as if it is a jangle devoid of meaning or relevance, with might, right, and the weakest set off into oblivion. However, if you look at history in a large way, over centuries and the rise and fall of empires and kingdoms and the reasons thereof, you will see the all-governing, all-superintending, all-shaping Providence directing all persons and events to a goal-directed purpose and ending that puts all into perspective and for the glory of God. He is the One who will bring all things to a conclusion of His doing and wisdom, and we see this in the concluding book of the Bible known as Revelation.

Bible prophecy itself is history written in advance and put into action at just the right time and place. Even when it seems as if the Sovereign Lord is not being attentive or active in the progress of nations, He is quietly at work placing discoveries, inventions, political ideas, and the lives of noted and anonymous people who will be used by Him to ensure that His sovereign plan for the future comes to pass perfectly so that He receives the glory, honor, and praise from His creation.

There is no randomness either in the origins and operating of life and nature. And if we have eyes to see and ears to hear as the Lord Jesus taught in the Gospels, we see that the origin, progression, and fate of nations and empires as written in history is precise, orderly, and done with a rational, logical, and Divine view in mind.

God has nature and, indeed, the entirety of creation under His control. We can take comfort and give Him glory and praise that the future is not of our own conception or warped, sinful thoughts and actions. He is the Lord of all. If this is true (and it is), then should you not take this day and moment to let Him save you from your sins and give you a future with eternal benefits and eternal peace that will never leave or be taken away? (Matthew 11:28-30; John 10:28-30, 20:30-31; Hebrews 13:5).

God is so good. True life is His gift to you. Do not let it pass you by.